San Peter Port 1Saint Peter Port is a small village in the UK , capital of Guernsey . It is part of the Channel Islands and its dimensions are 14 km long and 8km wide. It is located off the coast of Normandy and despite belonging to England has its own currency. Its landscape is lush and green …

Then I will tell you as we make our trip to this small port …

We began the first tour of our brand new itinerary British Isles . We had already made presentations, the day before, with those who would be our fellow excursions and travel. So after a very extensive chat to meet us and a great first impression, were at 8:00 am on white piano La Piazza , a place that would be our meeting point for all other trips …

Once the entire group was full, we headed to the restaurant Simphony to collect the number for the tender would lead us to Guernsey .

After waiting about 15 minutes we got the tender that took us to Saint Peter Port . This time I went up to the top of the tender. The weather was great and wanted to enjoy the view from the outside … awesome to see our ship away, stunning … I made some pictures until we reached the port.

Just off the harbor, on the left, there are bus stops, so Manolo , Magdalena , Lucia , Daniel , Pilar , Alexandra , Jose , Pilar and we headed over there … As in Saint Peter Port have their own currency we decided that Daniel would change money to buy the ticket and then it all Remand in sterling, because outside this area this money is useless. So once I made the change we headed to catch the bus number 71, which comes every hour to go see the Little Chapel … The price per person is 1 pound.

During the 20 minutes that the route could enjoy the most idyllic passages area.

It was time to get off the bus and right next to the stop, there is a small hill and walk about 200 meters is the chapel. There was this beautiful little chapel decorated with small pieces of different materials and multicolored … !!!! Que bonita, que bonita !!!!, I could not stop saying. Small chapel that left me spellbound … It is located in a forest surrounded by trees, there in the middle of the green field. A wonderful multicolored vision …

Once our visit to the chapel, we were looking at what would be the next step forward and discovered that the previous stop that we got to see the chapel (you can make the way there or back) you can see the German Underground hospital today is a hospital museum, where you can see medical instruments, uniforms, weapons, etc and its price is 3.5 pounds. It is building an underground hospital with a maze of tunnels 7 kilometers, conducted in 1,940 by the prisoners captured by the Germans during the 2nd World War .


San Peter Port 3San Peter Port 4San Peter Port 5San Peter Port 2

We headed there from the chapel. Once we got to stop , turn toward the road where there are houses and about 100 meters we find the German Underground Hospital . I saw her exerior particularly when I was looking straight down at the entrance, the rest of the companions wanted to know the museum and I told them I would wait at the door. They went to ask the price and explain to them that could take time to see the hospital. Box office person told them that for about 45 minutes and the temperature inside was about 6 degrees. When they left because they thought we would burst over time back to the ship, plus they wanted to walk back to the village, while I, who was with a knee injury for my condritis grade IV, I decided I would go down by bus. I could not risk the knee got worse in the first leg, so we retraced our steps to return to the stop, while our friends were returning on foot … We were long time waiting for the bus back to the people sitting on the sidewalk, between houses submerged in the green of that forest. It was a more urbanized area where we saw several houses dotted .. Once the bus back we took, we headed to the area where we started the tour, and we had taken the bus to meet up with the rest. They took an hour to arrive and told me that I was right to wait for the bus because it would have been too much for the knee. We continue the walk through the center of St. Peter Port , watching the village church is located in the building of the historic chapel, shops and some areas engalanadas party where we could see bands playing music of The Beatles .

You can also catch buses 91 or 92 to make a turning to the island (1 pound) route. And it depends on what you have more interest in seeing …

Time to return to the ship approached, it was the 13.00h we head towards the tenders as the ship sailed to 15.00h. When we arrived there was a tremendous tail, so we were waiting nearly half an hour with a heat did not expect in this area of England .

Once on the ship, we drop our gear in the cabin and went to eat buffet with peers. We were talking about relaxed way on the scale we had visited and we said goodbye to her watching from the large windows of our ship as she walked away from the small island. Tomorrow Cork … ..

Places of interest:

  • The Little Chapel : Beautiful and small chapel completely covered with pieces of earthenware, porcelain, colored shells. It is situated in a beautiful forest surrounded by lush trees.
  • La Vallette Underground Military Museum : This is a hospital museum, where you can see medical instruments, uniforms, weapons, etc.
  • Victorian Shop : Located in Cornet Street , is a museum and a shop where you can see how life was like for the islanders in the past.
  • Museum and Art Gallery Guersney .
  • Candie Gardens : They house beautiful flowers, fish ponds, lawns, a museum and gallery. These gardens also feature a statue of Víctor Hugo . They are located a 5 – minute walk from the center of Sant Peter Port and admission is free.
  • Hauteville House : This was the house where he lived the French writer Víctor Hugo during his exile.
  • St. James Concert Hall : Auditorium offering all who visit, performances, theaters, concerts conferences. It is one of the largest auditoriums.
  • Castle Cornet : Located in the southern part of the port, 10 minutes from the bus stop. It was built to protect the harbor. You can explore battlements, visit the dungeons, catapults and ancient weapons. You will have beautiful views from here. It has 5 museums, 4 gardens and shops.
  • Workshops : goldsmiths gold and silver that will show the traditional art of the area with a lived experience live.
  • Sausmarez Manor : Travel back in time can contemplate the tapestry room where the layer wedding is rey James II and the collection of family portraits.
  • Herm : This is the smallest of the Channel Islands island. You can enjoy the colored glass windows of the chapel of St. Tugual .
  • Sark and Seigneurie : Taking the ferry to Sark can visit the gardens surrounding La Seigneurie . You can upload a carriage led by horses and meet the cliffs and caves of this wonderful island.

Date Posted: July 28, 2015

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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