Glasgow 1The story of Glasgow , the largest city in Scotland , dating back almost 2,000 years of a Roman settlement called advanced Cathures .

With the advent of Christianity the city grew around a wooden church founded by Saint Mungo in the sixth century, but it was King William who in 1175 became Glasgow officially in a city.

The beauty of Glasgow takes many forms, but probably none is as fascinating as its spectacular and numerous medieval castles.

Every morning when we came to the following scale had time uncertainty that would make us. Despite having done the cruise in July, time for the British Isles is very variable at that time, we saw through our balcony we had been lucky again today and accompany us time …

Our ship docked in Greenock , a town located in the municipality of Inverclyde in western Scotland , but must see was the city of Glasgow located about 40 kms, so we had to see what would be the best way to travel there .

We knew by the different information gathered above 2 options available to us , or train which would last for about 40 minutes at a price of 6.40 pounds round trip or bus. We understood that the train station was about 20 minutes walk from the port, taking the avenue that is as leaves the port on the left. So without having yet decided which way we would disembark the Royal Princess bound for Greenock .

During our walk around town I was shocked by the stunning Victorian buildings that was watching. The city began as a fishing community eventually becoming the first spring of the River Clyde . In the Museum of Customs maritime history of this city explained, can also visit the McLean Museum , which is one of the best municipal museums in Scotland , with collections of art, history of the city, technology and culture. This museum dedicates a space to favorite son of Greenock and pioneer of the steam engine, James Watt .

Despite feeling teleported to the past, at present Greenock has many shops, cafes etc … It also has very good communications. Your train stations provide services to Glasgow , Gourock , Wemyss Bay and other nearby stops and local bus routes, offer services to new destinations such as Glasgow , Largs and Dunoon


Glasgow 2Glasgow 3Glasgow 4Glasgow 5

During the ride and discussing with our fellow travelers on what to do, we decided to go by bus, for what we Street Patrick , who is the one that is located opposite the port exit … We were admiring the wonderful structures of their buildings when I was surprised to see a man dressed in a kilt , which is the typical kilt worn by men, although they do and only for special occasions, I understand. This gentleman had and we were all very surprised, the truth is that much strikes me to see a man in a skirt. After this fun episode, we continue our route and about 300 meters we stopped to photograph the church located on the same street and the whole environment that accompanied it …

Then we turn left onto Union Street , to reach George Square and then to Kilblain Street , where the central bus station is located.

Despite not being tired because there is not much distance, about 15 minutes walk, and after seeing the information table, we sat down to wait for the bus that corresponded to our destination.

Every quarter hour buses to Glasgow . You can catch buses are (901, 902 or 903) and the journey takes about 50 minutes, at a price of 5.10 pounds round trip.

In our case we took the 901 because it was the first to arrive. During the trip we enjoy the wonderful views and lush green of his way and finally once in town we got off at a stop near George Square .

Again the group stopped to figure out what the best way to visit the city, so decided to take the tour bus, priced at 13 pounds since being a city that had so much to do, we thought it best to make our this excursion transport. In this way we would not stay without seeing areas not being less known are less interesting and get off and climb as often as we would like, as the interest will raise that particular stop … Obviously the time we had not let us down and all waypoints, but if we would enjoy from the bus buildings and monuments of this city.

We jumped at the stop are located in George Square and flipping through the route that was decided we would lower the Cathedral , the Necropolis and Glasgow University . The route was as follows:

The Glasgow Cathedral , also known as Cathedral of Saint Mungo . It is located in the city center, right next to the Necropolis . Nothing approach this huge and beautiful medieval monument I was awestruck and dwarfed by the visual impact I had. What I liked most was his wonderful stained glass windows that let in weak external light and that did not help brighten the dark room. We descended a few steps and went for the crypt where the remains of St. Mungo . Needless to say the resulting tétrica this area, so we went back up quickly, or at least …

Glasgow 6Glasgow 7Glasgow 8Glasgow 9

After making the relevant photos, we headed back out to the lush wooded area surrounding this monument and from there I could see like a big mound of lush green with numerous monuments and crosses. Mo could not believe what he saw me, he stood by the Necropolis , it is the Victorian cemetery in Glasgow , as I could see when I was a few meters from her …

Contrary to what I thought, this beautiful place is beautiful and views are wonderful. Actually it gives you the feeling of walking through a quiet, landscaped park. This area is also known as a city of the dead. After some time stopping at each grave, each mausoleum and every cross that seemed interesting, we decided that we should follow our route.

And once uploaded on the bus went through Merchant Square, Square which hosts weekly crafts fair, People’s Palace , which houses historical artifacts, paintings and photographs and tells the story of the people of this city, Social Museum Glasgow , Glasgow Green , a large city park, Central Station , which is the most important railway terminal of Glasgow , Conference Center , Riverside Museum , which is a new building designed by Zaha Hadid to house the Museum of Transport in Glasgow , Science Center Glasgow , science center consists of three main buildings which are the Mall of Sciences , IMAX Theater and the Glasgow Tower .

After passing through the places mentioned above with the bus and enjoy its wonderful monuments, streets, museums, we stop college …. It is the largest city, the oldest and most renowned of Scotland with an international reputation. I know it sounds repetitive but, from my point of view, the university is exactly as we see of Harry Potter in his films. It’s like us to read into this totally magical world that left me speechless …

I was not going very misguided to see the resemblance to college with the saga of Harry Potter . As I read on the internet there is a spread that rumor main building of the University of Glasgow was the scene of colleges of Witchcraft and Wizardry of Hogwarts in the film saga. It is also the first scenarios to account Hogwarts were thought about this university facilities.

Moving away from this environment to the right, we look for the nearest tourist bus stop to continue our route. The next would be the Botanical Gardens . As its name suggests, it is a wonderful botanical garden with greenhouses and public park full of tropical plants where you can do that picnic, to see a concert. Then the Museum and Kelvingrove Art Gallery , which is the most important of Glasgow and contains the largest collection of civic art in Europe .

And back to George Square , devote one hour to walk the mall of the city full of lively people, many shops, terraces dotting the pedestrian area where you can stop to take a break and have a coffee while enjoying the hustle and bustle of people moving from side to side … we decided it was time to leave and not adjust more time in this wonderful city. We headed to the bus stop 901 that was very close to us to return to Greenock . We wanted to get lunch on the ship 17.00h, as usual in all scales of this cruise and there, together with our partners, to savor in detail every moment of our trip …

Very tired from the long day we saw our ship and sail away Greenock … ‘ See you soon !!! fascinating city.

Glasgow 10

Information on points of interest:

  • Glagow University : It is the largest university in the city and was founded in 1451.
  • St Andrew ‘s Cathedral : This is a Catholic cathedral located on the bank of river Clyde and built in the Gothic style.
  • Botanic Garden & Kibble Palace : Botanical garden and public park of about 11 hectares, which houses several greenhouses, among them the Kibble Palace .
  • Glenlee : In ancient times was training ship of the Spanish Armada , being currently qualified as a sailing museum.
  • Glasgow Science Center .
  • Burrell Museum : Museum of Art, located in the south of the city, which exhibits the private collection of businessman William Burrel .
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery : This Victorian red sandstone building is one of the iconic landmarks of Glasgow and hosts various exhibitions with dinosaurs, armor, weapons and treasures from around the world.
  • House for an Art Lover : is a tourist destination and important cultural attraction, located in Bellahouston Park , 10 minutes from the center of Glasgow .
  • Crane Clydebank Titan : This is the oldest cantilever crane in the world, formed by an iron structure with 103 years old. It was used at the time by the shipyard John Brown to build some of the largest ships in the world.
  • Burrel Collection : This building, located in the center part Pollok Country , houses a collection of creations by artists such as Rodin , Degas and Cezanne , along with works of art from the late Middle Ages , Islamic and Chinese.
  • Lomond Lake : Popular tourist destination, spectacularly beautiful, mentioned in songs. It is the second largest freshwater lake water in Scotland , with numerous islands.
  • Culzean Castle This beautiful castle Built from a fort in the eighteenth century by the great Scottish architect Robert Adams , is full of architectural wonders and memorabilia.
  • Inveraray Castle This eighteenth – century Scottish castle is the residence of the Duke of Argyll and contains an impressive collection of family portraits, objects and English porcelain. They highlight their impressive four conical needles.
  • Edinburgh : Scotland’s capital can boast a thousand years of history, culture and tradition. The majestic castle of Edinburgh dominates Royal Mile from the top of its volcanic crag.
  • Stirling : This charming city, known as the crossroads of Scotland , is home to the popular and historic castle of Stirling , scene of coronations, royal weddings and christenings.

To reach you better reach you can download the map of this city in our section “Maps” .

Date Posted: September 10, 2015

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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