Dublin 1Dublin has a long history of occupation by different conquerors. It was originally a settlement of the Vikings in the ninth century and is credited with more than 1,000 years old.

The atmosphere is that of a small city that is anchored in the past. From the stone facade of Trinity College to the magnificent Cathedral of St. Patrick , you might suggest that Dublin is deeply rooted in its history. But it is much more than this, this welcoming and cosmopolitan city is safe and very energetic.

Like every morning my nose pressed against the glass stood on my balcony to enjoy the entrance to the Royal to our next stop. The ship arrived at 08.30am and at this time we had already eaten quickly so, without further ado, down to La Piazza to meet our friends Travel …. Once together, we begin to see the different possibilities we had to reach the center of Dublin and began to shuffle among all each.

Princess made available to the shuttles passengers to transfer from the ship to the city center, the price of 8 dollars per person each way, but we wanted to know what other options we had to choose from so disembarking we went to the office tourism which was located just off the ship, facing the same. The gentleman who was there told us that heading left, approximately 1km was possible to catch the 53 bus that would take us to the center. Ignoring these signs begin to walk and walk and walk without finding it anywhere where the bus stop was happy. We continue about 10 minutes left to leave the port and crossing the street, At laaaaaast we arrived at the tram stop was just across the street. I particularly took me very long journey, so I advise you to go with the bus ship …

Finally, continuing our tour, once uploaded on the tram that takes about 15 minutes, we reached the center, a long street full of life and full of shops everywhere … My first intention was to stay and browse carefully the area, since I am a lover of shopping, but we decided that we would see before other sights .. the tram price is € 2.20 per person each way.

From there we went walking and enjoying the sights of Dublin to the Town Hall Square, where the meeting point of the Spanish tour with Sandemans, tour we had previously was hired from Spain .

To begin, Maria , our friendly and helpful guide ushered us into the old town hall where we gave a talk half an hour, in which we had summarized the history of Ireland . After the same we pointed us to stay together and follow her. In this way we headed to Dublin Castle and its gardens. The castle is in the center of the city and was used over time as a Viking settlement, court, etc … currently hold state receptions.

An anecdote told us our guide Maria on the statue of Justice found in the courtyard entrance, it is that this statue was seen as a snub by some Dubliners, because the figure is back to the city and took as a symbol of lack of justice. Moreover , the very scale that has, with so much rain that falls in Dublin , made the balance inclined to one side more than another, so ended up drilling a hole in the bottom of each side of the scales, to leave to drain the water and thus restore balance.


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Then he took us to visit the Viking village telling a very interesting stories about this town. He also took us to a place where there was a representation on the floor of a Viking home and where we explained how each was located in the house. These details do not really appreciate if you do not wear guides. Callejeando continue looking forward to everything explained to us Mary we scanned every corner through which we passed until we arrived at Temple Bar , one of the most famous areas of Dublin . There’s nightlife is concentrated the capital of Ireland . We stopped at a pub for a snack or a coffee and take a little rest at our feet … Once we finish this snack continue to Trinity College , one of the best and oldest universities in the world. By their classrooms some outstanding students who would become over time, great personalities, as have past Samuel Beckett , Bram Stoker , Oscar Wilde or Edmund Burke . After Mary explained us everything about this university we went to see the statue of Molly Malone . This character inspired a popular song in Ireland , almost a hymn, where the story of a fishmonger wearing a shopping day mussels and cockles but prostituted night is told. He died of a fever in the street but still do not have proof that the character exists, that ended the visit lasted about 4 hours.

We were now free to continue our visit to Dublin so we decided to follow the advice of Mary and returned to Trinity College to visit the library, which holds the largest collection of manuscripts and printed books in Ireland . Once inside we saw the many antique wooden shelves full of books, the glass case where the oldest harp is Ireland and numerous busts of different personalities. Its cost was 10 euros per person. We felt face, although it seemed that we were immersed in the world of Harry Potter . We saw it all worthwhile for the cost of entry …

After this visit we continue our excursion to the Cathedral of St. Patrick . This cathedral is the largest church in Ireland . It was erected by a well where St. Patrick baptized converts around AD 450 and was built in honor of the patron saint of Ireland .

We were a long time sitting in their green and leafy gardens admiring its fabulous structure. While we took this break we decided we had seen enough of this city and started looking for a taxi that took us a while to find, since we were 8 and was very hard to find for everyone, but finally when almost gave up to keep looking find one which it charged us 22 euros to the port, so we went to 3 euros per person, very cheap and comfortable indeed. We did not think otherwise return after batch of walk we had taken to get to the city … I remind you that the cost of the shuttle Princess was 8 euros. This time we went more profitable …

As every evening, were staying at the buffet for a light lunch and chat about what we had been seeing throughout the day … A more were staying to see from our ship and leave behind another wonderful scale of the island …

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Places of interest:

  • Guinness Storehouse: It is the number one visitor attraction in Ireland and tells the story of the stout. The brewery in St. James’s Gate , founded in 1759 in Dublin by Arthur Guinness , is the largest factory of stout today.
  • Visit a pub: Dublin has approximately 1,000 pubs and several hundred types of beer.
  • Dublin Castle: It was the seat of British rule in Ireland to 1,922. He served for a number of roles over the centuries and became the first and most important royal residence . It represents one of the oldest surviving architecture of the city, with its tower of the XIII century.
  • St. Patrick Cathedral: It is the largest church in Ireland . They say it was the first Christian place where St. Patrick baptized converts in Dublin . Today is the national cathedral of the Church of Ireland (Anglican Church communion) and also serves as a popular tourist attraction in Ireland .
  • Glendalough: This is a monastic complex located in County Wicklow in Ireland . The monastery complex was created by St. Kevin in the sixth century monastic continuing its work until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539.
  • Trinity College: It is the oldest university Ireland and one of the best universities in the world. The library of Trinity College contains the Book of Kells .
  • Causey Farms: This farm owned by a family, is located in the center of the rich grasslands of Ireland . It bred sheep and cattle and also a small herd of ponies Connemars , it is located in Navan in County Meath .
  • Powerscourt: One of the most beautiful country estates in Ireland , on its grounds is the highest waterfall on the island and is situated in the mountains Wicklow .

Date Posted: August 16, 2015

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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