icono-comentario-40x40 MY VISIT TO FLAM:

We woke up in Flam with a sunny summer day, as at the beginning of the cruise. By going down again, the temperature rose a few degrees. For me the night had been very long because since our departure from Geiranger I was indisposed. And at dinner when we were leaving the fjord to delve into the sea, the ship started swinging movements, so I hesitated to continue the succulent dinner he was enjoying. And I recognize the symptoms and I better not eat in these cases … so from there I was quite dizzy all night.

We finally got to the mainland, but I was quite ill yet, so after breakfast, my husband went down to Rendez Vous where we stayed with fellow group to unify the payment of the excursion train Flam , the Flamsbana , whose cost was 342 NOK (€ 43.55) per person, group rate. This tour was organized and booked by Juan from Spain (fortunately, because all the exits were completed until 7,30pm). Because of my discomfort I opted not to make the trip for fear that train travel made me feel worse because I had read in different places on the Internet that was one of the lines of steepest railway in the world and also available twisty spiral between 20 tunnels through which it passes, about 19 kilometers long, up to a height of 867 mts. I have already said I’m more of monumental cities, straight roads ….

In the Celebrity Today explaining that Flam was surrounded by waterfalls, deep valleys and steep slopes, in fact his name means “little place between mountains getaways”. The small train station I was talking about earlier and crosses the narrow valley of Flam , a masterpiece of Norwegian engineering considea … so the route of this train, which runs from Flam to Myrdal , is known as one of the most exciting trips of this country.


Bergen 3.

Bergen 2.

Finally my husband went with the group and I could not go take my place the Catalans friends we met on the ship, so they all enjoyed the wonderful views along the way could contemplate. Great mountains, vegetation, waterfalls, ultimately were truly immersed in the grandeur of this country. As I told my husband, climbing to the summit you can see the majestic Fjord Aurlandsfjord , where is located Flam , being a branch of the longest fjord in Norway Sognefjord , so it is known as the father of the fjords and as a relic of ancient ice age, when the movements of these ice masses naturally carved out to sea.

By the train at the end of its route of ascent, all Spaniards were astonished by the sight of the waterfall Kjosfossen where, with a suggestive music, one could see the bottom dance a Valkyrie . They left 5 minutes to take appropriate pictures and proceeded to undo the path to return back to the port of Flam .. The trip to Myrdal takes about 40 minutes aproximadamene. As I told my husband the train ride, despite its inclination and curves, barely noticeable.

Two hours was the total time it took to make the trip to return to Flam , I was in the departure of the train waiting for my husband. He had spent some time on the ship until I found my dizziness stabilized. I got to know the beautiful area of small but comfortable wooden hotels and souvenir shops. I had already been looking in every nook and upon arrival my husband and I had decided we would buy some souvenirs shop. Between one thing and another it was lunchtime and as the ship did not set sail until 7:30 pm we had plenty of time to have lunch quietly and back down, so after refuel we returned to port, continuing our visit to the site . While my husband had been on the tour I checked there was a small tourist train as we can find on any beach in our country and as I could not get on the Flamsbana , so I decided that at least would know the true village of Flam , which it was not the area where we were, much less. It was the area where the locals made life and was further inland, about 4 kms.


Bergen 6.

Bergen 5.

We were uploaded in the small tourist train, which took almost hairs as it were 4:00 pm in the afternoon and performed his last outing. Its price was 98 NOK (€ 12.48) per person and made a 45 minute trip by landscapes, cottages, small streams and cattle farms with very similar animals to calves but with long hair. Curious !!!!, as we adapt to the place where we come from … And that’s how we saw the way of life of the inhabitants of the area, to the village of Lunden . We were taking pictures of everything we saw, wooden church, its peculiar houses, their livestock. Everything seemed out of the sixteenth century, all very basic. Not a sound is not heard, not a speck of pollution breathed … all peace that only interupted by a waterfall background …

We returned back to port. After spending across the fjord and watching from another perspective to Infinity , we returned to the starting point.

It was time to say goodbye to this charming town and board the ship. We wanted to relax a bit in our room before dinner dress up . This time we were going to forgive espectaculon in Infinity Theater , which consisted of the performance of a pianist. We had chosen the time of Latin music in the Constellation Lounge dedicated to Spanish speakers passengers. Once there I realized that night had touched him through the discomfort to another great friend of travel, Alberto , which happened the same thing to me yesterday. It was clear that every time we left the fjords sea, the waters were rougher. North Sea between calm and gentle waters swings that not all doze …

Meanwhile and with a strong dose of Dramamine ended the evening dancing to the rhythm of salsa.

And we drove to Bergen , our last stop on this fascinating country, Norway


icono-camara-40x40 PLACES OF INTEREST:

  • 1. Train Flam to Myrdal: The recorrrido of this little train is fantastic during the same you can see spectacular scenery with mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, etc … There are certain times of trains, with the arrival of cruise ships , usually full, so we must take this point into account and try to land as soon as possible or take the afternoon tour. The train ticket price is about 260 NOK 360 NOK round return. Tickets can be purchased at an office located in the same port, just behind the station, being the opening hours of 7:50 p.m. 08.15ha. Here you can also see timetables, prices and make reservation of tickets. More information…
  • .2. Bike ride from Myrdal: Another option instead of returning by train from Myrdal to Flam is to rent a bike. This is a decrease of about 20kms and about 2 hours, where you can appreciate in greater detail the spectacular scenery of this area. Bicycles can be rented at Myrdal price of about 275 NOK collected at a Bed & Breakfast that are in the village and delvolverlas at the train station Flam . You can take this bike to take a walk through the village of Flam , which is very nice. It is advisable to buy some food for the trip to the supermarket Coop next to the station Flam .
  • 3. Aurland and Stegastin viewpoint: if you have got enough time, a highly recommended tour is the visit to the village of Aurland , where you can reach by rental car in about 15 minutes. Do not miss the village area overlooking the fjord, where there is a pool-beach where you will be able to bathe in summer. From Aurland you can climb to the viewpoint of Stegastin with a road journey of about 15 minutes (there are many curves ….). The views from the lookout are amazing … As an alternative to car rental is possible to go by bus from Flam at a price of 30 NOK, but if your intention is to climb to the viewpoint Stegastin can hire a tour at the Tourist Office flam for about 190 NOK, with departures at 10:00 am, 12:00 and 2:00 p.m..
  • 4. Gudvangen: About 30 minutes by car or bus from Flam is Gudvangen , where adventure lovers can rent a kayak to explore the fjord Naeroyfjord and contemplate nature in its purest form . It is an expensive tour, as the kayak rental is around 550 NOK. You can also do the guided tour, with the price of about 995 NOK per person. Both kayak rental and guided tour makes the company the Nordic Ventures (on the beach you will see a stand of the company, meeting point to start the tour). The start time of the tour is to 10.15hy return at 16.30h. More information…
  • 5. Navigating the Nærøyfjord: As an alternative to alquier kayak, discussed above, it is possible to navigate the fjord on the ferry that goes from Gudvangen to Flam . The tour takes about 2 hours and costs about 275 NOK. Tickets are drawn on the ship itself and the schedules can check on the website of the company Fjord1 . It is not possible to transport the car on the ferry, so if you have gone from Flam to Gudvangen by rental car, you will have to return to Gudvangen to pick up the car by bus. Those who should do the trip by bus from Flam to Gudvangen you have no problem, because ye do return on the ferry. You can check the bus timetables on the website of the company Nor-way .
  • 6. Lunden and surroundings: For those who have done the morning tour on the train to Myrdal and disponéis of the afternoon, you can take a little walk to the nearby town of Lunden or Subiros in the tourist train, which stops in front to the train station, which for a price of 98 NOK will give you a walk through the surroundings while enjoying the views and the quiet atmosphere of the area.




icono-mapa-40x40  INTERACTIVE MAP OF FLAM:



Date Posted: September 13, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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