icono-comentario-40x40 MY VISIT TO CAPRI:

Again we were in Naples , it is what has repeated the Mediterranean , you can go see bits of cities that you were still pending or discover new destinations from the same city …

I do not know if you remember the last time was a real adventure usher in Naples , do you remember? the city of the gymkhana with crossings dangerous streets where drivers never stop … Well, this time our intention was to know Capri , a beautiful island located south of Naples , the area is about 10 km2 and was the holiday destination par excellence Roman times.

This time we did not need to cross, because once you get off the ship, which docked in the heart of Naples , you head to the left where the port is Berverello . It is so close that could be seen from the balcony of my cabin.

In the same port we get tickets for the hydrofoil is fast boat that takes you to Capri in about 45 minutes, the cost of this boat is 20,50 €.

There is another more economical option, not much more and are slower, half an hour, which are the ferries that are caught in the spring Porta Di Massa . These are located approximately 300 meters to the right cruise port …

If you want to have a detailed information of shipping operating to Capri , here is your links:

After waiting patiently for the queue to climb the aliscafi and a blazing sun over our heads, we went aboard the ship.

It is a fairly large boat, but still settled as we could because it was filled instantly, so my husband and my little son were sitting in different area my son David and I .. .

Once he started sailing the movement was becoming more intense top – down, like a gizmo fair. Those who have read my previous articles know that I get seasick easily and seeing that those movements were becoming stronger, I closed my eyes and started to psych with all intensity that this vaiven would not affect me …, but it was nothing, a few minutes of leaving I stood with white face desperately looking for a bathroom, which I had a hard time coming because the ship ‘s movement prevented my feet to stay glued to the floor. My David told me mum, you are wrong … and I could not answer.

Needless to say I spent the rest of the trip in the bathroom. But I have to say I was not the only one, because on the outside of the ship I met several people transposes faces and an Eastern boy kneeling on the ground that it was unable to get his head in the paper where he stuck. Poor guy. ..


Capri 2.

Capri 3.

At last we arrived at Marina Grande, the port of Capri. The tour made me endless despite last only 45 minutes, but the image that appeared before my eyes and made me see that it had been worth the hard time.

We headed for the lockers were right next to the tourist office where you can buy bus tickets, boat and funicular , so we acquired the funicular, for a cost of $ 1.80 each way to take us to center of Capri .

While you go to the funicular you can see the public beach of Marina Grande and left the Piazza Vittoria, where the stalls and stalls for purchases of items typical of the area, souvenirs, restaurants where cool and taxis await tourists to make them tour the island …

We returned to queue to enter the funicular and luckily caught the first thing was about to leave (arrive at intervals of 15 minutes). And within minutes we were in the Piazzetta and Piazza Umberto I , this is the center of Capri .

We were watching the charm of this beautiful island. From the same Piazzetta leave several narrow streets (1.5 meters wide), through which it is possible to visit the most important points.

According street you choose will take you to:

  • Arco Naturale, which is a rock formation shaped arc.
  • Via Tragara , which ends on a beautiful terrace with beautiful views of the Faraglioni are a large rock formations shaped beak.
  • J Ardines Augusto , with own plants and island with wonderful views of the urban area.

Standing in the center of the Piazzetta not know where to direct our steps, we were looking for a name that will help guide us to know where we should go, so aimlessly we went walking through the beautiful streets, watching the luxury brand stores, I stood in each of them, of course , and enjoying light and color instead.

In our entertaining and quiet ride we went for the way Longano . This street, via Sopramonte and Matermania that would get us, after a good ride and with stunning views of the coast, the Arco Naturale , a rock formation of what was once a cave. Something wonderful as everything around us that you can not miss ….

On the way back we find a staircase that descended into a valley where you find the Grotto Matermania , incredible natural cave.

Once back to the Piazzeta of Umberto I , I take the road Camerelle . At the end of it, on the left, there is a small slope that leads to the path Tragara ends in a garden terrace where you can see the Faraglioni .


Capri 4.

Capri 6.

We retraced our steps to the center of Capri and after seeing some souvenirs to take home, we decided it was time to return to the ship and forgive the third trip to the Gardens Augosto, because when we go with David our tours can not be extended much and truly we were all very tired.

I just thought I had to go back the same way I came to the island by sea !!! so I took my motion sickness pills, which advise all people who like me do not get along the comings and goings of ships. He was not willing to settle in the bath Aliscafo again.

We buy back the ticket for the turn and got on the boat once it started decided to go outside, is not allowed, but there were several people who like me had decided it was better to give us the air.

The ride back was different, the effect of the pill along with dandome sea air on his face made his magic and had a quiet return.

We were back on our marine hotel, friendly crew waiting for us greeted us with poof-poof to clean our hands, a must every time we go on a ship …

My children scurried for the buffet with the bug asking for food all day and still enjoy all the activities the Epic , our vacation home, offered us ..

We pulled away from the coast and I kept thinking about the wonderful landscapes, beautiful cities, interesting cultures through my travels ship was meeting …

Arrivederci beautiful Capri, until another time ….


icono-camara-40x40 PLACES OF INTEREST:

  • 1. Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra): Beautiful cave, declared a World Heritage Unesco , with a narrow gap entrance, where light penetrates via underwater, reflected with a blue color on the walls and dome cave. It is one of the places you should not miss in Capri . To get there you can do by boat or from Capri taking a bus at the bus station to Anacapri (€ 1.10) and right there another bus to the grotto (other € 1.10). Access to the cave is done in small boats that must enter by lying on them. The price of barquitas is about 13 €, plus propinilla for the rower.
  • 2. Gardens Augustus and Via Krupp: Beautiful gardens which include plants and breathtaking views of the coast, the Faraglioni and the Via Krupp . It is accessed on foot from the Piazza Umberto I , the streets V. Enmanuele , F. Serena and Matteotti . Visiting hours 19.30h and 09.00h is the ticket price is 1 €, being free for children under 12 years.
  • 3. Villa Jovis: This is the village of Capri best preserved and residence of Tiberius during his last days in Capri . It takes over an hour to arrive, because the road is uphill and there are spectacular views of gardens that we are on the way and are open to the public.
  • 4. Arco Naturale: Descending from Villa Jovis find signs to the Arco Naturale , rock formation in an arc created by nature. You can reach the arch, about 30 minutes walk from Piazza Umberto I , walking the streets Longano , Sopramonte and Matermania , or also from the square through the streets Le Botteghe , Croce and Matermania .
  • 5. Piazza Umberto I, Clock Tower and downtown streets: The Piazza Umberto I or Piazzeta is the nerve center of Capri and the most glamorous area, it is the Clock Tower and from where there are roads to visit standing different areas of the island. Must take a stroll around the streets of the center and have a coffee or a drink in the bars of the square; Yes, the prices are according to the glamor you breathe ….
  • 6. Tragara: Nice panoramic road that leads to the viewpoint of the same name and the Faraglioni , found below. It can walk for about 20 minutes from the square Umberto I , the streets V. Emanuele and Camerelle .
  • 7. Punta Carena and Faro: This is a dock and beach resort located southwest of the island. The lighthouse , built more than a century, is the second of Italy for its size and power, after that of Genoa . You can get there from Anacapri , plazoleta ” Cimitero ” ( Viale De Tommaso ), bus line or from Piazza Vittoria , by taxi (10 min.) And walk from plazoleta Caprile (50 min.) .
  • 8. Faraglioni: Grouping of three huge rocks that remain in the waters near the coast and are nothing but survivors of the erosion of the coastline by sea and climate in the course of the centuries. Each of these gigantic rocks has been given a name: the first is the one that is still tied to the island and is called Stella , the latter is separated from the first by a strip of water called Faraglione di Mezzo , and the third is called Faraglioni di Fuori or Scopolo . These rocks measure an average of 100 meters high and is the habitat of the famous blue plumage birds and the only place where they can be found.


Capri 5


icono-mapa-40x40 INTERACTIVE MAP OF CAPRI:



Date Posted: July 23, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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