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icon-comment-40x40 MY VISIT TO AMSTERDAM:

Finally we were bound for one of the cities most wanted to know.

Booked flight with Transavia . I had not heard before that airline, but only wanted it to be good and what it had cost me, ‘I’ll be I could !!!!.

We left the sunny Malaga on Flight 10: 30h, with a duration of 2 hours and arrived at Amsterdam on 13: 00h.

Once we collected our bags we headed to the hall of the airport in the arrivals area, where we bought in machines that were there train tickets destined Amsterdam Central , the price was 5.10 euros each. I advise wear loose coins or credit card because they do not accept bills.

Then we headed to the platform No. 3 and took the first train to Amsterdam Central . The journey was about 25 minutes.

Once arrived, the next step was to address our hotel, previously booked in Spain , which in this case was the Double Tree Hilton and was located in Noord , about 7 kms from the station and across the river . Although it seems I was away was not, and fortunately in the back of the station, on the left and 50 mts free ferries depart every 15 minutes that take you outside the hotel. The journey time is 10 minutes, so we feel really relieved because we had a comfortable, close and free transportation. What more you could ask for …?

During the 10-minute ride my eyes, like every time captivates me or love something, they were opening gradually. ‘How nice !!!, left the city, the area of ​​our hotel on the right and around numerous boats and floating hotels …

Really the pier is about 150 meters from the hotel. Along the pier had anchored, for monuments, ancient warships and even a submarine …

Another pleasant surprise was the hotel wonderful, both the reception and the fully glazed room with spectacular views across Amsterdam . The situation was perfect, it was like a beacon from which you can see all the sea …


Iglesia de San Nicolás.











We proceeded to check-in and leave our bags in the room. As our intention was to visit that afternoon the little village of Zaanse Schans , we quickly headed back to the pier to catch the first ferry back to the train station.

In the following link you can read the article I wrote describing our trip to Zaanse Schans .

At 11.00 am the next day, we had planned to do the tour through the center of Amsterdam with Sandemans . After checking out at the hotel and leave your luggage in the slogan, since that afternoon embarcábamos in Gerard Schmitter , we headed to the pier to catch the ferry that would take us back to Amsterdam Central .

We decided to have breakfast at one of the bars of the station because there you have many little bars with rich and succulent pastries to choose from . When we finished, we went to the tourist office is located right off of it. This was the first meeting point with Sandemans where was waiting for one of its employees. Once we got all we went to the square Dam , where we met with other members of the tour. We were then assigned to our guide, Miguel here, and we begin our tour by visiting the following locations:

  • Dam Square: The most central and emblematic Plaza Amsterdam.
  • Magna Plaza Shopping Center: A short walk from the square Dam , the Gothic facade of the shopping center Magna Plaza , draws attention. It is a building that houses the headquarters of Correos .
  • New Church (Nieuwe Kerk).
  • Royal Palace.
  • Red Light District: In this typical neighborhood is full of places where prostitutes are exposed in the windows.
  • Old Church (Oude Kerk).
  • Jewish quarter.
  • San Nicolas church.
  • The wider bridge and the narrowest house: A bridge with about 39 meters from end to end and a small house with about 2 meters wide.
  • The Ana Frank House.
  • Dutch East India Company: First multinational corporation in the world, established in 1602.
  • Begijnhof Convent .
  • The Jordaan district .


Canales de Amsterdam.


That was our tour with Miguel our guide who explained everything about the city very pleasant way but, not surprisingly, Amsterdam has much more to see such places that relate to the end of this article.

After about 4 hours ended our tour of Amsterdam and Miguel took us to a local restaurant which at that time was still open, there was where we had lunch in a typical Dutch dish made with mashed potatoes and Accompany meatball or sausage. It tasted great and was not expensive for what is Holland .

Then we headed back to the hotel to collect our bags and came back to the port to board the Gerard Smitter , to begin our river cruise through the picturesque villages of Holland , visiting Volendam , Hoorn and Enkhuisen .

Now back to our river cruise we did one night in Amsterdam . We decided we could not pass up the opportunity to tell you soon to the city without use the time we had left that day and the next day until we climbed to our flight. So we decided to buy the combined ticket of the bus and tourist boat with 24 – hour duration, which would take advantage of the two days … During that afternoon dedicated to tour the city on the bus.

The next morning, after breakfast and leave luggage at the reception of the ship, we went to continue visiting Amsterdam until 14.00h, because we could still enjoy the length of bus ticket / tourist boat, using it all morning. So we took a bus in front of Central Amsterdam to stop museums to visit bajándonos outside and see the park enclosure that houses the museum Van Gogh , Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk addition to the concert hall Concertgebouw . Here we take to make our typical picture on the sign Iamsterdam . Then we took the tourist boat, which also was coming, to Amsterdam Central and walked to the square Dam , where they stayed a while and had lunch, to return to the ship for the bags and head back to the station and catch a train airport to terminate our trip to this beautiful country ….


Casas de Amsterdam.

Palacio Real










camera-icon-40x40  PLACES OF INTEREST:

  • 1. Munttoren: tower known as the Mint was built between 1480 and 1487 and is located in the square Muntplein , a place where the river Amstel and the channel Singel . In that place the coins were minted in the seventeenth century and at that time was one of the main gates of the city.
  • 2. Palacio Real: Formerly the town hall and is considered as one of the glories of European Baroque architecture. It houses collections of Empire style furniture, chandeliers and clocks. It is s ituated on the west side of Dam Square and is used by the monarch of the Netherlands for entertainment functions during state visits and official receptions. You can visit all day 12.00h 5:00 p.m. (from 11.00h in summer), except on days when real events are conducted. The price is 10 € adults, with free entry for children under 18 years. More information
  • 3. West Church (Westerkerk): It is the largest Protestant church in the Netherlands. Renaissance style, has a tower 85 meters high and a carillon with 50 bells, plus an impressive organ. You can take a guided tour, being very wise to climb the tower, from where you can distrutar spectacular panoramic views of Amsterdam . It is assumed that inside the remains of Rembrandt . More information
  • 4. Channels of Amsterdam (Keizersgracht): Little else is there to comment on them. It is best to take a boat ride and visit them .
  • 5. The house Peso (Waag): It is the oldest non – religious building in Amsterdam . Built in the fifteenth century, it is located in the Nieuwmarkt square. After being used as House Pesos , once missing the various guilds who used it , it was used as a museum, firehouse and anatomical theater. More information


Iglesia Westerkerk.

Museo de Amsterdam.









  • 6. Dappermarkt: Popular and one of the largest markets in the world, located in Dapperstraat , open from Monday to Saturday from 4:00 p.m. 09.00h. More information
  • 7. Rembrandt House Museum: A ntigua house painter, a lot of works by the artist, students and some contemporary painters expounding. You can visit every day from 10.00h to 5:00 p.m.., With a price of 12,50 € adults 10 € students, 4 € children 6 to 17 and free for children under 5 years. More information
  • 8. Central Station: Train station with neo – Renaissance architectural style, built between 1881 and 1889. More information
  • 9. Mercado de Flore Singel: It is one of the most attractive views of the city and is located between Koningsplein and Vijzelstraat , open Monday to Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • 10. Workshops diamond: Amsterdam is known as the city of diamonds and a visit to one of several workshops diamond it is one of the must – see. More information
  • 11. Molino Stolen: Molino still open to the public performance, next to Canal Circular , on the outskirts of the city and a half hour walk from the center of it. You can visit between 10.00hy 16.00h. More information
  • 12.- Dam Square: Located in the heart of Amsterdam . Among the buildings containing highlights the City Council , the Obelisk , the wax museum Madame Tussaud , and the New Church . In a street off the square is the second narrowest house in the world, with a facade of 2 meters.
  • 13.- New (Nieuwe Kerk): also it located in the square Dam and is now used for art exhibitions and concerts and celebrations of royal weddings and coronations of new kings. More information
  • 14.- Quarter Red (Red Light District): In the heart of Amsterdam is this unique and world famous quarter full of neon lights, bars and shop windows adorned with red lights where prostitutes offer their services and attract the attention and curiosity pedestrians who walk through the area. The first display cases dating from the seventeenth century and are one of the, let ‘s call most famous “attractions” of Amsterdam , where prostitution was legalized in 1911, considering prostitutes as one more worker, contributing with their taxes.
  • 15. Old Church (Oude Kerk): Located in the Red Light District and is the largest and oldest church in the city, built in 1302. Its interior decoration is practically nil since in 1566 the Calvinists sacked Catholic churches, destroying its artistic riches. Include its vaulted wooden ceiling, its largest organ, some fifteenth – century paintings and stained glass windows. More information
  • 16.- Jewish Quarter: This neighborhood has some details interesting places like the Castle of Seven Towers Waag , former gateway to the city. Also it housed inside the Joods Historich Museum , Jewish History Museum, a restored seventeenth and eighteenth century synagogue, which exhibits paintings, objects of ceremonial use and related to the history of the Dutch Jewish community documents.
  • 17. St. Nicholas Church: Catholic Church located in the city center. It was designed by architect Adrianus Blejis between 1842 and 1912, in which neo – Baroque and neo – Renaissance styles are mostly observed. It has two towers with a window under which he represents Christ and the four evangelists. The towers is the statue of St. Nicholas , patron of the city. More information
  • 18.- The Ana Frank House: In the attic of this house, located on the Prinsengracht Street # 236, hid from the Nazis with his family, Jewish teenager Anne Frank during the German occupation in 1940. Here he wrote his famous diary Anne Frank Huis .
  • 19.- Convent of Begijnhof: Old convent converted into a closed neighborhood with casitas and an interior garden, where only women live. It has two churches and here is the oldest house in Amsterdam. More information
  • 20.- Jordaan district: Famous area which is accessed by crossing the canal Prinsengracht . It is a quaint neighborhood with buildings of monumental XVII century. It was a working – class neighborhood during this century, inhabited mostly by young people, students and artists.


Amstel Hotel.





Date Posted: December 18, 2015


I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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