Gibraltar-1Gibraltar is a British colony with a population of about 30,000 inhabitants, located in the extreme northwest of the Rock of Gibraltar in southern Spain . Its location in the Strait of Gibraltar is strategic, since the latter connects the sea Mediterranean and the ocean Atlantic between Spain and North Africa .

After a relaxing day of sailing we headed to Gibraltar . In this mini – cruise alone would visit two cities, but was well spent and we did not know Lisbon and this time we wanted to see Gibraltar in more depth, in addition to two days of sailing to enjoy the ship, so we believe that despite being mini we were going to enjoy it a lot.

As usual we landed early and once at the port you look at what he did the other passengers. So, following the majority, we were walked us a pleasant walk of about 15 or 20 minutes to the city center.

We knew that in Gibraltar there are 3 large areas to visit:

  • The city center, which was where we were going to start the tour in Casemates Square , a square large adorned by various shops, terraces to sit out for a drink, bars and restaurants … This area is set, I was full of people, so we had just get off the ship as the inhabitants of the city. In this square we find different attractions such as the typical red phone booth British style, glass museum with ovens and demonstrations of making crystal figurines and a betting house, located in a corner of the square worth to visit.

From this square and a length of almost one kilometer part of Main Street , the main street full of shops of all kinds, ideal for strolling and stopping to see the numerous and various shops. In this task I spent quite some time … For me the stores are as important as the city itself I visit and I say this quite serious, because in this way you can realize details that otherwise you would not see, as was the case jewelers, where I found that they had discounts for all passengers of various ships coming to the port, and listen to speak indistinctly both Castilian and English … as currency, use the Gibraltar pound and the euro, in most stores have put prices in both currencies.

The end of this main street will give the square John McIntosh. Here you will see the King’s Chapel , courts and town hall. Walking a little more come to the Alameda Gardens and the cable car, with which you can upload to Peñon .

  • The second area of interest is the Natural Reserve, known as The Rock , that’s where the famous apes live Gibraltar . You can also visit the Pillars of Hercules , the Cueva de San Miguel , the Moorish Castle , the tunnels of World War II and the Great Siege .
  • The third area is the Punta de Europa, from where you can see Africa , visit the Faro Trinity , the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe and the Mosque of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques .



As I said above, once located at Casemates Square and taking into account, as usual, the shortage of time available to make the trip, we opted to do the visit by taxi.

After agreeing the price with one of the taxi drivers, who turned out to be very nice, we begin our journey, heading first to Punta de Europa , where we could see the lighthouse Trinity , the sanctuary of Our Mrs. Europe and the mosque. The taxi driver guide served us well as we would explain every detail of the places we passed.

When we climbed the steep and narrow carreterilla me is I climbed the stomach to the throat. I fear God !!!. I thought that at any moment, to catch one of the many curves we, despeñaríamos. It must be recognized in any case that every time you got off the taxi, the views were breathtaking, like the wind there was. I do not know if that wind always does, but this time we fly makes it almost …

Back in the taxi we continue our journey to Nature Reserve Rock of Gibraltar , climbing up to the Cueva de San Miguel , where we could admire its beauty, full of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the large auditorium built inside it, a amazing place where we could make us the pictures of rigor.

We got back on track to the reserve of monkeys. Here accompanied by these mischievous animals had a good time, feeding the herbs that the driver himself had previously given us to play a little with them. I notice that as you neglect these rascals, they take away to the teeth, as they are quite fond of putting your hands into the pockets of people outside. Moreover, another couple, who at that time was also, there took off their gloves pockets. Eye, it is forbidden to feed them and you can be fined.

After fiddling with the monkeys, already I began to get nervous because they were everywhere and also fought each other, we got back into the taxi, to go to the Tunnels World War II and the Great Siege where we a visit inside them enjoying an interesting perspective of the history of rock with representations of characters, guns, etc .. of the time.



We ended our tour near the Jardines de la Alameda , which left us just lunch time taxi driver, event we do in a typical English bar which had burgers looked great.

After this small feast we decided that we still had time to time to return. We dedicate to walk around Main Street and its many shops !!!! (again, I can not remediarrrrr¡¡¡¡), up to Casemates Square , to return to the ship after visiting the glass factory and the bookmaker.

In the glass factory I enjoyed it because I love the figures in this material. There were also pendants, bracelets and other trinkets that women like us …

Once these visits we decided it was time to return to our ship for a swim in the pool and enjoy the warm jacuzzi …

Tomorrow ended our trip in the port of Malaga , so I had to take to stop all that wonderful Adventure Of The Seas we offered. Our anniversary celebration was great and we were already thinking about the next cruise …


Date Posted: February 14, 2014

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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