Well, “& Cia.” Us. Two close collaborators What is that about Cia? to a lesser extent, we put our bit for this ship come to fruition.


Que es &Cia 3My name is Angie , I have 25 years and I am a graduate in tourism. I decided to study tourism because the trips are my passion. I love to see new places and experience different cultures. I feel it is the best way to grow mentally and personally.

Before he traveling claimed that was my life, but now I have to realize that my life are cruises …

My passion for the cruise got through my parents who 6 years made their first cruise, and have not stopped since. They always talked to me about the benefits and wonders to know different places on board a city-floating hotel that will allow piggybacking everything you need while you enjoy learning about different places and living the experience of sailing the sea …

My first cruise experience was in a small fam trip of two days I was invited to the MSC Orchrestra … say I was in love with the experience, little … much luxury, so much attention, feeling lean out to the sea at night from your balcony … Indescribable.

A year later I could make my first 8 day cruise aboard the Adventure of the Seas of Royal Caribbean …. I was lucky to disembark from Malaga . So if it was an experience … I was lost among all the possibilities offered me aboard! Hot tubs, spas, swimming pools, theaters, endless buffets of delicious food … I think it was the shortest week of my life !.

From the moment you board first I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to the world of cruises and day … I can say that I fulfilled a dream, because I have three months doing the work of my life. You might say I sell cruises but I would say, rather, sell illusions. I love being able to offer people the best way out to escape from the routine of everyday life, knowing they will return happy and having enjoyed an unforgettable experience.

Well, basically this I am, and if I am is thanks to my mother, I hope that like me helped me to enjoy this wonderful world, I also spreading this wonderful passion ….


IMGP2786Traveling has always been one of my passions. In fact 14 years I started working in a travel agency and during the decade I spent in it I was able to make enough, though neither boat. Unfortunately at that time cruise travel was limited to a privileged few, because of its high price and the low supply of ships.

The opportunity to take a cruise is something I’ve always had in the pipeline, conditioned by the fear that my wife Marian had this kind of travel. A few years ago he had a serious illness that made him change the way you see life and accepted my proposal to take a trip on this transport. Since then we have not stopped and we have under our belt 14 cruises and we intend to continue on that line as a good cruise lovers.

Our debut in this world was in the Norwegian Gem NCL , splendid boat that we set the bar very high and we loved your system “Freestyle” . We have tried to keep that bar and so far the company with whom we have traveled ( Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, MSC and CroisiEurope ) have succeeded. Each cruise has its attraction, both for its itinerary, ship characteristics, environment, etc ….

We have a world of destinations and boats to discover. What will be the next … ..?

Francisco Rodríguez.


PS- The construction site has been my task and is the first I do, so forgive the shortcomings that may have …: Mrgreen:

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