There’s nothing quite like having spa treatments at sea. I know — because I have them all the time.

At the end of a sea day, especially, when you’ve basked on the pool deck all day long, and have read a book, and taken in the seafaring sights — a spa treatment is just what the doctor (and maybe even the captain) has ordered.

On Oceania Cruises, you can enjoy their onboard Canyon Ranch SpaClub and I heartily recommend it. I’ve visited Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires numerous times over the years, and I have the T-shirt (and the body) to prove it. Each time I’ve gone, I’ve soaked up all the spirituality — and sweat equity — that goes into being a healthy human being, and I can’t say enough good things about it. On my last trip, for example, I consulted with an exercise physiologist who gave me the plan to help me to lose six pounds over five months — and now I am a solid size four. (There’s also Canyon Ranch cuisine in the dining room — wow!  Serve me a broccoli floret — I’m all for it!)

Now, in an unprecedented move, Oceania Cruises has launched a ground-breaking wellness and cruise-industry first, in the form of exclusive and comprehensive land tours focused on wellness and healthy living. This innovative new tour series, Wellness Tours Inspired by Canyon Ranch, is the first of its kind in the cruise industry, and most comprehensive. This program allows Oceania Cruise to take the title of the first cruise line to offer fully-integrated wellness retreats at sea. Tours were initially offered in France, Spain, Italy, and Greece, and have since been expanded to other areas of the world.

Bob Binder, President and CEO of Oceania Cruises, is certainly excited about it. He says, “Thoughtfully inspired by the philosophies at the heart of Canyon Ranch, this exclusive tour series extends the wellness experience available on board our ships to immersive and well-being explorations ashore, in serene, hand-picked locales. “Even for guests who have already been to these destinations, the tours represent a truly new and unique way to experience to region — and a new way to cruise.”…


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Wellness tours on land launched by Oceania Cruises
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