This time Los Cruceros de Marian has had the opportunity to visit the port of Malaga the Norwegian Spirit , ship with nearly 76,000 tons, about 270 meters long and a capacity of 2,000 passengers. During the visit we accompanied Sonia López , representative of Norwegian Cruise Line , who led the tour and explained in detail the ins and outs of the ship in a fun and interesting way.

This vessel was built by the Chinese company Star Lines , inaugurated in 1999 under the name of Superstar Leo . As we explained Sonia he was an gift company owner his wife (perhaps looking for a more original than the typical trinket gift ….). Subsequently it acquired by Norwegian Cruise Line passing to denominate its current name Norwegian Spirit .

The entrance to the ship, after performing control security, conducted by the deck 7 , directly accessing the atrium Grand Centrum , main area of the ship, where we can find a nice grand piano on a carpet designed by Versace and valued at $ 300,000 (the truth is that respect underfoot ….). In this area the ship reception, booking office for specialty restaurants, excursions office and is also found The Café , a café where you can taste a good coffee with cupcakes. A beautiful fountain with the statue of a dolphin and two panoramic elevators located on both sides of the main staircase complement the site.

We continue our tour of the same heading aft deck 7 and find ourselves with Cagney’s Steakhouse , specialty restaurant fees, for all those lovers of exquisite meats. On the back of the ship, occupying 2 floors is located the Stardust Theater , where the daily shows are represented, with capacity for almost 900 people.









We retraced our steps to head aft, visiting the Henry’s Pub , Blue Lagoon Café , Shanghai Bar and restaurant payment Le Bistro , famous ships of the shipping company for its exquisite French cuisine. Through the great casino Maharajah’s got to Maharini’s Lounge , lounge decorated with red colors and soft lighting, used as a night club and disco nights to enjoy good music and have a drink or dance on his dance floor.

The decks 4 and 5 are occupied by cabins, the medical center being located in the first one.

The deck 6 is dedicated in its pre cabins half and the back half is occupied by the main restaurants The Garden Room , which seats 300 diners and The Windows , with capacity for 600 people, here you will taste excellent à la carte menus with impeccable service. The latter restaurant has large windows that offer a spectacular view of the stern and from where you can see the trail left by the ship during its navigation.

Here we address the deck 8 which, in the stern area of the upper floor are Stardust Theater . On our tour and heading towards the stern we visited the Shusi Bar and Asian specialty restaurants Shogun and Teppanyaki , for fans of Chinese, Japanese or Thai. In the Teppanyaki expert chefs prepare the food before us while we enjoy a true culinary show.









In the center of the ship you are the shopping here can buy perfumes, merchandising, jewelery or souvenirs for family and friends. Below are the Champagne Charlie’s Bar , the Galleria which are offered for sale and auction beautiful pictures and typefaces, Meeting Room and the Photo Gallery , which is exposed for sale the photos taken during the cruise. The rest of the bow area of the deck is intended for cabins.

The deck 8 is fully occupied by cabins and the deck 9 at the stern will see the area Buccaneer’s Wet & Wild , representing a pirate island dedicated to younger passengers, with pool and jacuzzi. Small guests can also have fun in Charlie’s Child Care Center , this area will be essential for the multitude of activities organized by the monitors of the ship.

The deck 11 is fully occupied by cabins, although in the stern can find several ping-pong tables, for those who want to do some sport.


In the middle of the deck 12 we found the main pool Tivoli adorned with beautiful balustrades, four whirlpools and a large area with loungers. Heading towards the stern we find the Raffles Court , the buffet the ship which is included in the price, we can taste many varieties of international food and the bar Raffles Terrace , where you can also eat outside enjoying an incredible view. This area is the restaurant La Trattoria , Italian specialty restaurant extra charge.

Traversing the pool again and heading towards the bow is the relaxation area of the ship, with Spa , hairdressing, beauty salon and an Internet café, a card room, library and gym for those who want compensate a little kilos gained during the trip.

Bow and lounge is located Galaxy of the Stars ideal for nights and enjoy live music while sipping a glass place or delight in the stunning panoramic views from its windows we have. Include a spiral staircase located to the left of the hall, through which we access to a room with windows through which you can see the bridge of the ship. This room is adorned with photos where we can see snapshots taken during construction of the ship and its launch, metopes and memories of the time when the ship was called SuperStar Leo .

In the deck 13 athletes have a jogging track, a basketball court and mini golf. For teenagers it is available from the disco Celebrity Teen Disco , dancing at night and during the day enjoy activities, playing football or playing video games. Also in this area found the Bier Garten , German – style restaurant, where you can savor culinary specialties of this country at no additional charge.



My impressions of the Spirit:

Overall I can say that is a ship that is a little out of the standard decoration Norwegian Cruise Line , since it has maintained the original look of it, appreciating the quality of the materials used in its construction, such as carpet of Versace atrium, hardwood railings on stairs, etc …

Spaces and common areas are well sized, not appreciate feeling cramped or crowding of passengers at any time.

Attention and service from the excellent crew, as Norwegian Cruise Line we are accustomed.

Despite being a ship with 18 years she is very well maintained and never gives the feeling of having that old.

Another positive aspect is the concept Feel Free (formerly Free Style ) of Norwegian Cruise Line with which the passenger is free to access the restaurant you want, at any time and without table or dress code assigned, except restaurants specialty in which we must make reservation, featuring informative displays in various parts of the ship where the occupation of each is shown.

The selection offers 16 different restaurants, 13 bars and 24-hour room service, with a small charge between 5:00 a.m. make 24.00hy the culinary and beverage options are more than sufficient to meet our expectations on this ship.



After enjoying an exceptional lunch at the restaurant Windows ended our visit to this fantastic ship, supplementing the mini – cruise we made in 2013.

To conclude I want to thank Sonia López for this tour in which, with his vast experience and knowledge of the Spirit , he managed to convey all information and details of this great western ship oriental heart.


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Posted on February 5, 2017

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