We got up early, like every day we came to a new port. Whenever we went out to the balcony to see front line as we approached the coast and enjoy from the first moment of arrival in a new city … On other occasions we we allowed the luxury of seeing the arrival from the bed itself … amazing feeling …

Although the day was overcast and cold, this is one of those ports that your eyes should be wide open as your senses … I was admiring the beautiful coast of French … This haven was very different from the rest of the visited until now. My feelings were contradictory, on the one hand the illusion of entering France , such a beautiful country and also across the French Riviera and on the other hand, sad because it was the last port of this wonderful journey.

You are watching it on the boat to shore, its houses staggered on the slopes of the mountains, lush vegetation … Before reaching the harbor we were ready to climb into the boats (tenders) to make available to the passengers the boat . Since this port has no draft for berthing a ship features Norwegian Gem .

When we arrived, the landscape reminded me of the beaches of our coast before being invaded by tourism, with the typical fishing village.

My husband and I got ready to look for the way to the bus that would take us to Monaco . I was surprised that in a quiet fishing village shops have exclusive brands, I thought it was hopeless, we were in France and we know it is a country that gives off glamor in every corner.

I was stopping me in stores bags and shoes finding my way (they are my passion) and my patient husband looked at me with a ‘no I can not believe !!!. Nor is it so rare, I mentioned are part of the environment of the city …

Continuing our way, we climbed up a steep road with curves and stairs to catch the bus which is on the main avenue. All the way is full of nice houses and little gardens care. Finally you get to a park and on the same side, you find the 100 bus which costs 1 € and is the one that takes you to Monaco . If you cross to the other side of the avenue, the bus takes you to Nice , but in the opposite direction. Of course I also stopped in the street market stalls beside the bus stop at the expression of despair from my husband for my stops continuous … (he is more expressions than words). I was telling laughingly, that was also part of the culture of the area and knowledge of its people ..

When the bus approached I realized that I had finally come to a country where public transportation were impeccable.

Once uploaded on the bus and with the reassurance that this would entirely to your destination, we found that the views were beautiful. You can go watching the vast blue sea dotted with luxurious boats, at that distance, like stars in the sea …. Our boat in the distance …


Mónaco 1We arrived at Monaco , the second smallest country in the world. I do not know exactly where we got off, but not stop we were looking for . We crossed the street find ourselves with a colorful market and its mix of smells flowers and fruits. I thought that this city does not have great cultural interest, but it fills the view with other attractions. You can see the luxury and glamor in every street, every corner, every park, every avenue where you can see luxury cars, expensive mansions … That neater, cleaner , more beautiful city. Background hearing her soft and suggestive language, French. She was delighted !!!.

We arrived at the time when the streets preparing for its famous Grand Prix Formula 1.

We struggled to find after a long walk between fences and bleachers, an information center to tour the city in a comfortable way. After much questioning, (the language is beautiful but did not understand …), we saw a family boat that guided us on where we had to catch the bus that would take us to a tourist train stop. This will stroll through the Old Town, the casino, the port … No need to see more ….

Despite being such a small town I felt lost … We finally found the train stop is in front of the oceanographic museum, its price was 7 € pp Here began the journey through the Porte Neuvey , the Port of Monaco , Eglise Sainte -Devote , Hotel Hermitage , Monte Carlo Casino , Hotel Paris , Fontaine Du Portier , Marche de la Condamine , Rue Remparts , Palais de Monaco , Cathedrale de Monaco and back to the Oceanographic . The most important points of the city.


Mónaco 2Although we were in the rock (old town), which is the most tourist area where small shops are the souvenirs, the direction taken was the little train to the port, its route was 30 minutes. We passed through the port, stunning hotels like the Hermitage Hotel , for much of the circuit Grand Prix Formula 1 and the famous curve Loewe , the Casino , you can visit paying 10 €, the Café Pari s, the Hotel Paris , the Palace Square , where the Royal Palace of the family Grimaldi . We could see the changing of the guard, we continue to the Cathedral where the family vault is Grimaldi and at the end of the tour the Institute Oceanographic . Very close to the Oceanographic was the bus that took us to the train station.

In my opinion do the tour in little train is highly recommended because although Monaco is a small and comfortable city to visit (you can perfectly explore on foot), of this most important see how the city considering the short time that you have for your visit. Nor could we have seen Monaco otherwise since we are all cut and fenced. In addition to being the last port it was already very tired of all the tours we had done throughout the cruise.

Around we decided to do it by train, rechecking the new and care that this transport was, had nothing to envy the AVE

Once back in Villefranche we spent a few last looks the beautiful scenery before returning to the ship while waiting for the boat (tender) of Gem pick us …

And on the boat we got to our cabin to dismiss which was the last city of our fantastic trip, taking the last pictures … and leaving our retinas reflected in the wonderful port of Villefranche away on the coast …

Date Posted: June 19, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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