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The next day we stayed with our friends in the breakfast room. It was a simple room that had a mini buffet, fairly complete, with coffee, different teas, juices, pastries of all kinds, bread for toasting, cereals … very comprehensive for how small it was very cozy and clean as the whole hotel ….

After breakfast and with renewed strength we headed back to St. Mark ‘s Square to see carefully, the Basilica , the Doge ‘s Palace , the Campanile and the clock dell’Orologio , all these visits and had them reserved in advance by Internet . I advise that reserveís, because as is customary in this country have to wait in long lines to get into the most important places. The languages explaining the routes are Italian or English ….

At 10:25 we entered the Basilica of San Marcos , which is free. If you carry backpack you have to leave a slogan found on the right side of the Basilica , at Basso .

Advise see the golden shovel for € 1.50, I could not see because the part where she was locked. To this Basilica accompanying the beauty that Italy has shown its monuments. To visit we have to dress the same modesty and circumspection when we visited the Vatican …

At 11:10 we were entering the huge courtyard of the Ducal Palace . Here there is also a luggage room where you are forced to leave the backpack, this is on one side inside the palace. In a corner you find some stairs that lead you to the 2nd floor. Once inside you you will see the luxury and beauty with all rooms …

We reserve the secrets of the palace itineraries, we did online . I recommend it to you. They tell interesting stories, acquiring more knowledge of the history of Venice . Will teach you places you never imagine that there are , torture chambers, cells Casanova , history that took him there and as he escaped. You’re shaking when you go through all the passages and hidden doors to reach the cells and torture chambers that hides the palace teleporting moments where stories that have happened to you …. All this contrasts with the beauty and richness of the rest of the building.

The next visit was to Campanile . Here rose only husbands, as my friend and I prefer to stay watching the shops around the square … They are irresistible !!. Its price was 9 € pp.


Venecia 5At 15:00 pm we had our appointment at the clock tower (dell’Orologio) . It is located above the arch through which we went to the Mercerie, the street that we took to dinner the pizzas … The clock is blue and gold and marks the phases of the moon, the hours, the zodiac … They pointed to the sailors the best months to navigate. At the top are the statues of the Moors. There is a guided tour worthwhile book, where you see all the machinery from the inside, plus you have living there in charge of the watch with his family, where they slept and ate and many other interesting stories about this particular watch.

Reserve secret itinerary and the dell’Orologio cost us 30 € pp

Throughout our stay in Venice we took the vaporetto countless times and can see the Grand Canal in its entirety and enjoy a great view of the palaces and buildings that are located on each bank, which seem to lean out as if to be admired. You can also see numerous hotels and restaurants, they gave the impression of being a set of colored fireflies floating on the water, with its romantic lights and tables full of candles that accompanied the evening of all those couples who decided to contemplate the beauty of the canal from there…. We passed through its most famous bridge, the Rialto and many others. We also enjoyed the canal view from the bridge and if you cross it from the Plaza de San Marcos to the other side, you meet a colorful fruit market …


Venecia 2

You can also make this gondola ride and can see other famous bridges like sighs or of lovers. Ideal do it with your partner, do Is there anything more romantic ??, I did on my previous visit to Venice, the cost was € 100 .and the capacity was 6 people …

Again we got on a vaporetto bound for Burano . The journey lasted nearly an hour. The biggest attraction that the island are its colorful houses. They are incredibly striking. It also has many canals running through it and a few steps to have entered the island you come across the main street, Baldassare Galuppi , where there are many shops with beautiful lace yarn. In this street the atmosphere is very cheerful.

When we were walking had the opportunity to listen to a group of grandparents singing songs typical of their land. I found beautiful and tender … Although there is nothing special to look at , and with its colorful houses and canals filled with modest little boats, enjoy enjoyed the visit, the vaporetto we met a Spanish who accompanied us on our walk through the island and told us many interesting facts. Among them is the council that decides the color you paint your house. He took us to the only house that had several colors and explained that to buy a house there you have to wait for someone to die because there is no room to build more … ‘How strong !!!, right ?. The square meter is expensive there. She was getting married the following month with a fisherman and went to live in the house was his grandfather.

After this nice chat at the end of the main street we find the Church of San Marino , which has a famous bell tower for its inclination.

We joked with our new friend saying that had nothing to envy to Pisa …


Venecia 3We dusk again returned to Venice , but this time we decided to get off on the opposite bank to the Plaza de San Marcos , being able to know another side of Venice . Again crossed the Rialto Bridge to the Plaza de San Marcos . Tired from the long day we had had, we decided to head to the hotel and again dare to dinner nearby. We went to a restaurant that was very lavishly decorated to give a sense of glamor, which in my personal opinion failed … This restaurant did not choose me … ..

We went to the hotel exhausted but happy to have taken advantage of our time in Venice. We picked up the suitcase and went to bed.

  The day of shipment the next day emprenderíamos our cruise, I was very excited and nervous, so I could hardly sleep. He had a mixture of tiredness and excitement, remembering all the moments that had lived so intensely that day …

We left the hotel with nostalgia. What we were well treated the little time we had stayed there.

With suitcases in tow, we got back on the vaporetto in San Angelo that would leave us in the square of Rome . There we took the bus that NCL has arranged for passage. We could not leave the pier due to a big traffic jam occurred. So we had to go down before and walk to the terminal 110/112 .. What we lacked batch after we’d been walking in Venice .

Finally came the most desired time, the output from Venice . My eyes watered when we drove away slowly from the city, feeling that I was witnessing one of the most fascinating insights that can be experienced. The view of the Piazza San Marco from the deck 14 of the Norwegian Gem is indescribable … ..

 Date Posted: June 23, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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