Toulon 1After a day of sailing after our departure from Barcelona , today the Regal reach Toulón , beautiful city on the French coast and close to Italy , famous for housing the main military port of France.

The historical center is located next to the harbor is full of small streets that when you least expect, will give great avenues.

The city has many sights of interest to visit, among which include:

  • National Maritime Museum : It houses historical naval equipment of the French navy.
  • Church of San Luis: With a beautiful neoclassical facade and interior with double Doric colonnade ships and cupola with lantern held for ten Corinthian columns.
  • Hotel des Arts : Exhibits paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc … mid-twentieth century to today.
  • Art Museum : Located in a Renaissance palace houses a museum and a library as well as a collection of Provencal painting.
  • Freedom Square: Ample space in the heart of the city, full of palm trees, bars, restaurants, fountains, etc ..
  • Opera: Considered a historical monument, it is the country ‘s second largest opera.
  • Puget square: beautiful square, where you can find the dolphin fountain , built in 1780.
  • Notre Dame de la Seds: Cathedral Toulón with baroque touches which highlights its belfry and a Baroque altarpiece of the eighteenth century.
  • Natural History Museum: It houses extensive collections that cover the main naturalistic disciplines.
  • Church of San Francisco de Paula: Simple but interesting eighteenth – century baroque church with a beautiful carved wood Pupito.
  • Monte Farón: From its peak, more than 500 meters high you have a breathtaking view of the bay. You can take the cable car and visit a specialist in feline zoo.

Our disposal all morning to visit the city, because the ship had docked at 07.00hy sail at 14.00h. Since our intention was to get on the tourist train to visit the city, not far woke up early and after breakfast we proceeded to land safely. Unfortunately , the Regal had landed quite far from the historic center, so the company had made available to passengers service boats to take us to the center of the city, on payment of $ 20 (round trip).


Toulon 2Toulon 3Toulon 6Toulon 5

After a pleasant walk of about 20 minutes we arrived at our destination and after disembarking we see that right off the harbor was the tourist train stop. There was one standing, but crowded and many people waiting for the next, so we opted to do the tour of the city on foot.

We headed right into Avda. De la Republic where, about 200 mts., We find the square of Louis Blanc , lively place with lots of atmosphere as there was a flea market where you could find all kinds of viands typical of the area, clothing, etc …

In the same square is the Church of San Francisco de Paula , in which we enter to take any photographs.

We continue our walk up the Cours Lafayette to the intersection with Rue Laindet Lalonde , where we turn left to find about 100 mts. the Cathedral of Sainte Maria of Seds , where we enjoyed a good time watching and photographing inside.

Nearby zizzageando the streets northwestward arrived at the Place Puget , where we took the pics of rigor in the Fountain of the Dolphins .

Walking a little farther north we reach the Plaza de Víctor Hugo , lively and full of terraces, bars and shops, where we stopped to hydrate a little. In this square is the Municipal Opera of Toulon .


Toulon 4Heading the Boulevard de Strasbourg to the left we reach the Plaza de la Libertad , located in the heart of the city and surrounded by bars, terraces, shops, etc … Particularly striking is the size and brightness of it, which does not go unnoticed you find on the Cote d’Azur . In the same square is the Fountain of World War II , erected in memory of the fighters of the war. More pics ….

Mid – morning and the sun beat down and it was very hot, so we decided to return to the ship, visiting the sights that caught us on the way. Crossing again Bourlevard of Strasgourg we find the Hotel Arts and towards the port, we reach the Plaza de Armas , one of the largest squares in Toulon , where they often perform exhibitions and fairs.

Very close to the Plaza de las Armas is the church of San Luis and a curious sculpture of the prow of a Bargo emerging literally from the facade of a building.

We continue towards the harbor, past the Museum of Photography , reaching the square in front of the harbor where tourist train stop was. Where you look, there was an almost empty train about to leave. Too late….

We ride back in the boat that would take us back to the Regal , eager to freshen up and go to the buffet for lunch.

We set sail, seeing the great port and naval aircraft carriers and battleships were moored. Goodbye Toulón , nothing but lush beautiful city of Riviera

Date Posted: August 10, 2014

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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