Imagine you are enjoying your desired cruise and you are kindly invited by the security service of the ship to leave it at the next port. Motives ?, more than you think ….

Besides the obvious actions such as smuggling, harm to others, etc …, there are many causes that even having involuntarily caused by a nonsense, an oversight or even no fault, can lead to traumatic termination of your travel.

It should be borne in mind that there televigilance cameras in all public areas of the ships to monitor the behavior of the crew and passengers and preserve the safety on board.

In this article I outline several actions (some obvious …), to be avoided in order to continue enjoying the cruise, which has worked so hard to organize:

  • Drugs and illegal objects: is strictly forbidden to climb aboard drugs or other illegal items. It is a crime and will not only be evicted from the ship, but it will be made available to the police at the next port and your holiday will surely end up behind bars. Neither it will be economically very profitable, because you’ll pay bail, lawyers, etc. (And return ticket to your home ….).
  • Plunge Lately is fashionable jump from certain heights water ship docked being. Do not you dare do such nonsense from a ship. Large ships or talk clearly by the great heights of their covers, but even from small ships, these actions are totally banned and more than one occasion cruise passengers who have plunged into the sea have been evicted from the ship by such recklessness.
  • Behavior: Try to behave properly on board. Shipping companies have their Codes of Conduct and passengers stick to them contractually to hire the cruise. will not be tolerated on board fights, damage to the facilities of the ship, throwing objects overboard, etc … This applies to both adults and children.


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  • Drinking habits: Never buy alcoholic beverages on board for a minor or let buy them with your ID, even if you are about to meet the age of majority. Shipping companies have very strict about rules and will not allow in any way, proceeding to penalize both the minor and the adult.
  • Serious illness: Usually ships do not have sufficient means to treat serious medical problems, such as fractures, cardiovascular events, etc … If you sick and the ship’s doctor considers that it is a serious illness that required hospitalization you will be sent at the next port to the nearest hospital.
  • Offending Captain: The captain is the highest authority on board and the crew’s mission is to ensure safety on board, so it makes sense to maintain an attitude of respect with them. An offense against the captain or crew will mean immediate termination of your cruise.
  • Documentation: It is your responsibility to have your documents (passport, visa, etc …) to date and in order. Shipping mandatorily comply with official regulations regarding documents of passengers. This documentation will be requested at the time of shipment, upon check-in. If you’re missing any documents or be expired will not be allowed to board your cruise and end without even having begun.












  • Security controls: If you refuse to spend your backpack or objects scanner security control or through the metal detector (if available pacemaker should be reported to security employees) will not allow you to access the ship. This applies both at the beginning of the cruise, as in any of the scales that make the ship.
  • Safety drill: Try to attend the safety drill that takes place the day of shipment. PA make many calls about passengers, crew members will personally request your assistance when you cross anywhere on the ship, etc … If nevertheless decide not to attend the ship can be evicted. Please note that attendees control is done on presentation of your cabin at the entrance to the assigned meeting area, so control of who has attended the drill and who is not absolute.
  • Bomb Threat Today is a very sensitive issue and no shipping will allow jokes about it. Make a joke about a bioterror attack or a bomb threat and you will automatically be evicted from the ship, probably handcuffed and handed over to the police.
  • Excursions: You will not have problems if prior to the start of the cruise contacting with others to organize tours in different scales. Another thing is that on board and publicly try to recruit other fellow hikers, which will be considered as competition excursions organized by the shipping companies, being an important source of income. Try to be discreet in this sense because otherwise you could be asked to leave the ship.
  • Theft of items: On the ship there is a lot of personal and telesurveillance cameras. If you are caught stealing items ship greater or lesser amount as jewelry, spa, shops, etc …, be sure that your cruise will end sooner than expected.



I hope these tips serve you to know that you should avoid actions or behavior that your cruise ends as planned and had come home with good taste and the illusion of preparing the next.

Note that if for any reason you can not throw the ship reclaim money for the days lost cruise.

Francisco Rodríguez

Date Posted: January 6, 2017



I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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