If you decide to visit Amsterdam but don’t know what there is to do, have n fear!

This isn’t just any city, but rather the beating heart of continental Europe. So you can rest assured that there are countless things for you to jampack your tour Amsterdam, that you can easily jampack your tour of Amsterdam with every second simply full of great memories with and make some awesome memories!

The weather in Amsterdam makes the city either a summer paradise or a winter wonderland. So, whatever season you’re in, Amsterdam stays in tourist season all year long! And depending on how adventurous you are, you can expect a plethora of exciting and rewarding experiences, unlike any of your run of the mill attractions. Indulge in something extra special!

Anything’s possible whether you’re simply stopping by for a weekend of outrageously fun escapades, or if you’ve opted for a more serious weeks-long stay to soak up Amsterdam city’s rich historical and cultural tapestry. Irrespective of what you have in mind, here is a list of the best and most essential attractions the city has to offer, all designed to make it the experience of your life!

Canal cruises in Amsterdam

A long list of tour guides in Amsterdam are happy to arrange canal cruises for you. And if you’re serious about sightseeing, a cruise is THE thing you have to do to see city at its finest. You’ll get to gently drift through a veritable maze of different canals, every one more beautiful than the last and every one responsible for Amsterdam’s fame! In fact, Amsterdam is often compared to that other great city on the water, Venice! Both boasting stunning canal ways, and both filled with outstanding bridges. But what they don’t tell you is that Amsterdam has even more bridges than its Italian cousin! The cruises you can enjoy while on a trip to Amsterdam include the following:

The Amsterdam Booze Cruise

The Amsterdam Booze Cruise is the one to go for if you have one thing in mind for your Amsterdam trip! Get your spot on board and combine some cruising with some boozing, spirits, liqueurs and beers a popular choice. The canals might not flow, but your drinks certainly will! The party never stops on Amsterdam’s canals and the cruise boats are famous for their freewheeling and congenial atmosphere. Just watch out after you’ve had a few drinks – these canals can be quite deep! But above water, the views don’t get much better, and your canal tour operators will make sure nothing is missed.

The sightseeing cruise

If you decide to visit the city for its art and architecture, then a sightseeing cruise along the central Amsterdam canals is a must. Not just relaxing, but wonderfully scenic, rich with history and culture your on board tour guide will bring alive for you. Town houses, churches and landmarks follow one after the other at a smooth, enjoyable pace. And nighttime canal tours are equally if not more beautiful as well! Experience up close and bathed in golden light each wondrous sight. Fairy lights decked along every bridge, you might feel yourself part of a fairytale!

Alongside the Booze Cruise and Sightseeing Cruise, there also include:

  • The Hop-on-Hop-off Canal Bus: As the name implies, you can hop off and hop back on whenever and wherever you want.
  • The Romantic Couple Cruise: including a live musician, or even a whole band serenading you and your beloved with Dutch folk music, enjoy the passing bridges and arches above you, and the candlelight around you.
  • The Cocktail Cruise: A slower version of the booze cruise which connoisseurs of the finer alcohols will surely appreciate.
  • The Pizza Cruise: Sample every different type and fill up until you’re fit to burst!

Take a walk through the city

This comes highly recommended activity, especially if you’re a large group ready to take in the town. A well guided walk through the city is the perfect way to extract the true flavor of Amsterdam city. Only by taking a few long and rambling walks around the old and new streets will you be able to feel the vibrancy and energy that make Amsterdam a magnet for visitors.

This is how you get up and close personal with a place, discovering its monuments, historical sites, world famous buildings and top class architecture. Let alone the people, parties, cafés and pubs! Marvel at the amazing skyline, get to grips with the fascinating history and meet the local people who make Amsterdam the metropolis it is today. And your tour guide themselves will undoubtedly be brimming with stories, facts and insights for you. Only with their help can you turn your regular walk into a walk into an entirely new culture!

And no walk is complete without visiting one of the many eateries around the centre. How else will you keep your energy levels up to see what’s around the next corner?! And you’ll need to keep going until Amsterdam’s quality nightlife kicks off too! Dancing is compulsory in this music capitol, so be sure you treat yourself to a rich Dutch meal before staying up on your feet into the small hours of the morning. Not sure where to go? The guide is ready with a tips, trips and suggestions. Anything that’s needed to make your stay as eventful as you wanted it to be!

The bike tour Amsterdam

Everyone knows that the good people of Amsterdam just simply live and breathe bicycles. Home to more bicycles per capita than anywhere else in all of Europe (to say nothing of the rest of the world), the Amsterdam is as a consequence nearly entirely smog free. You won’t easily a more environmentally friendly city. You could say that the clean fresh air in this city can be as refreshing as a trip to the remote countryside.

There are sound reasons behind the city fathers’ decision to make bicycles Amsterdam’s main means of transport. And they have become so ingrained into people’s way of life here that cycling is practically seen as a fun-filled hobby, keeping the air clean, and people’s health up! The first thing you’re guaranteed to see after stepping out of the main station from the airport is, you guessed it, bikes. Or ‘fiets’ as the Dutch call them. Be sure you don’t make the mistake of stepping onto a ‘fietspad’ (bike path) without looking both ways first. And if that isn’t enough, if you’re not sure where you’re walking on, it’s probably in a cyclist’s way!

So how about taking a bike tour? You’ll see it Amsterdam from the vantage point every local gets to enjoy every day! If your heart is set on it, you can easily do it for an extremely nominal fee. Choose from a large number of interesting tours, depending on your gastronomical and historical interests. And speaking of the food, you wouldn’t want to miss the ‘Cheese tour.’ Bike through the city! Taste the different cheeses available from roadside vendors! And in the custom cheese shops renowned the world over. The varieties are relished for their time tested excellence!

Or, it’s also possible to throw caution to the winds, hire a bike for yourself and go solo! Have no fear that you’ll struggle to navigate anywhere. Amsterdam could not be better suited to the safe and secure commutes of its cyclists. Many roads are in fact permanently closed to anything bigger than a moped. So you can feel confident on your own set of wheels. Enjoy the complete freedom your bike gives you and explore the area at your pleasure.

A day spent at the world famous Vondelpark

They say parks are the lungs of the city, in which case Amsterdam city certainly boasts some pretty big ones. The Vondelpark (for example), the largest park in the city, couldn’t be a better spot to sunbathe and people watch. Who knows who you’ll see or what you’ll come across. With ten million people visiting Vondelpark annually, it’s one of the city’s most visited attractions. A veritable Central park of a place! But, of course, unlike in New York, there’s no reason not to make the most of the nearest coffee shop and smoke a joint or two in the sun!….


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Things you can do in Amsterdam
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