Estocolmo 7Our cruise on the Baltic capitals was coming to an end. The next town was the capital of Sweden , Stockholm .

This particular city was built on 14 islands interconnected by 57 bridges, so it is known as the “Venice of the North” .

Nothing else to wake up and from our bed, as we approached the city, and we could appreciate the beauty of it. Camouflaged amid lush green nature and its showy buildings were immersed … Although the day dawned with clouds, you’re not affected negatively the wonderful aspect of the city …

Quickly we stuck our noses in the window of the cabin to appreciate all the details. The slow entry of Sun was doing even more beautiful this view. We arregalmos us quickly to go to the buffet for breakfast and prepared to leave early to visit her .

Once we landed we went to a kiosk selling boat trips that were totally overcrowded.

The idea we had was to make the visit of the city using this mode of transport for convenience in moving between the islands, but we did not know where to turn. Harassment to which we were subjected was exaggerated, because employees of different companies yelled at us for us to choose yours and not respected among them … how awful !!!! .

Finally we chose Hop on-hop off , by 100SEK (12 euros) the ticket 24 hours. On this tour we were accompanied by some nice friends we met on the ship, a man who was with five women, hers and 4 friends of the two …

So we got 8 in the ship and began our tour of water. We approached the island of Djurgarden , where the Tivoli , amusement park built along the shore. We got off at the stop next to this park to continue our overland tour and visit, if only from the outside, the various museums that the island hosts no longer available to us for a long time on this scale. The architectural design of the same, well worth it from outside.

In this way we pass the Nordiska Museet where a tour of the history is Sweden and its culture from the Middle Ages to today.


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Continuing our tour we saw the Biology Museum, which has a large collection of mammals and birds from Scandinavia in their natural habitat.

The Vasa Museum , here exposed the ship Vasa , as the museum ‘s name indicates, which was built in the seventeenth century and plunged the day of its inauguration, being refloated in 1962 after major restoration work getting hold more than 95% of its original parts. I imagine the catastrophe that was at the time, but today is the most visited museum in Scandinavia .

Continuing our walk and among green trees arrived to the original Sprit Museum , originality is because it is dedicated to alcoholic beverages …


Estocolmo 3We decided that we should move across town through the Bridge Djurgardsbro to go to the Strandvagen street, which would give a cozy square, the Piazza Nybroplan . That’s where the Dramatic Theater Kungliga and very close to the square saw a small park (the Berzeliii Park ), where we decided it was time to rest on one of its benches as we had a long way to travel yet we had not rested. Following this short break we approach a cafe to have something warm to give our body a good temperature to follow our route …

We look at our watch and seeing that time was pressing decided it was time to return to the nearest pier to board the ship, so we had to direct us back to the previous Placita, where he was.

We continue sailing and taking pictures of everything that seemed interesting to us, we saw that the city had more museums, the National Museum Fotografiska where the largest collections of photographs of the modern world are. We continued watching countless monuments on our waterfront, most of them can get off to watch them closely, but as time was tight we decided it was better to have a global view of the city.

Where did we got was in the Royal Palace as we wanted to make a short visit and to walk the picturesque streets of the Old Town and its shops. I did not want to leave, wanted to difrutando the festive atmosphere reigned in the streets, but we had to retrace our steps and board the ship.


Estocolmo 6Fortune made the move again by the Royal Palace was about to begin the changing of the guard, so without hesitation we enter through the tumult to take pictures and videos of rigor of the event. We could not lose. !!!!! .. After a few minutes without seeing the end of this relay and we left back to Sun. However beautiful outside Stockholm was risky to take longer our tour.

The Sun set sail and decided to see from our ship from the stern to enjoy the last views of Stockholm. There was this beautiful city while we were sorry we returned to Copenhagen

We invaded the sadness that was ending one of the most spectacular and wonderful journeys I’ve done so far …. I hope to come back some day….


Publication date; July 29, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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