San Petersburgo

We were heading toward St. Petersburg , Russia . We had our clocks ahead one hour and at 8:00 am we should be off the ship because on this occasion we booked the tour with and we had been with them at the terminal at 9:00 am. After waiting a very long queue to leave the boat, we headed to customs and, upon completion of the relevant procedures, went outside where we expected Antuan a Russian guy who would take us to our meeting point with the guide to accompany us our city tour. We headed to the terminal where it was the Celebrity Constellationsince our hiking companions sailed on that ship. Once we enter the microbus, she introduced us to Natalia , guidance and Igor driver. Within minutes came the 6 people we expected and we left to start our adventure.

This city is impossible to cross it by yourself without losing some interesting corner and is fully advisable to book the tour. In our excursion specifically, we had included transport, guide, entrances all museums and attractions (Hermitage, Park Peterhof, Catherine Palace, Fortress of Peter and Paul Cathedral of the Spilled Blood) plus a tour of rivers and channels, underground tour, lunch in typical Russian restaurants, visas and port fees.

In the city of San Petersbugo the ship was sleeping one night, so we had two days to meet her .

It was founded by Tsar Peter the Great in May 1703, so when we arrived, they were partying celebrabando its 309 anniversary.

When the city was founded, it intended to Peter was to make the window Russia into the Western world. It was capital of the Russian empire for over two hundred years until after the Russian Revolution the capital back to Moscow .

Natalia told us that the first day would do the route on the outside, so we would have no hurry to go all you need afraid to be late to the boat and left. We decided to leave for the second day the central area of the city.


Palacio CatalinaFirst we went to the Catherine Palace the summer residence of the Tsar. We begin the road to the palace avenue Moscow , 11 kilometers long. The palace is located in the town of Pushkin about 30 kilometers from downtown St. Petersburg . It was built in the eighteenth century to the second wife of Tsar Peter the Great .

Palace Catalina is gorgeous blue facade and golden domes, all adorned in gold with a baroque style, while Natalia said that was known as baroque scandalous. As we told our guide, Peter the Great married his first wife, which fell out of love and sent her to a convent because she fell in love with a laundress palace called Marta , who was Lithuanian and Catholic. After marrying her, she converted to Orthodoxy adopting the name of Catalina . For the love I had him build this palace is a marvel, with nondescript rooms, he ordered including the Amber Room, Created with 6 tons of amber, I have no pictures, because not allow it. It is impressive and is regarded as the eighth wonder of the world, which does not surprise me at all. I was totally fascinated.

The palace was rebuilt by his daughter Isabel who was called “the spendthrift” because it catapulted almost all the money.

After visiting the palace we took a leisurely stroll through its green and manicured gardens.

Following this first visit, which left me completely stunned by the majesty and beauty of the palace, I thought that hardly anything could top this experience.

Now we were heading to lunch at a typical Russian restaurant, where the menu was salad, mushroom soup and fish. After finishing lunch we continued our tour to Peterhof was the summer residence of the tsars, built, of course , by Peter the Great . It is known for its beautiful fountains, but also accompany this park other summer residences. It is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland .


PeterhofThe first thing we find is a magnificent fountain called Fuente de la Cascada . As we told Natalia , the figures represent Samson , Russia , fracturing the jaw of a lion, Sweden , symbol of the victory of the Russians over the Swedes. Adema this had many more sources, some jokes sources were called, because water let loose unexpectedly and it was the way Peter showed his sense of humor … Some of the sources were, stunning and incredible. The garden is huge, a real marvel. Apart from the sources, everything was decorated with tulips of different colors. The temperature hit us was fantastic. We had a wonderful day and well suited to visit this area.

The next stop was inside the Metro St. Petersburg , the deepest in the world. Passes under the River Neva , as told Natalia I was more distressing, terror giving me the meters to be underground. Natalia took us to the red line is the one that has more interest. We also took the subway and rode several stops. It is decorated with mosaics, marble and sculptures like Lenin .

To exit we had to take a very long escalators. He was hoping to get outside !!!!!!!.

Once we finished the visit to the subway, we went for a little boat ride along the rivers and canals called the Venice of the North . It’s a great way to discover another perspective of the city.

With this mini – cruise we could navigate the river Neva , Fontanka , Moika and major canals in the city can enjoy passing under some of the many bridges that has this city, which are few, 400.

As a curiosity we told Natalia that many of these bridges River Neva are drawbridges and rose overnight to let the big ships. This was one of the symbols of San Peteresburgo .

Enjoyed a panoramic view of St. Petersburg , palaces, gardens and churches as Isaac ‘s Cathedral , the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood , the Fortress of Peter and Paul , the battleship Aurora . The journey lasted an hour was truly intense and gave us time to see many things.

After this intense day it was time to take us to familiar souvenir shops where we could see many models matriuskas, made in amber ornaments, necklaces, rings, bracelets and all typical souvenirs of the city.

Once finished our shopping, about 6 or 6:30 pm, Igor left us on our boat. We’d had an intense, interesting and wonderful journey discovering the magnificiencias of San pertersburgo . Now it was a good shower and a better dinner at the Seven Seas for, like every night, finishing in the Windjammer chat with our Spanish friends and not leave too late to sleep, because the next day we continued our incredible tour of San Peteresburgo .

Our second day in town was from the quiet start as many passengers got out and noticed that there were no queues or on the boat or out.

When we left Antuan is not still in the terminal so we were chatting with friends we met on the boat and watching the souvenir shops had terminal. Once he arrived Antuan took us to the same place the anteior day and when we are all in the microbus headed to the city.

The first thing we saw was a Egyptian sphinxes located on the river pier, accompanied by taps (lion head bird body), another of the images symbolizing St. Petersburg . According to legend told us Natalia , faucets, listen to the desires that whisper them in their ears and fulfilled if we put the right hand on his head, left in the mouth and cooked to order you desire in your ear, so all the microbus went quickly to ask our desire …

Next we dirigimod to the Peter and Paul Fortress . It was built by Peter the Great to fend off the attacks of the Swedes, which never attacked, so the building conviertió in a political prison. It is the oldest building in town and is located on the island Zayachi . Inside the cathedral is located San Pedro and San Pablo where the remains Peter the Great and the last czars of the dynasty Romanov .

The needle cover gold cathedral, is one of the most important symbols of the city.

Natalia was teaching us the Gate of Death , was called so because all those sentenced to death had to go through because the door is executed outside the city.


Sangre DerramadaThe Cathedral of the Spilled Blood , here I run out of adjectives, I can no longer use to describe the feelings that would experiementando again and again …

This cathedral was built by Alexander III , in the place where they murdered his father, Tsar Alexander II . They tried to assassinate him 6 times and the latest attack, the seventh, they got put two bombs in the same vehicle which was the tsar. Why it is so called because Alexander lll raised this cathedral exactly where his father shed his blood. And so the piece of land where it occurred is preserved.

The interior is full of many Russian mosaics, both on the walls and ceiling. A real beauty that leaves you marveling at such beauty. The tiles are made of glass melted. It is a cathedral museum.

Later we went to a cathedral of worship, Our Lady of Kazan , here are not allowed to take pictures to respect the cult and women wear scarves covering her head. This cathedral is a classical style.

It was time to eat and as we did the day before in a Russian restaurant, where we put salad, chicken soup, chicken rice and dessert. It was located just behind the Hermitage with the idea not to waste time and go early to move not find many people. So it was…

This is the ultimate destination for every tourist who visits St. Petersburg and seeing the grandeur of this museum is not surprising.


HermitageWe were arriving at the Hermitage , this museum was founded by the Russian Czarina Catherine the Great . It is one of the largest museums in the world, having to its credit some 3,000,000 million works exhibited in 370 rooms. Among them we can find paintings and sculptures from Western Europe , jewelry, weapons, Russian art, Greek and Roman antiquities, works of art of the Italian Renaissance, French Impressionism, and contain works by Van Dyck , Rembrandt , Rubens , Van Gogh , Da Vinci , Velázquez … and so on .

What are 5 buildings located on the banks of the River Neva , the Hermitage Theater , the Hermitage Old , the New Hermitage , the Hermitage Small and Winter Palace .

The biggest of them is the former residence of the Tsars and here we can appreciate the splendor of the Russian Baroque.

Just outside the building we saw was an endless queue to enter, so we congratulate Natalia again for having saved this queue then , of course, Had we explained in detail the most important features of the museum.

Finished our tour of this magnificent city, Natalia told us if we wanted to go to another store to make last minute purchases, so he took us to a kind of souvenir supermarket, where there was everything you can imagine, even caviar …

Once last minute shopping, we head to our boat where in a few minutes begin the Folkloric show of St. Petersburg . This ballet delighted us with their traditional dances at the pool, which was fully booked. This was the culmination of our two – day visit to the city.

Shortly after the end of the show, we saw how they were sailing one by one cruise that had coincided with us in the port of San Petersbugo (Celebrity Constellation, MSC Lirica, P & O Azura Eurodam and Rotterdam …) . The next day we would visit … Helsinki    

Date Posted: June 17, 201

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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