Forget the Super Bowl or seemingly every episode of Game of Thrones. The biggest appointment television event of the year is Shark Week.

It’s when the Discovery Channel gives us a full week of sharks swimming, attacking, feeding, and generally sharking up our televisions. It’s like a week of Sharknado crossed with reality.

In its 30 years, Shark Week has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon, drawing nearly 5 million viewers for last year’s Phelps vs. Shark spectacle. It has spawned watch parties, special cocktails, and menu items at restaurants, all designed around nature programming. So what else does a cultural phenomenon do three decades after it’s introduced? Get its own cruise, of course.

This summer, Princess Cruises is launching not just a Shark Week Cruise, but an entire Summer of Shark, wherein several of its ships will be themed for Discovery’s Shark Week. If you’re the sort of shark aficionado who likes to quote Jaws, well, here’s that bigger boat you needed.

Studio Barcelona/shutterstock
colors and shapes of the underwater world
Colors and shapes of underwater world/Moment Open/getty images

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Shark-Themed Summer Cruise
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