Roma 3One of the excursions that raises more interest in popular cruises in the Mediterranean is a visit to Rome .

You should not forget to bring comfortable and “decent” clothes or prudish, without showing legs, because if you want to go to the Vatican , will not let you in if you do not wear the right clothes. I actually had to put me meshes at the entrance, because my dress seemed short. Fortunately that her purse, because there you saw the girls making out as they could sarongs his legs …

The port of Civitavecchia is huge, when you get off the boat you will see buses are hired by them and a little later to see the free buses that puts the port, these buses are called shuttle (shuttle bus).

Until you walk through the port spends a while (about 10 minutes), because as I said, is very large. Once the bus drops you outside the port, you just have to go right and take a walk to the train station and also find instructions to guide you or just where you leave the shuttle to the harbor, you find a tent where buses that take you for 1 € to the train station.

When you’re there, buy the ticket, you say to the window to give you a ticket Birg. You have to keep in mind that you have to chop, so that it becomes operational. There are some yellow machines, such as vending gum or other things … which is where the ticket is minced. That ticket can use it all day for Roma in any medium train, bus …

This train follows the line of Italian trains all I know, are very old, but arrive. It seems not, but walk without having to push.

After 45 minutes, which made me eternal, because you superestrujado, I got off at the stop San Pedro , which is a few meters from the Vatican . From there you can run comfortably at any point that interests you.


Roma 1Once in the Vatican , after making us the obligatory pictures, we headed towards the Piazza Venezia , lovely as all Rome . There we decided to take the double – decker bus tour to see the most important places and go down where we had more interest.

We saw Piazza Navona , the St. Mark ‘s Square , the Pantheon , the Fontana di Trevi (of course I threw coins and asked my desire), Plaza San Ignacio , the last three points are very close to each other, (here I attached maps of this area and tour bus’ route ), we also saw the Roman Forum , the Colosseum , impressive, you moved in time and imagine the poor Christians being eaten by lions), Forum of Trajan , Roman Temples , Square Spain , (with stunning and steep stairways. it depends on how long you have walking around Rome , I think the subírtelas or not …  🙂), Piazza della Repubblica …

On the map we looked at what sites were near each bus stop and if it was in our interest, we went down, we saw the area and then climbed into the nearest stop from where we were.


Roma 2As is evident, during the trip also we stopped for a drink. If you go with kids, even if you want you not have to resign yourself and eat at a Mc Donald at any time of day. Yes, I know it is unforgivable to be in Rome and eat fast food, but we did in the first Mc Donald that inaguraron in Italy . At least he had a historical connotation ….

The ice cream are great. On all sides, you find bars and restaurants for a beer or a good pizza, spaghetti, or any typical food …. Yes, the prices are in line with the city in which we live. I thoroughly enjoyed, considering that my favorite food is Italian.

We then returned in the same way we had come, always careful not to rush the time. We took the train at the stop San Pedro bajándonos in Civitavecchia and re-take the free bus that returned us to the ship … Uffff was superagotada.


The visit to the Vatican left it for the next cruise. This time I did the same route to reach the Plaza de San Pedro , but staying exclusively in the Vatican City . We first visited the Basilica and then museums, but you must do it in that order. I recommend better go first to the Vatican Museum , see the Sistine Chapel and from there you have direct access to the Basilica . Once inside, asked what the entrance, so you save a lot of time and a huge turn around the Vatican … You can not imagine the foolish lap gave us. !!

Date Posted: June 20, 2013


I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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