Disembarking at port of Livorno , you can see you have several options to do the tour on your own. Or you take a taxi to take you to Florence or Pisa , or the free bus that takes you to Livorno and from there the train.

If several people are interested you could take a taxi and spread the cost of it to all; there are up to 8 seats. The price varies, this way you can see both cities both Florence and Pisa , it depends on the agreement you reach with the taxi driver.

I chose the bus option, not least because there were no taxis when I came down. The bus is free and takes you to the Plaza Grande in the city center. Once there you are looking for a kiosk where you buy a ticket for another bus that takes you to the station, the price is 1 €. At the station you buy the ticket from the city to which you go, ( Pisa or Florence ). At last!!!! I was tired of both bus and still did not know what was me ….

Our choice was Pisa , but really my dream was to know Florence , but the duration of the journey is 1 hour, while the distance to Pisa is 20 minutes knowing the risks you to go on your own, the best not tempt fate. So you have more time to spend in this city, which also has a lot of interest.

In any case we already had planned another trip to the Tuscany two months later and have more time to visit. Anyway I you relate my experience in Florence , to guide those who decide to choose this destination.

As is “usual” in Italy the trains are very old, just have to say it exceeded that of Rome . His appearance was of decay and neglect, was to drag rather to scrap train, if that exists. You can imagine my horror face ,,, but I had no choice but to climb. I was all super anxious journey, listening to the continuous noise that this “train” issued and pending if changes occurred in those noises ,,, (I know this attitude is something masochistic, but I can not help it ) I thought that at any time it would dismantle spreading into pieces where we passed. Long and infinite that they made me 20 minutes – long journey !!!!!!!.


Pisa 1Once off the train near the station, catch a bus, (yes, I know, so tired just reading bus … imagine what I ended up tired of this transport !!!. You no longer have to take more … .) that drops you right at the entrance of the venue where the Tower of Pisa . We finally got to the tourist area of Pisa , the Square of Miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli) and truly was a miracle to have arrived there, after passing through the means of transport used by Italians …. Alli our goal, was Leaning Tower of Pisa , one of the monuments that most arouse interest when you go to Italy . unaware that really is the bell tower of the Cathedral , but is separated from it.

Next to the tower we find the Pantheon , it is like a large rectangular hall, where numerous mausoleums and in the center of this great rectangle, there is a huge yard green lawn. I did this tour quickly, considering that the place was, uffff that juju …

The dome is a small chapel, where every half hour did an acoustic test that lasted 5 minutes in which a man emitting different sounds, (while it lasted, could not enter or leave the dome ..). It was a curious experience that saw casually.


Pisa 2The spectacular cathedral like all Italian.

In this room you will also find various museums and many stalls aimed at the large number of tourists that are there and buy typical souvenirs.

After passing the stalls, on the right, you can buy different bonus packages to visit the monuments, choosing the most interest have to see.

Around you repeat exactly the same route as you did prior to the first leg. You can use to take pictures during the duration of the ride back to the ship, because you really do a tour of streets and squares with precious monuments which are worth to be reflected in the family album and so does not give you time to think all transport you have to take again …

So if you allow me some advice, take the taxi, although you to stay on guard at the exit door of the ship until the open …


Lucca 1Lucca , for those who have decided to approach this city …

Another interesting option to consider is a visit to Lucca , a small medieval walled town, located 45 km. of the port.

I visited this city on my trip to Tuscany but can reccomend you to see the city center where there is a square (Roman amphitheater of Lucca), who used to make medieval careers. Currently this place is full of shops and terraces with night tables where you can have a drink to cool off and relax doing because summer is a pan. It made me feel I was in a bullring. Access to this square is had by arcs that gave different streets.

Very close to this square is the Cathedral of St. Martin (it is truly wonderful), the Ducal Palace , Church San Miguel (ancient Roman Forum) and various museums. All these monuments have nothing to envy the big cities.

Although the trip to Florence , we made in the post-cruise trip, I can guide you on the journey I made.

The way to get from the port, which is explained above. At the station instead of buying the ticket to Pisa you buy for Florence .

  Florencia 1This wonderful city is the capital of Tuscany .

They are so many strong feelings that gave me this city, I find hard to express them. It is so impresive, all the wealth that this city provides us becomes cloying. You realize that is like a huge art museum itself and with the little time that is available to visit, do not need to enter any of its fabulous churches, museums, palaces or buildings, because just walking through its streets, you can enjoy it …. You have not finished watching a fantastic sculpture, when you’re watching a beautiful church ….

If we wanted to enter museums, churches and other places that Florence has to offer, we would need at least 5 days to see them completely, because you find yourself with an endless queues at all sites of interest …

The really great thing about this city is that you can walk through it very quietly because it has many pedestrian areas. What I found interesting is that among such beauty and cultural richness of the past, saw the most famous fashion stores such as street Tournauboni which is where you find the Italian most expensive and exclusive shops like Valentino , Gucci , Versace , Armani ,,,, just look !!!!!.

Our goal was to visit the Piazza del Duomo , where we encotraríamos the Cathedral (the Duomo ), the Campanile and Batisstero (the dome). Not far from this place, I could not miss a walk on the Ponte Vecchio .


Florencia 2The Duomo is beautiful and majestic; simply impresive, striking color white and green marble, its massive dome and height of the Campanile .

We had lunch at a small trattoria, where we could see the facade of the Duomo where we became clear that gastronomy is also a strong point in this country. The price of this restaurant is very affordable (in what is Italy ).

Ponte Vecchio , famous medieval bridge, is the most original of all I’ve seen. It is filled with jewelry shops and terraced houses … In this bridge you will find numerous padlocks hung (in Sevilla also began to hang, but here were not so pemisivos and the council ordered to remove).

Parallel to this we will see the bridge Holy Trinity is one of the most important and oldest of Florence . Between the two bridges on the shore opposite the Duomo , it is a highly recommended ice cream parlor.

Other important places I visited was the Palazzo Vecchio and the statue of Neptune both find them in the Piazza Signoria , the Strozzi Palace , the Archaeological Museum in Plaza de San Marco , the Church of Santa Maria located on the square with the same name .

Visited the Academy Museum where we are perplexed seeing the David of Miguel Angel … I would advise you reserveís tickets and do not have to wait in line, entering directly.

  • Church of San Domenico.
  • Piazza Beccaria.
  • Pitti Palace is within walking distance of the bridge Vecchio.


Florencia 3And finally after not feel our legs, we decided to return to Piazza Duomo to catch the red bus that would take us to the Piazzale Michelangelo . It is a huge square with a large panoramic terrace, from where you can contemplate the beauty of Florence . It is surrounded by lush forests. In this square you find a replica of David of Miguel Angel , I imagine that for those who did not have an opportunity of seeing in the museum ….

Once we make a countless number of photos, we got back on the bus back to Piazza Duomo ending our tour of this, spectacular, wonderful, unforgettable and dazzling city …  


Date Posted: June 19, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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