The plage – often referred to as the Black Death – caused the ship to cancel its stops at Madagascar and other islands, but one passenger wasn’t happy with the captain’s decision. 

A French passenger was thrown off a luxurious cruise ship by local police. 

The passenger started a “mutiny”, because he was angered by the captain’s decision to cancel a number of island stops.

The Costa Cruises ship was destined for the islands of Madagascar, Maurice, Reunion and the Seychelles.

However, a plague outbreak in the area impacted upon the ship’s course.

Madagascar, one of the ships’s would be destinations, is currently hit by an outbreak of plague epidemic. More than 1,000 people in the country has been affected, and over 100 have died.

Alain Jan, a 53 year old chef who runs a restaurant on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, was furious that the ship failed to stop at several destination.

“They were taking the mickey,” he told French newspaper Le Parisien.

The situation began after the captain cancelled three stops around Madagascar.

“We said OK, it’s for health reasons and anyway there were two other excursions left in Nosy Be and Diego Suarez.”

However, the passengers were then told that these two further stops were cancelled.

The passengers were offered €150 each in compensation to spend on board.

However, Alain objected to this – “Things started heating up – €150 when a major part of the trip is cancelled and a drink on board costs €5,”

Therefore, he helped to instigate a protest against the customer’s treatment on board.

“There were 60 of us banging our fists on the table to alert other cruise passengers to this con job.”

A second protest was staged in a theatre on board – and finally a local police chief was brought on to the ship as it approached the Seychelles.

“He listened to both our version of events and I asked to speak to the French ambassador.

“Then the policeman asked the captain if he wanted to disembark anyone and he pointed to me.”

However, it all ended well for Alain, who escaped from what he referred to as the “floating prison”.

He got to end the cruise prematurely – and stay in the Seychelles instead.

“I spent two nights in a hotel in the Seychelles with my wife, then were flown home paid for by Costa. That’s how I was freed from the floating prison.”

After contacted Costa Cruises, they confirmed the passenger had been asked to disembark.

In a statement, a spokeperson for Costa Cruises said: “Captain decided to disembark a passenger who made violent protests actions on board not accepting the reason of the change of the itinerary and disturbing the cruise of many other guests on board.”

“For Costa Cruises, the safety, health and well-being of guests and crew is the top priority….


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Passenger thrown off ship by police
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