Palma de Mallorca-1From our balcony we could appreciate the beauty of this city with its spectacular Gothic cathedral in the background … from there and began to take pictures, normal and you want to immortalize all the experiences in each scale at which’re coming.

And with all the equipment and after recharge after a good breakfast at the buffet landed.

From the information we had been collecting knew the visit to the historic town not us we could lose, so it was all worth taking the day wandering through the streets, but we also had the option of taking the tourist bus which stops located just off the port price of 17 € for 24 hours …

Have a tour looong since disembark until, up and down escalators and moving through the fingers, finally get out of the terminal.

Once at the port exit we find the local bus stop and tourist bus, one is located next to each other. We stopped for a moment sopensando that way we would know the city and finally decided we’d go in the urban bus No. 1, which costs 1.5 € …

The line was very long, but I have to say that it was waiting for the bus tour was just as long.

After 15 minutes waiting for the bus arrived and we proceeded to climb a bit like a squashed in … Phew between the weather was hot as it was August, the number of people who got on the bus and the time it took to get to Paseig de Mallorca , where we got off, it became endless.

Walking and enjoying the city and cross the bridge to the shopping street Jaume III . Here my eyes went from one shop to another, between beads Mallorca , clothes, shoes and everything women we like to see … But that would then, now we had to go to the Cathedral . We continue along the Passeig del Born , Costa de la Seu and Carrer del Palau Real , meeting face to face with the majestic Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca .


Palma de Mallorca-2Palma de Mallorca-3Palma de Mallorca-4Palma de Mallorca-5

According to the information sign in the entrance, visiting hours from April 1 to May and October 31 is 10: 00h to 17: 15h, from June 1 to September 30, 10: 00h to 18: 15h from 2 November to 10 March 31: 00h to 15: 15h and Saturday all year from 10: 00h to 12: 15h.

The cathedral is surrounded by the old town. Until you reach the door you’ll find a beautiful and lush trees in their gardens, accompanying numerous stalls full of souvenirs, plus some artists exhibiting beautiful paintings … From here, its walls we could see our boat in the distance, by you have the feeling that you’re looking out onto a balcony with beautiful views, so the location of the cathedral is the most privileged of Palma , overlooking the sea …

Inside it is equally spectacular, with incredible rosette known as the Gothic eye and with different artistic styles between Gaudí and Barceló . You are entering it you teleported to another time. It is an experience you can not miss.

Once this wonderful visit, we missed thoroughly through the maze of streets behind the cathedral, until you reach the Plaza Mayor , where we sat on a terrace to have a drink, since the hot August day began to do havoc on us and after passing through the busy cruise on the bus, the long walk to the cathedral, the intensity visiting this causes you, I think we had more than deserved freshen up in a bar in the shade of a huge tree right next to the Plaza Mayor .

We take this opportunity to see a medieval market that had been installed in the square and a multitude of human figures ambientaban the environment.

The rest of the time we dedicate to see relevant stores and buy souvenirs for family. For me it’s another way to enjoy the cities I visited, ‘I love it !!!.


Palma de Mallorca-6Tired we headed to La Rambla , where we caught the line 3 that took us back to the ferry terminal, ending our tour. We were many outstanding things so for another time we return we plan to take the tour bus or rent a car to Camp de Mar to have a swim in its splendid beaches and move to visit the famous Cuevas del Drach , inside which are home to the Lake Martel , one of the largest underground lakes in the world or visit Valdemosa and his famous Cartuja , where he stayed Chopín .

Unfortunately this was the last leg of this trip, so again had that bittersweet feeling when a cruise is coming to an end, but a night still ahead to squeeze the last few hours …

For all those who have more time or want to know that other attractions can be found in Palma , here are some of them:

  • Palma Cathedral (Santa Maria) : One of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe , with rosette of the world’s largest style. Over the years it has undergone numerous reforms, one of the last directed by Antonio Gaudí .
  • Almudaina or Royal Palace : With its Roman castle is the official summer residence of the kings of Spain .
  • Palacio March : Inside we can find a themed library balear, a museum with the collection of sculptures by Bartolomé March , wall paintings, a permanent nativity scene and a huge audience.
  • La Lonja : building built for the merchants could carry out their tasks. Gothic style shows its greatest beauty in the interior, where we can see their helical pillars, joining in the ceiling, support the vaults.
  • Bellver Castle : This is a Gothic castle with a circular floor and townhouses also circular towers, located on a hill from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Palma .
  • Town Hall : Located in the Plaza de Cort , has inside an art gallery.
  • The Pueblo Español : Resort that allows us to make a cultural tour of Spain, where we can see representations of customs, cuisine, art of their various communities.
  • Religious buildings other special interest, such as The Church of St. Nicholas , Church of Santa Eulalia , Convento de San Francisco , Episcopal Palace and Diocesan Museum .

Date Posted: September 27, 2014

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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