Napoles 1I begin my articles regarding the cities included in this Mediterranean cruise in the Norwegiam Gem with the populous city of Naples , the 3rd most populated city in Italy . I know if the city has a great tourist attraction worldwide, but not me it seemed to me and I will not lose heart, it’s a personal opinion , perhaps because I took the garbage strike and found a city, dirty and chaotic.

The good thing about Naples is that the boat docked “at the door” as they say in my country, because it does in the city center, with options to meet, are easier. Whether strolling walk and see the areas near the ship, or you go to take a taxi or tour bus red.

Getting off the boat, you have to spend literally between a lot of taxi drivers that you stick like limpets offering you “their” money to take you anywhere in Naples . Be very careful with them and makes clear the price that they will charge for services they’re getting. You see, if you go with someone boat, you want to take a taxi, but always with the caveat that not remain with you, so as we were with another couple, we decided to ask how we earned to go to Pompeii , although you can also go by train or bus.

Tomaso , such was the taxi driver who took us so very smiley told us he charged us 80 €, the others were between 90 and € 100 and he spoke to us with the safe knowledge that was the best choice, He is wearing cheaper. Be careful of the language barrier because they know exactly what they suddenly tell you, as they become amnesic and do not understand your language ……


Napoles 2We decided to take the taxi Tomaso 80 € and head to Pompeii in that price comes the first leg, waiting while watching the ruins and back, a total of about 3 hours. During the first leg Tomaso was very chatty and talkative, I sat beside her and spoke to me in law, understanding each other perfectly all the way, my name is learned quickly calling me Angelica all the time, all fantastic !!! But around, he insisted on taking us to other attractions in the city and thus get more money, but that route the wanted to do in the red bus, so we said no, suddenly Tomaso became mute and tight … .

Viéndomelas come, I told my husband, “when you repay, you give money just, I do not trust nor hair”. When we got off the taxi, husbands paid Tomaso with 2 tickets 50 € and Tomaso , the media turned to return to his taxi, then my husband went to him and said, ” Tomaso , we have to turn around we are dijistes 80 € “but now Tomaso , did not understand Spanish, or English (we we told in both languages) and with signs saying he did not understand anything I told my husband that around 100 €, it was for lunch, (as I understood him perfectly everything he told the mother …. equally clear that I understood that charged us 80 € to go to Pompeii … ) .so all the charm and sympathy he showed in time to reach an agreement, aggressiveness … I turned flipaba !!!, and Tomaso told me, “so true Angelica , ” I say, “¿How ???? No way … .. “look that I warned you when we were in the taxi, I would give fair, and I told my husband,” I told you , I’m Seville and to make matters worse in Triana and this saw me coming … “Overall, it was not the 20 €, was the face so hard he threw Tomaso . Finally, after arguing awhile, we returned 10 € …

Consejito, let clear the amount payable and, if possible, in writing. Anyway I would pay the exact amount ….


Napoles 3After the circus formed Tomaso , we decided to continue our tour on the red bus tour. The stop is next to the castle overlooking the harbor and so see the most significant city so rested. The route is recorded in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Japanese. To get there, you have to cross a street with lots of traffic, yes dodging cars across and jugándote life, because even if the light is green for pedestrians, that to them gives them equal and gives you the feeling you’re doing a treasure hunt …. After passing this test, I went to catch the red bus. No I could not believe it , I managed to cross !!!!! Of zebra crossings without comment ….

We saw we had 4 routes to choose from, here I attached the itinerary red tourist bus so that you may have before sailing !!!!!. So you can choose what interests you.

We chose 2, the B route , which lasted 75 minutes, and the R , 45 minutes, passing through the points listed in the brochure. I put some notes on other routes:

  • Line A : 75 minutes. Frequency: 90 minutes.
  • Line B : 75 minutes. Frequency: 45 minutes.
  • Line C : 110 minutos.Frecuencia: Saturdays and Sundays only three visits a day.
  • Line R : 45 minutes. Fecuencia step: 45 minutes.

The price was: Adults: € 22.00 – Child (5-15 years): 11,00 €. Returning to the ship, remember that you have to put your life in danger again, recrossing the street … Beware !!!!.

I can advise you that you go 1 to the port farthest place and then if time permits, follow the city … And another tip, take no thought too much time to avoid the risk of quedaros ground.

In the Norwegian Gem , which is in the beautiful boat I did this cruise arrived at 8: 00h and start at 18: 30h, gave us plenty of time … and for those last minute prefer to make excursions with the boat, do not worry, at least on the Norwegian Gem you can go through the theater Stardust to book at the last minute …

That’s how to enjoy the city of Naples and I hope this story is you help …  

Date Posted: June 19, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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