I do not always check my emails, that depends on how busy that day may be, or depending on whether I’m looking for a cruise. So yes I try to find among my emails something unexpected or interesting for a new shipment …

On this occasion and fortunately for me, that day I did check them. I already had my cruise booked to embark on the Brilliance of the Seas in the next few months, so I did not have a special interest, but suddenly I found information from Mundomar Cruceros offering a cruise from Cunard that I found extremely interesting, since that it was a fantastic offer suitable to my pocket and that on date, coincided with my 32nd anniversary, so without even asking my husband, I contacted Mundomar, immediately, and booked the cruise with the shipping company that I had wanted so long to know and fulfill another of my dreams ….

As every time I embark on a new ship unknown to me, I do so by putting my 5 senses alert to be able to absorb everything I will find inside it. This time already before embarking, with only its external appearance, I could assume that it would be different from what I had known so far and indeed it was.

My first impression was of total amazement for its elegance, sophistication and sobriety in a typically British style. With saying that it is a magnificent ship I am short, I fell in love with him from the first moments …

How nice!.., How beautiful!, It’s beautiful, I can not believe it! It was the only thing I could say with every step I took as we headed to our cabin to leave our belongings and continue to see the ship more comfortably.

I have to say that the cabin chosen was a cabin with balcony guaranteed category BF. The assigned cabin was finally balcony CA category, specifically the 5028.
As usual in this type of cabins we find a large and comfortable bed, the tonalities of it go in accordance with the rest of the boat, they are elegant and soft. Wood in light tones as the carpet, giving it a wider appearance and the sofa with orange tones to match the curtains.









We were pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of cold champagne in the bucket, although I do not particularly like champagne, but it is a detail to keep in mind that not all shipping companies provide you.

The bathroom is also in accordance with those who are in the category of balcony and also had some very cute little bottles of gel, shampoo, softener, some transparent candy boxes with cotton removers and ears sticks etc … They are details that I always appreciate and that gives a touch of distinction to the shipping company.

Then we went to the terrace that had its two hammocks and a small table for the days when you want to have something more privacy and enjoy the sea.

And speaking of categories, I will say that depending on the cabin chosen, you will have the option of a restaurant or another for dinner …

We were in the Standard Balcony category, so we had the Britannia restaurant located on two floors on decks 2 and 3.

The entrance to the restaurant was spectacular!. It is the largest of the ship with double height, elegantly decorated with Art Deco style.

All the waiters dressed elegantly with their white gloves and the best of their smiles, waiting in an orderly manner for the guests to come to the assigned table.

Ours had an excellent location in the central area and very close to a big ball of the rotating world that left me shocked and that as soon as I could I photographed myself under it …

You really see yourself immersed in a luxurious environment that makes you imagine the experience that used to be lived in the ships of yesteryear, with the authentic essence that the first cruises had designed for the enjoyment of the passenger.

My eyes were opened and curious looking everywhere. It did not show, in my desire to absorb all the details I saw, that I already had several cruisers behind me …

The food was appropriate for a restaurant with these characteristics, although I particularly liked the variety offered by the buffet. I am more than taking small amounts of different styles. I like the variety much more than a single dish.









As I mentioned before, according to the cabin chosen so will be your option of restoration, so in addition to the restaurant Britannia this ship has the following gastronomic options:

Britannia Club (deck. 2), available for passengers in the cabins of that category.

Princess Grill (deck. 11), this restaurant is open exclusively for passengers in Princess Grill suites, for breakfast, lunch and dinner with waiter service.

Queens Grill (deck. 11), with tables assigned to all meals for passengers of these categories. It also offers an additional menu with à la carte prices.

The Grills Courtyard (deck. 11), Princess Grill and Queens Grill passengers wishing to dine out at breakfast, lunch or dinner can book a table on a first-come, first-served basis.

Passengers in the standard cabins have two options for paying dinners: the Verandah, a French-style restaurant and the alternative dining area on the Lido.

The Verandah (deck. 2), elegant French restaurant, where you will have to make a reservation in order to taste its delicious food. We had the pleasure of dining there the first night and found it delicious. And the unbeatable presentation.

Lido Buffet (deck. 9), I enjoy a lot in this gastronomic area, as usual in the buffet during breakfast you can find cakes, different breads for toast, jams, honey, yogurt, cereals, waffles, eggs, sausages, omelettes, vegetables, fruits, everything what you like you can find it in this area. We saw it very complete in quantity and quality, as I said.

It’s where I most enjoyed eating … At lunch, you find meats, pizzas, salads, delicious sandwiches, numerous sweet desserts, fruits, etc … Here Spaniards have to be careful with the schedules, because at 3:00 p.m. they change to afternoon snack and they put mostly cold dishes. I particularly loved what they put at this time, but for those who prefer a meal more forceful should not be delayed with time. From 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., you can have afternoon tea with hot buns, delicious sweet and savory snacks.

With the Lido alternative Dinning in addition to the free buffet for dinner, you have the option, paying an extra, to savor a varied style with cuisine from around the world that you offer in a specific area of ​​the restaurant.

Apart from these gastronomic distinctions, the rest of the public rooms are used by all passengers equally.









Other salons and bars in the Queen Victoria are:

Queen Room (deck. 2): It was the room that most impressed me, because of its large size, its magnificent decoration and the activities that take place there. You can enjoy the tea at 5 o’clock, which was one of the most curious experiences of all those made at the Queen Victoria, enjoy this English custom while listening to the background harp. Other activities offered in this room are to attend dance classes and at night you can have a drink, put into practice what you have learned during the classes and if you feel like dancing and your partner does not accompany you, don’t worry!!!!, you have the specialized ship’s staff, willing to be your dancing partner… Do not tell me it’s not an original detail ???. I was delighted to see how with an exquisite education, they went to the ladies or gentlemen in the room to get them to dance…

Divided into two floors on the ground floor, there is a large living room in golden and light beige tones that still give more light and striking contrast with the coral-colored marble floor … Curtain pleats hang from the area where the musicians are, that give rhythm and heat to the room and two huge and round glass lamps illuminate the area at night …

On the second floor, on one side of it, you will see glass windows, which I particularly love and on the other side half-moon balconies with tables and chairs from which to contemplate everything that happens there …

When we were having tea, a soft melody accompanied us through the delicate fingers of an artist who played the harp.

Winter Garden (deck. 9): This space was the most enjoyed in our journey, long readings, afternoon tea, casual chats with a glass in the afternoon … It is a large area that, as the name suggests It is as if you were in a winter garden, which invites you to relax and reflect. And more being surrounded by green and well-kept plants that surround you on all sides …

You can sit in armchairs of several wicker squares that contrast their tapestries with blue and green tones. It is a quiet stay where you can not hear any noise other than the harp … Only missed the sound of birds that is what you expected to hear from one moment to another.

This area has retractable roof that was not used throughout the trip, since we made the cruise in November, but surely with the good weather will become a huge outdoor terrace …

If you go to the bow you find one of the pools and towards the stern the Lido buffet. An excellent situation considering that you usually want to relax, read, eat, bathe or relax in the loungers … And you have everything at hand.

Although on this ship the dress code is stricter than in the others, however in this area all those passengers who do not want to comply with the dress code at night meet.

The Chart Room (deck. 2): One of the many pubs on the ship where you can have coffee and delicious Godiva chocolat, this is normally used during the day, but after dinner it is the ideal place to have a drink. They told me that it is the area specialized to make delicious coktails … Its decoration follows the line of elegance of the ship with a themed picture of a Cunard ship and people saying goodbye to the passengers from the ground. Their seats are comfortable to spend long evenings at night.

Churchill’s Cigar Lounge (deck. 10): Smoking area and where you can drink some liquor while you smoke.

Commodore Club (deck. 10): Another place to have drinks and talk, but with the particularity of having magnificent views due to its position at the bow of the ship. With live music this may be the place chosen to spend your night navigation.









Golden Lion (deck. 2): I love it !!!!, oh, how I like pubs with total and absolute English style, so if you like it too, this is your pub. Now one thing you have to know, this pub is totally full from very early, so if you want to enjoy it, you have to dine at the time of the British passenger, that is to say very early to be able to take a place.

As in the typical English pubs, its atmosphere is dark and warm. Here you can have beers of all types included on tap.

Something we missed because we did not know and another passenger told us, is that this pub has one of the most popular dishes of its cuisine, fish and chips typically English: the fish is cooked with beer, served with pickled onions, peas, lemon slice and two containers with tomato sauce and tartar sauce. The menu of this pub offers more options but this is the most requested …

When I found out about this it was too late, because we disembarked the next day and did not even know that we could eat there …

Midships Lounge (deck. 3): Small and pleasant lounge where you can drink a variety of wines, liquors, champagne, gins and premium liqueurs …

Pavillion Bar (deck. 9): The bar located next to the Pavilion pool.

Yacht Club (deck. 10): The nightclub located on deck 10, another place to have the last drink listening or dancing different types of live music in its central court.

Another important point for passengers is entertainment.

Good, apart from the live music that you find everywhere on the ship, especially classical music, between piano, harp, violins and others that liven up any time of the day in any place, we also have other entertainments such as the theater.

Royal Court Theater (decks. 1, 2 and 3): This 3-level theater is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen on a ship.

Like the rest of the ship, it transports you to theaters of other times. His curtains folded in different areas of the same, red velvet, his comfortable armchairs that seem to come from the palace of some lord and above all and more original, his private and flirty boxes, are precious and unique in the sea, there is no other ship I have them. It is a somewhat Rococo atmosphere but with very good taste.

If you want to enjoy one of these boxes, you have to pay an extra, which I think was 50 dollars. In the price is included champagne, snacks, chocolats that expose in a tray of 3 floors and are very cute, because the taste for elegance is exposed in every detail, fruits with chocolat and a waiter who will attend you during the evening.









Although we did not enjoy it, we could see them every day that we went to the theater, and really some passengers demanded this attention ….

Other activities you can find are, bingo, golf, bridge classes, etc …

Or you can go to the Golden Lion Pub to play darts, or watch sport on its big screens.

Casino (deck 2) is of a small size and is exposed in a practical way, both in its elements, as in its decoration, but enough for passengers who like to enjoy the games, it is located right in front of the Golden Lion.

This is a busy area because there are several entertainment rooms in addition to the Royal Arcade, where we find dark stairs with a thick wooden railing that divide in two, leaving in the middle a large clock, which contrast in their colors with the of beige marble and the brownish tones that surround it …

As I read that fantastic black clock with golden letters and white background, as British as the rest of the decoration, is made to measure by the same watchmaker who made one of the best known works in the world, Big Ben.

We had to stand in line to take pictures with this magnificent clock, since all the passengers wanted to take a souvenir, taking into account the hands that had shaped this wonderful decoration.

As an anecdote I will tell you that the British passage also has a great sense of humor and made jokes appearing behind the photos that we made my husband and me. After the joke, they offered to take our pictures together.

On deck 3 climbing those same stairs are all stores with the same specialties that we usually find on cruises, such as accessories, clothing, perfumes, jewelry, mechardising with prestigious brands as it could not be otherwise. On that same deck we will also see the art galleries and photos.









Another of the most impressive areas of this ship is the Grand Lobby (desks 1, 2 and 3) that has 3 levels. It is the central nucleus, what we call in other ships the Atrium. Scattered on the three decks we find from the reception, cruise sales counter and excursions, to the different salons and pubs mentioned above.

An area that does not go unnoticed is the magnificent library of two floors, linked together by a spiral staircase with thick wooden railings. As soon as you enter you imagine that you are in one of the Harry Potter libraries, with numerous and important books and decorated in accordance with the rest of the ship, wood, lots of wood and elegance, then another room for board games and cards …

From the Grand Lobby you can see almost all the public rooms of the ship. To emphasize, as an impressive complement to its decoration, we will see on the landing of one of its staircase sections a huge marble carpet in the shape of a half arch, with the representation of the world and on it and in relief a huge ship of Cunard observed by a huge sun as a climax. It is quite spectacular, in fact it is another place where you should expect passengers to take their photos, especially on gala days …

One of the questions I asked myself before embarking on this elegant ship, was that being a cruise so exclusive and different from what I knew, it was possible that I would find people very different from us with a high purchasing power, with a behavior that perhaps did not make my trip relaxed and comfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the passage had the same travel expectations as mine and that they also wanted to enjoy a comfortable and quiet cruise, wearing sportswear all day long in any place of the ship and especially in pool areas and at night also enjoyed relaxed and relaxed in the common areas designed for it. Sure, with the difference that we were all very well arranged.

Another very important detail on this ship is the dress code. Obviously it is more strict than in any other shipping company where I had been.

My cruise was 9 nights long and you could disembark 3 nights before if you wanted to do it in Lisbon, for the same price, but I could not stay for 9 nights because of my personal situation, so of the 6 that I had we had two formal nights and the dress code for these nights are very elegant, dark jacket suits with tie or bow tie or tuxedo for men. Also passengers can use the traditional dresses of their country and for ladies cocktail dress, short or long, with sequins ornaments or other delicate fabrics. 

Here you realize that the passengers of this shipping company are about to show their best clothes and enjoy a lot with the nights indicated for it …

In this ship you will hardly find someone who does not comply with this dress code, since the passage that goes to this type of ships perfectly knows the conditions of the shipping company.

In case you do not feel like sharing this code and want to go comfortably to the dinner you can stay in areas that are prepared for those who do not want to meet this requirement, such as Buffet Lido and to have a drink placed in the winter garden. But, yes, they are very politely advised to stay away from restaurant areas and other common places where they share drinks and talk, out of respect for other passengers who do want to retain the glamor of Cunard.

For the rest of the nights that are more informal, men should always wear a jacket and women can go with a cocktail dress, not as elegant as the specific days or some pants or skirt with a blouse that goes correctly. .









A very clear rule in this ship is that after 18: 00h the shorts, sandals, tracksuit or any sportswear are not allowed, because they are considered inappropriate garments.

It is usually the type of wardrobe that you use for the sports area and the pools. This ship has 2 pools, the Pavilion Pool (deck 9), which is just outside the winter garden with its corresponding hot tubs and its bar, and the Lido Pool (deck 9), located on the same deck but in the stern area. This was the one chosen by us during the whole journey. It is huge and has hammocks, intimate cabins to read or nap, shaded areas with tables and armchairs if you prefer to eat or dine outdoors. It also has two Jacuzzis, the bar and a stage.

In the time we enjoyed this ship, we had the evidence that it is a ship focused on mature people either as a couple or solo, so the average age of the passage is high, and although it has a small area focused on kids, it’s not a boat meant for them.

As for tips, approximately the same amount is paid as in the rest of the shipping companies. This also surprised me pleasantly as I thought they would be higher. $12 per passenger and added to your account in the same way as in other companies.

The service charge is 15% and they appear immediately on the bar ticket.

In short, Cunard is a shipping company that has surprised me as I had not been surprised for a long time. He introduced me to a magical atmosphere with his style that is so elegant, glamorous, but modern and functional at the same time, with very good taste and without shrillness that goes out of tune.

The relaxed atmosphere, which is experienced at all times, invites you to read, to long talks or simply to relax in its different rooms, both indoors and outdoors. The so polite passage with which you live in the days of your journey on the ship, the details so taken care of in all the rooms. Its diverse, delicious and quality cuisine.

Their customs that transport you to the ships of yesteryear with their refined ballroom dances, the exquisite moment of tea time, the splendid live mini-concerts of those great anonymous artists …

No doubt a shipping company to repeat and to meet all those who seek what Cunard offers.


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Date Posted: April, 12 2018

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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