This time we repeated river cruise with CroisiEurope . Our destination Netherlands and its small and lovely villages. Netherlands .

The ship that we would do our itinerary the Gerard Schmitter , recently built in 2012, had been chosen for this experience. Having previously done the itinerary by the Gualdalquivir in Belle de Cadix , we knew that would be the right choice.

Given that time visiting the scales is limited, we decided to Amsterdam a broader commitment so we opted to leave a day before the departure of our cruise, and thought to make the most of this dazzling city deserved.

It was time to meet the ship. It is impossible approaching not compare with the size of cruise ships by sea, but not belittle what these ships offer us.

This small ship with a similar aesthetic to a narrow brick, resembling the hollow thereof to the many windows of the ship, it would be our home for the 8 days that lasted our cruise.

The ship has a length of 110m long and 11,40m wide, with 88 cabins and can accommodate up to 176 passengers, as you can see a ship to be in family, intimate and with the right conditions to reach places where we going.

It has three bridges with different categories, standard, intermediate and higher. Without any doubt, I would captivate as it did in its day Belle de Cadix .

Despite not being a very luxurious ship has everything you need to guarantee you a wonderful journey and meet the objectives of a river cruise.

Upon entering you come across a small reception where you take charge of your case and you take it to your cabin.

Once in the cabin we looked French balcony available. The cabin itself is quite broad.

Our bed’s were two single beds pushed together and was dressed in a cheerful flowery quilt in pinks and purples, curtains rallas matching, which give a touch of color to what a sober cabin, like table decorating front wall with strong colors.

Its furnishings are simple, style tables reminds me of my children study, hahaha.

At the foot of the bed and just enough room to go see a narrow cabinet with 4 doors only at the bottom, where to put shoes, bags or anything that does not need much space. Free zone ends with a mirror, where a purple chair also stands, I used to makeup. In this space there is a drawer with the dryer. Below is just a small wardrobe unpretentious. Just for luggage we had.



It has a safe, bedside tables, flat TV and 220V outlets.

The bathroom has the normal size usually have on all the ships, sink ledge under the same cabinet with transparent glass on the left side divided with a shelf, shower curtain, which I personally do not like, I prefer screen, it see more comfortable, hygienic and also not all water from the shower gel dispenser and soap comes out, so the shampoo I recommend you bring forth.

If we go to the salon VERMOS pleasant pastel colors that make up the entire stay, beige, pink, salmon, my favorite colors, no doubt … The brightness of this area permeates you when you enter the room. Given that has large ventalanes therearound is normal illumination provided. You can sit in comfortable chairs with low tables or chairs with high to enjoy various leisure activities tables.

When night comes, despite not look the sun, the living room is also illuminated by intense light becomes softer depending on the music and dances touching corresponding that will make you dance for her dance. This is wide and it fit perfectly passengers to dance.

In this room is the bar where you can perdir any drink you could possibly want, everything is included except drinks special.

The waiter serving this bar is lovely and looks with many tables in their specialty. Anyway there are waitresses who they bring the drink to the table.

This area is where you play at snack time or where the nightlife of the ship.

From the lounge located in the bow, you have an outside exit onto a small terrace with wicker chairs to enjoy watching navigation landscapes or scale where we are.



Heading to the restaurant, located at the stern of the middle deck, we meet again with another welcoming stay that continues to have the same cakes and pink than the rest of the ship in its decoration tones. We found the typical round table with 6 chairs, least in our case that made a table of 12 for Spanish passengers who were leaving as they had the courtesy to join everyone at the table. The space between them is large for the convenience of the service.

In the center of the dining room are in square area food display, where a buffet breakfast with a wide variety of options to choose from, pastries, breads of various types, yogurts, cereals, fruits, chacina, cheeses is offered in the morning , coffee and milk at different temperatures. Not miss anything needed to start the day.

The rest of the day in this ship there are few choices as lunch and dinner only feature unique menus only be changed if you have special food needs, so there is no variety, but I must say that being its French food is quite exquisite.

Every night in the cabin show us a kind of logbook where we could see what we would have lunch and dinner the next day. If you have any problems with any of the food you just have to let them know the reception staff and they will take note.

The menu usually consists of first and second course, cheese and dessert and a drink can take the unlimited.

Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, the ship does not have any snack.

To have a few quiet moments taking a drink and a shorter stay can choose the bar located at the other end of the ship with its corresponding terrace just as they have in the lounge bar. It is decorated with the same taste and get the same attention and service.

Another place that I liked was the Puente del Sol , the large terrace with deck chairs on the upper deck. The floor is covered with artificial turf, I guess hue to accompany the views from there you can see. The comfort of the chairs are more than patents, especially when you go in spring and the first rays of sun warming your face while enjoying the green landscapes of the Netherlands. Uffff, I would not think, would repeat it without getting tired.



In the early morning exercises done gimansia soft, very apropos for the passage found there, since the average age is over 60 years, ” ‘and more …. !!!!! !!

Another addition to the ship and its extent is the small gift shop and souvenir they have.

On tips I have to say they are not included in the cruise, the last day leave an envelope for freeform let it what you see fit depending on the care and service provided and then deposit it in an urn with the reception.

As for the clothes on the ship it is casual during the day and more fixed overnight, since then tended to drink at a bar listening to music and chatting with Spanish colleagues about the tour made on that day. Of course the dress gala night is smart.

Although you provide free WiFi in this ship it is usually very slow and eventually end up tired of trying to connect to stay in touch with your family or friends, so we expected to reach the scales if we could find better wifi.

My final impressions about Gerard Schmitter is that it is a very appropriate vessel to carry scales in areas that other ships can not reach. In what is a river cruise, it meets all expectations of service and quality. It is a simple and cozy ship, unpretentious, but covering all needs.

Undoubtedly this way to travel and learn more inaccessible corners, I have become as addictive as crossing the great seas …

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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