After my visit to Independence of the Seas 4 years ago Cadiz , I had the feeling that this ship would be my unfinished and perhaps someday embark on him to stay. And so it was not exactly the Independence OTS , but in its twin Freedom OTS , ship which gives its name to this class.

As each time I embarked, excitement and nerves were served, especially considering that this cruise was not scheduled, but I simply and casually came across a deal on a balcony that made me irresistible. It was the opportunity he was waiting to know first ships had visited on previous occasions.

It was doubly Thrill, since besides offering me out this offer was the first to make the Freedom for the Mediterranean . So as the output was ready for the last day of the April Fair in Seville , ‘I took off my flower on Friday to get in crucerista way !!!! Sunday. ‘Let’s go !!!! we’re going. Already he played, after being in dry dock for 7 months also coincide with my cruise number 25. Anyway yes or yes, this cruise was for me …

We arrived at the port of Barcelona , as always just in time because of my fear of flying and therefore having to travel on Ave. arrived at the station Sants the right time and after making the boarding process to come up with enthusiasm aboard the Freedom . Only gave us time to take a peck at the buffet, and immediately we were warned over loudspeakers for mandatory drill maneuvers. Well like all veteran cruise passengers you know, the drill is mandatory to make you familiar with the station assigned meeting you in an emergency. It is important to realize them even if we do whenever we ship, but there are many new cruisers that I want to report their existence, especially because if you do not attend can be kindly asked to leave the ship and finish your cruise a little earlier than expected.

For this reason whenever you embark on Barcelona , we can not go in a calm and quiet to tour the ship then so too relaxed heading to eat. ‘No matter !!!, since I was in this huge ship 160,000 tons. Until recently it has been one of the three largest ships in the world, along with its twin class Freedom , the Liberty of the Seas and Independence of the Seas , title replaced by class ships Oasis of the same shipping company . The ships of this class are home to some 3,634 passengers in double occupancy. When filled in triple, quadruple or quintuple, they can reach 4,370, in addition to its 1,360 crew members.

I’ll start detailing the areas of this ship to become acquainted with him. On deck 14 you’ll see a typical bar in the fleet of Royal Caribbean , the ” Olive or Twist “. Upon entering I teleported to Blue Moon of Adventure OTS , is exactly the same and is located on the same site. The place is charming and very nice. It is the best position the ship to see the input and output ports, because their views are spectacular and can see from there the area H2O , bathing place for the little ones, not surprisingly, is full of colorful and fun.

From these perspective spent some nights watching the lights changed this area in all shades. You stand spellbound watching all the illuminated ship …. In the Olive or Twist , you enjoy different environments every night.


Freedom-010 Freedom-015









Along the journey by ship, you have the opportunity to find different bars with different types of environments for every taste, from country music, jazz, disco, etc ….

Is very important in these ships quantity and variety of areas that has since being very large ships and accommodate high foot traffic (this shipping is characterized by it), get divide people so you do not have at any time feeling overwhelmed and life on board even if the ship is full, comfortable.

Normally we try to avoid everyone coincide in the same place and same time. That usually happens when there is a lot of Spanish passage, so the advantage of sharing with different nationalities is that we have different times to eat and have fun and so we complement each other. This is a personal opinion …

We turn to the sports deck, ‘Where there is an incredible !!!! activity. Has everything and more … You can enjoy many activities. His new FlowRider , a surf simulator at sea, is characteristic of the class Freedom and one of the differences with the class Voyager . ‘Do not you you can imagine !!!, you must see, amazing … When running is a joy to contemplate because we could not imagine the force that has water. My David tried to do it but the problem has ears that could not be, and my husband finally decided … not.

To access this fun you must give your consent signed and then you have placed a bracelet all week and allow you to enjoy this simulator whenever you want, only putting yourself in line and wait your turn. no longer you have to make any management more.

It also has a climbing wall, basketball court, miniature golf, table tennis. This way you can decide which is the right activity for you. All of them are free and to enjoy it must be organized so that time to try all in one week. I personally seem to truly there are ships, like this and others in which I sailed, as in the case of Harmony OTS , which are destinations in themselves and itinerary sometimes is an added value to the cruise itself, but also the best and most convenient way to travel to meet, albeit, small pieces of wonderful cities that give idea if you want to return or not to know them in depth.












Following our tour and down a deck, we go through the original restaurant Johnny Rockets , set in the 60 Americans. There is a little machine where throwing pennies can listen to music and where you least expect it when waiters leave the trays and you revel in a fun choreography. You can eat whatever you want, giant hamburgers, ice giants, giant milkshakes, ice cream Oreo cookies, etc … This concretmente have not tried. ‘It’s that I can not, with the amount of culinary options out there, make time and space in my stomach for it !!!. This restaurant has an additional cost that you will see in the Daily programs .

The nice thing ships Royal Caribbean is that they are prepared for all kinds of demands, families, relax, couples, night life … The bigger ship is less likely to get bored and more than meet the demand for different types of passengers . For passengers seeking relaxation, we have the sun, adults only, with two cantilevered whirlpools. That was once one of the most striking developments of the class Freedom . This area is where we spent most of the time, it is not very good weather did most days, so it was better in the cantilevered whirlpools that was, if not want to fly. Is an experience, the spectacular view from there.

Another novelty that brings this ship is the movie screen arranged in the main pool where films, music, etc … In particular we do not see any project, because the air that made most days prevented were abroad although there were some daring who saw them from the jacuzzis.

Family is a very complete vessel, accommodates children of all ages, from babies from 6 months to teenagers aged 17, having up to 7 age groups. There are many people that you forget that there is an audience of teenagers are neither children nor adults and although they are considered older, parents are not and want to take them on holiday with them.

For them it is the area of adolescent Living Room , exclusive area with a bar for them, where no alcohol is served or you can smoke, disco Fuel Teen Disco , area activities Adventure Ocean with games, activities, etc … No It is allowed to enter parents and children are happy, because despite being with monitors, they feel that autonomy. One thing to keep in mind is that there is a curfew at 1:00 am for minors, since that time, there can be no child outside his cabin without the company of an adult.

Guests 17 years of age or less unaccompanied by an adult MUST NOT stay in any of the public areas after 1:00 am, unless they participate in some activities of the Adventure Ocean.

In the cabin you have a directory service to guests where you will find more information.

Another area designed for our children is the video arcade Challenger’s Video Arcade , which can engage children of all ages. 

We went to the buffet impressive Windjammer located on deck 11. As you enter, and on both sides, find the specialty restaurants, Chops Grill is an upscale steakhouse featuring prime steaks category and Giovani’s Table where you will eat one exquisite Italian food, if you want an intimate dinner … Both have different charges.


Freedom-052 Freedom-006









Within the Windjammer it is also the area Jade , Asian food, which is served at dinner only two nights.

For more formal dining restaurants have 3 decks 3, 4 and 5 at no additional cost. This time we accounted for Leonardo’s dinning room, deck 3. The restaurant itself is very nice but we got us cornered at a table with no view. The truth is that in my last shipments Royal Caribbean is happening to me very often … Now I only need to finish in the broom closet …. And if you want to be honest, I did not ask to change because the couple with whom we were placed, Conchita and Angel , we found them charming. So that’s why we decided to stay there.

On deck 4 is the restaurant Isaac’s and on deck 5 on Galileo’s . The latter is where the table is Chef’s Table . The dining experience at this table consists of a 6 – course dinner, wine pairings with the best experts in them. The chef will explain the preparation of each dish and wine expert explain how the food and wine are paired. This dinner includes a tour of the kitchen. As you must have guessed, you have additional cost, ‘And that cost !!!.

Another option is My Time Dinning , shaped dinner with flexible schedules at any time every day.

We went from the dining area to the sports area where we put overweight take off. We entered the huge gym available to the Freedom of the Seas . The use of machines and other instruments are free, you only pay when you want to target a class, yoga, step, pilates, etc … wonderful for lovers of sport, which is not my case. What yes I missed, this ship is that no boxing ring, and their twins, nor the huge bubbling hot tub that is in the other class ships Freedom .

We passed the Spa and beauty salons to make way for the impressive Avenue Promenade , only available in class Voyage , Freedom and Oasis . It is a shopping arcade with bars, shops, restaurants, cafes. This street was done with the idea of being able to orientate in the ship.

Usually we know the inside, outside and balcony cabins, but classes of ships listed above, have the PR , or interior promenades that have interesting views of the avenue Promenade . In this lively street you find from the Service Passenger at the pizzeria Sorrento’s , where you can eat for free pizza you want the Café Promenade where, also for free, peck both small salty snacks like candy and cookies, accompanied some tea or coffee .. there is also cappuccinos, chocolates and teas to taste with additional cost.

If you want to cool off with an ice cream you can go to Ben & Jerry’s , with cost or if you prefer to try another kind of candy store have the specalized Cupcakes Cupboard .

Vintages , for wine lovers also find it in this lively avenue and clothing stores, bags, and others known to all in these ships.


Freedom-011 Freedom-033









Now comes the tricky part of the fees and service charges that apply in beverages. It is a 10% tax and 18% service charge. For example in an account $ 20 to consume the total of $ 25.60 was. If you also want to buy anything you want such as bags, clothes, perfumes etc … or items with the logo of Royal you will have to add 21% to the marked price. This will occur only each time we play ports of the European Community.

We continue with entertainment venues. One that I love is the Bull & Bear Pub , bar with a total British style, with live music, apart from all the outdoor bars like The Plaza Bar , deck 11, Pool Bar , on the same deck and Sky Bar also an outside bar in deck 12. Other typical bars that I love them and are very similar in all ships, both in appearance and animation, is the Schooner bar, unmemorable in a strong maritime atmosphere and a great live music. And of course , for those who like Latin music is Boleros , disco where you can dance the salsa music throughout the ship, all the Latin rhythm in the same space. It is one of the liveliest of this vessel.

Another important aspect ships Royal Caribbean are their shows. These ships devote much space to their theaters. ‘The Arcadia Theater occupies 3 decks !!!, having its own ballet, authentic actors and singers who are prepared conscientiously in Miami to give the passenger the best show. Sometimes groups also bring guests high quality. They have two performances per day, depending on the dinner shift.

Enters my Daily programs and see the shows that you can enjoy every day of the week. Those of Freedom OTS liked us a lot, the staging of some of them is spectacular as well as other kinds of shows, such as magic, humor or trapeze.

Another show highly recommended that you can not miss, although in this ship if we missed, is the Ice Ice-Show Freedom in Studio B . A huge cold room with ice rink, where the concept of entertainment has its best players … ?, float fly ?. Simply they not slip on the ice. I musta missed a penalty this time …

There is something quite concerned about the crucerista and always ask me about it, I mean the language. These ships do not have any problem to understand us nor to understand them, since a high percentage of the crew speaks our language. PA in the second language after English is the Castilian, so they are fully adapted to our language.

Another aspect to consider is the beverage packs. On the ship always have, you have to look at is if at any time before boarding you may be interested to buy from your agency or on the website of Royal Caribbean .


Freedom-046 Freedom-069









Cabins and its location is another important issue for cruise passengers. As I said earlier in this article, we got a balcony, which incidentally, which was was very focused, so I was delighted with my reservation. It had long for obvious issues of price differences between cabins, not reserved a balcony. Its description is correct in size and distribution. This was specifically to be triple extra bed on the roof, so that was like a bunk bed.

The balcony that cheered me up every morning, it seems essential, but it can not always book, as the view upon arrival at each port, see the rolling waves while visiting natural light, causes sensations on the ship intensify and enjoyment.

As for the outlets I will say that we only saw two Europeans, one in the cabin below the mirror itself, and another in the bathroom, the others are Americans, so it is advisable to bring adapters.

In the bathroom they put a bar of soap in the bathroom and one in the shower and shampoo in bulk, so whoever wants to shower gel, I advise that you bring from home or buy it at some scale.

Another detail that ask me are special feasts, as you say that the white night do not. In theory there was a tropical night party at least I did not find. Anyway, the better you enter into my Daily programs and every day you examine every activity you might be interested.

Anyway, I think I left nothing in the pipeline and if so ask whatever they want.

Needless to say , my experience has been very good, that Royal Caribbean has never let me down. It is true that there may be something specific that is not completely to your liking, but nothing clouding a great experience in a spectacular ship. But if this was my sixth shipment in the shipping and other reserves in the chamber, it is because ships Royal Caribbean, the crew has an excellent service, food is very good, facilities are new and spectacular, their shows they are much the shipping level and offers the best for its passengers …

‘ See you soon Royal Caribbean !!!.


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Posted on May 17, 2017

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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