MSC Cruises has introduced a new shore excursion program called Family Explorer Club.

Designed to engage kids and parents in joint activities during port stops in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, the tours aren’t merely simplified versions of existing excursions.

The new interactive ventures turn young guests into “detectives” and “explorers,” with the goal of accomplishing a mission unique to the history and culture of a destination. Kids set out on the excursions armed with explorer maps and receive incentives for accomplishing each task. The excursions begin later in the morning and last no longer than three to four hours.

The Family Explorer Program will roll out to MSC Seaside and the new MSC Seaview. MSC Seaside debuted in December 2017 with a number of family-friendly features. They include the longest zip lines at sea, four twisting water slides, two full-size bowling lanes, 5D cinema and a variety of expanded kids clubs.

MSC Seaview will debut in June 2018 with many of the same features plus some noteworthy new ones. The ship will welcome approximately 1,300 children on each cruise this summer. MSC Seaview will introduce a new mascot, DORE SUMMER, who will feature in a new onboard exploration game. New teen activities are also coming to MSC Seaview, including a Summer Selfie Contest.

Other new activities on MSC Seaview include a live family show for parents and kids; the DOREMI Summer Game involving song challenges and the daily DOREMI Summer Parade.

MSC Cruises’ webseries, “Kelly & Kloe on board … a Seaview vacation,” will be filmed on MSC Seaview during Summer 2018. All young cruisers on board will have the chance to audition to become the next star of the series….


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MSC Cruises rolls out Family Explorer Program
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