Marsella 1Well; This has been another deja vu. Two years ago we went down in this port with the idea of knowing Marseille , but then my kids wanted to return to the ship, and this time have fallen again with the firm conviction to know this city where the sun comes out.

Once down I missed the reception we had had the previous time with those locals dressed in clothes tradicionles which an arc with flowers through which we pass, we offered bags with wonderful smells.

This time we met a lot of people waiting a long tail.

I went to a crew member Spanish of NCL , who was organizing the tail, to ask her where we should head for the bus provided by the port of Marseille or any other means of transportation to the center and told us that the only way going to the city was the bus that provides the shipping passage and that the cost was $ 12 a round trip per person.

My husband and I were commenting that we would total $ 48 and as we knew that there was another way to go to town, so we read in the forums, we decided to investigate.

We asked a taxi driver who was very close to the exit of Epic that as we had to go to the city, told us that 22 euros one way. Again I remarked to my husband that he preferred to go by taxi because at least we would more comfortable for almost the same price, but we could see from there, about 50 meters, a bus in which at its front you could read free bus. I asked the man who was outside and I said we actually had a free city so in a flash we were 4 uploaded on the bus …

In about 15 minutes – long journey we were downtown on the square Jolitte , where the bus stopped and where again every 20 minutes to pick up passengers who were returning to the ship until 5:00 pm.

This square is very wide, that day I do not know if any more we find a large flea market with numerous stalls.

Once there you have to look for the Puerto Viejo . Start a pleasant walk to the bottom of the square and turn right where you meet Avenue Robert Schuman . At the end of it you’re going to give Marseille Cathedral .


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From there you see a few meters followed by a fortress which will go down a long staircase and from where you start to see small boats that tell you that there are only a few meters to reach the port.

Once there you will notice a small stand to buy trenecito entries, which this time took to tour the city comfortably, découvrez MARSEILLE AVEC LES PETITS TRAINS, Trains Tours.

You can choose between two lines, 1 with a duration of 1 ¼ hours, which takes you to Notre-Dame . The cost of this line is 8 € for adults and € 4 per child and line 2 which is a small circuit through the old Marseille you can buy for 7 € adults and 3 children €. The duration of this second line is much shorter. The truth, and from experience, my recommendation is that cojáis line 1 since the route of the line 2 can be perfectly walk strolling through the city center.

Line 1, which was chosen for us, is the one that takes you from Puerto Viejo to Notre-Dame , through the Corniche , where Marseille reveals its riches: Los Fuertes , the Abbey of St. Victor , with the islands of Frioul at the bottom…..

This little train climbs quaint and wonderful places taking the views of a beautiful French Riviera that accompany you all the way, up to 162 meters high where we expect Notre Dame de la Garde known in Marseille by La Mère bonne (the good mother ) watching intently from above their city.

Line 2 is a circuit by the Old Marseille , Before entering the narrow streets of the neighborhood Panier , you can see the Dieu Hotel , the Plaza de Agustines , where he stayed Bonaparte , the St. Laurent Church and its spectacular view over the Old Port , the Cathedral and the hospice of Vielle Charité seventeenth century …


Marsella 3With this tour you will discover the charm of this old fishing district.

We enjoyed the views of everything explained to us in the little train along the journey to reach the top where we expected this minor basilica dedicated to Catholic worship, Notre Dame .

After performing the required pictures in this wonderful environment we returned to the train that runs every 10 minutes to pick up people who left there for each devote the time it deems necessary to enjoy the views and the peace of this area in the heights …

Once back the Puerto Viejo got rid previously walked up the path back to our ship …

After a snack at the buffet Great Outdoors we went to the cabin where we took a refreshing shower and go out and arranged to go to the theater to see the Blue Man Group .

And we were fascinated by this group last time so of course we would take this opportunity to again enjoy the magnificent spectacle …

Like every night we ended our day at the Epic in the nightclub Bliss where you had secured a good atmosphere with a drink and where night after night my David enjoyed dancing.

Date Posted: July 19, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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