Liverpool 1Liverpool is known among other things for being the birthplace of The Beatles . He was named European Capital of Culture by the European Union , it was founded as a town in 1207 by Rey John I and was granted city status in 1880.

It is a medieval city full of bustle which currently enjoys a vibrant and has many areas along the middle of it which were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco .

Our ship docked at 08.30 at the port of Liverpool , located in the center of the city. I do not know why not had many expectations about this city, but contrary to what I thought pleasantly surprised so …

From Spain we had arranged a visit to this city with Sandemans at 11.00am, so our disposal for more than 2 hours to stroll around town independently …

Just landed, as I indicated above, you find that you are in the center of the city. And input every way trying to get alert retain as much architectural wealth …

We turn to the right, where we quickly found the area called Pier Head , where three buildings are located shocking size, the Three Graces , built on the site of the old George Dock . These three buildings, which are the landmarks of the city and have become an icon of it, occupy a large part of the spring, so it costs a bygone cover three beautiful buildings.

  • Royal Liver Building : This building is formed by two clock towers and adorned by two mythical birds “Liver Bird” . According to the guide told us believe that these birds watch over the city …
  • Cunard: It was the former headquarters of the shipping company Cunard line .
  • Puerto de Liverpool : Decorated with a large dome and the statue of two women who represent business and industry … It is the former home of the Docks Mersey and the Port Commission .

All these buildings have helped Liverpool to be declared world heritage.


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Continue to the Museum of Liverpool located on the banks of the River Mersey is a modern building where you will discover the importance of the port of Liverpool and the history of the city. Then we arrived at the Albert Dock , where the Maritime Museum Merseyside . Here we tell the story of this port, one of the most important in the world. There is also the International Slavery Museum , where many stories of slaves and their courage in the situation of exclavitud living recounted. Then we went through a very lively area of shops and bars and right next to the museum Beatles Story . Obviously here the story of one of the most famous rock bands in the world has …

Continuing our tour of this wonderful city we crossed the avenue Wapping , to reach and cross the most central shopping area of Liverpool . As we still had time we headed Bold Street , street that leads to the square where the church of St. Lukes , which took the opportunity to take some pictures. We continue our walk along Renshaw St. , continuing Lime St. until you reach the square of St. Georges , where the meeting point for the excursion was Sandemans .

We start the tour with a talk about the history of the city and continue to visit the following interesting points of the city:

  • St. George’s Hall .
  • Albert Dock .
  • The Cavern Club .
  • The Church of Our Lady and St. Nicholas .
  • Three Graces at Pier Head .
  • Museum of Liverpool .
  • The Victoria Memorial .
  • Castle “lost” Liverpool .
  • Walker Art Gallery .
  • Gardens St. John .
  • The City Council and the Exchange of Banderas.
  • Nelson Monument

The whole tour was enlivened with talks about curiosities, anecdotes and intrigue over the city, such as the story of Jack the Ripper , Liverpool and its role in the American Civil War and the slave trade, the origins accent “Scouse” , the bombing of Liverpool and of course the story of the Beatles , which the guide will devoted much of his time … we finally ended up revisiting the Three Graces and the Albert Dock , as though we were coming from that area, the rest of the tourists who accompanied us on the tour came from other different and distant places of the city … also was appreciated, information and anecdotes that our guide was telling us about these points.

Comment regarding excursions Sandemans , we have chosen this way to visit some cities, discovering that are comprehensive and didactic , and where you really hear of details that would otherwise go unnoticed …

Once the circuit with Sandemans my husband and other companions decided they were going to visit Liverpool Cathedral , located about 2 kms from where we were, as I went to the area ‘s most atmospheric restaurants and unrivaled views of dock, where you can find all kinds of stores for shopping and details for family and friends … and / or drink while enjoying the set area. Once these shopping we headed to the ship for lunch leaving behind a dazzling city that struck me as I thought it would.


Liverpool 6

Places of interest:

  • Albert Dock: In 1.846 the Albert Dock was a dock where they worked. Today it is a place declared as a World Heritage Site , which has two hotels, shops, crafts and attractions for visitors winning awards.
  • Conwy Castle : Edward I began construction of Castle Conwy in 1283 as part of its campaign to ensure Wales for the English crown.
  • Cathedrals : Liverpool is home to ancient cathedrals. These include the cathedral Anglican , the largest in the UK , Cathedral Chester , founded in 74 AD and Christ the King , a Roman Catholic basilica and the Metropolitan Cathedral , circular building modern aspects.
  • Steam locomotives routes : The railway line Liverpool and Manchester was the first interurban railway in the world where all trains were pulled by steam locomotives only. Today, several steam locomotives travel along the railways of Liverpool .
  • Chester and Cathedral : Chester is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the UK , and one of the best preserved, with some parts of the city walls dating back more than 2,000 years.
  • Port Sunlight : It is a model village located in Merseyside , created by William Hesketh Lever for his factory workers soap Sunlight at 1.888. Museum Port Sunlight is located in the center of this town full of gardens.
  • History of The Beatles : Experience the history of The Beatles , so many awards won, is a journey into the life, times and culture, including Fab4D experience the music of The Beatles and special exhibits world class must. Lake District : A cruise along Lake Windermere , the largest lake in England , promises magnificent views of the city of Bowness , “the heart of the Lake District”, beautiful mountain scenery, secluded bays and islands with trees.

To reach you better reach you can download the map of this city in our section “Maps” .

Date Posted: September 4, 2015.

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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