Invergordon 1Invergordon is a wonderful port town, which is located in the eastern highlands of Scotland . It is small and cozy, with its streets a famous mural path that includes 11 large colorful paintings on the walls of some houses, which represent the past and present life Highlands .

Nothing like every morning to get up pretty early, I went to our balcony to check the time that we would. This time no luck, ” was falling world !!!!. That barbarity, which is raining …

After dressing and eating breakfast we went to La Piazza , where next to white piano, like every morning, we agreed all members of the group had established a high affinity over this British adventure, less Irene that carrying a baby no he was allowed to come to this tour, it was the second that we had hired from Spain by Daniel .

As I mentioned in a previous article, the group formed to meet us and take trips together from Spain , initially consisted of 9 members, who we later add us and then 6 more, so the first group of 9 people paid for this a price hike of 55 pounds per person, but the rest were charged 60 pounds each.

I make a brief summary of the tour contract, which was then explain in more detail:

  • Take me to the port of Invergordon and from there go towards the Loch Ness .
  • Stop to admire the remains of the Abbey of Beauly .
  • Continue to the Loch Ness where is Castle Urquhart . Walking through its ruins, (if you want to enter them has an additional cost of 8 pounds), and know their Visitor Center , where you can buy everything about the lake monster and its typical things Highlands .
  • Castle in the dock, those who want it and if the weather is good , can take a boat to sail half an hour (with a cost of 13 pounds), which takes you to Inverness . Once there make a sightseeing tour, allowing time to buy a drink.
  • In the afternoon return to Invergordon to drop us off at the port again. All this with guide in Spanish.

At 08.30 we landed, we were all going with our raincoats and umbrellas … We walked about 300 meters to the place where we were waiting for our two minivans 8 seats for 14 pax we were going, so once all located in the streets began our excursion.

The first thing to say that the landscape until we reach our first stop was spectacular, certainly. The penalty was bad weather that made us difficult us to see more clearly, but if you think about it is the usual time in this area.

Our first stop was the village of Beauly (beautiful place), which is located next to one of the most renowned salmon fishing rivers of Scotland , the River Beauly .

Once there, it was still raining, the weather did not give us respite, but still we got to photograph the Beauly Priory obviously could not miss the opportunity once in place. I did not imagine that a small town in the middle of Scotland has so many shops located around the square and was so attractive and so much life. This area is also known for hunting and fishing.


Invergordon 2Invergordon 3Invergordon 4Invergordon 5

As curious comment that the elm that stands at the entrance to the cemetery, has eight hundred years. It is believed to be the oldest elm Europe , but is now badly damaged.

The part where we were taking the photos was the building of the priory, which was a Catholic monastic community of the Abbey.

Unfortunately the day deslució long time due to rain, cold and wind. But still, under our umbrella, we managed to take pictures with a few smiles.

After performing the photo shoot and listen to the guide ‘s explanations we returned to minivans to continue our way to Inverness , capital of the Highlands of Scotland and best known for the monster that inhabits the lake, Loch Ness . Fact or fiction? … Anyway Nessie chose a wonderful place to live and fascinate.

This city has been a source of inspiration for many legends. It is surrounded by hills near the area north of Lake Ness. Her pink crenellated and generous flower decoration, castle is strategically located in the city …

As you know these captivating lands to your mind invites you to imagine countless adventures. No matter where you go, you will find that the people of Inverness is warm and friendly.

Once we arrived we were told that the other minivan was wrong so we got 15 minutes to buy suitable clothing and footwear, as we were not prepared and we were all dripping.

After making purchases and after relevant changes clothes, we were strolling through downtown, visiting the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Andrews , whose construction ended prematurely in 1869 due to lack of funds. Continuing our visit to this city led us to the very old and curious library / bookstore Leakey , in which you became again to delve the magical world of the Harry Potter .

We said our friend Manolo that just around the corner of the street where we were was preparing a parade of Scottish bagpipers. We discussed was our guide, but we said we did not have time, because the minivans were waiting in a nearby car park. It was a shame and all components of the group we went with bad taste, knowing that such parades are impressive and that 5 minutes could have seen. As we drove away we were listening to the sound of bagpipes …

I have to say that Inverness love me, ‘How beautiful it is !!!. It is a tale town full of greenery, the wonderful structures of their stone houses and towers needle, crossed by the river Ness , which impregnates an undeniable personality. Although it seems a contradiction this city unites past and present providing everything current with its many shops, restaurants, pubs, despite its medieval appearance … Today tourism is a very important part of the economy.

I did not want to leave this magical city but the tour had to go so we went back up to the car to move to Loch Ness and visit Urquhart Castle .


Invergordon 6Invergordon 7Invergordon 8Invergordon 9

We parked next to the visitor center and there began our adventure, we all dream of having from children, put yourself right in one of the places of legend best known in the world Loch Ness … We went down to visit Urquhart Castle that before the lake and although it is almost totally destroyed, still it retains the charm of a bygone era.

Not imagine the impression of the place so close to so many years have you imagined in your mind, because truth is stranger than fiction. Wonderful, spectacular views, idyllic. The closer I got, a sense of shiver ran through me when I looked at the dark waters of the lake in search of undisguised Nessie , silently calling and asking, are you there ?. ‘I have to go back, it is a place that is well worth returning !!!.

There is the possibility of going to the castle by boat from Inverness . In fact cruises on Loch Ness are the main activity of the city, along with boat trips around the lake and the Moray Firth . On the boat rides usually they include a visit to the exhibition centers dedicated to Nessie and Urquhart Castle … In our case, because of bad weather was like , we chose because we take the same minivan we had hired.

To guide you on prices:

  • Cruise 5 * + visit Urquhart Castle : Adults £ 21.50, Children: £ 14 Students: £ 19.50.
  • Just visit Urquhart Castle : adults £ 8.50, children £ 5.10, Over 65s £ 6.80.

Is curious paraphernalia mounted around the legend of Nessie. Tourists know that may not be more than that, a legend … and the population, traders, etc … know that we know, but still no less interesting to the place or the economy mounted around it.

Now back to Invergordon we spent on a beach where he lives a seal colony. Unfortunately that day we had no chance to see them.

After enjoying so much this visit, you could say that the best of all that I did for the British Isles, decided the time we adjusted to the ship, so we headed back to Invergordon .

Once we said goodbye to our guides, we saw that we still had half an hour to make a brief tour of the town of Invergordon , before heading back to the ship for lunch, and see with our own eyes the originality of the walls of the streets touring history painted in vivid colors of Highlands

The time was nearing its end … Enamored of these lands, its friendly people, its freshness, the smell of freshly cut grass, the intense green of its meadows, peace, …. I take leave from the deck of my ship, thinking that I have to go back. I stay in love forever Highlands …


Invergordon 10

Places of interest:

  • Urquhart Castle : From the ruins of this castle, one of the greatest strengths of Scotland medieval, you have a beautiful view of the lake Ness .
  • Ness lake : Rumored to be the home of the legendary monster “Nessie” .
  • Inverness : It is the northernmost city in the United Kingdom , whose origin dates back to the sixteenth century. In the nineteenth century the castle was built in the same location as its predecessor, currently used as a courthouse.
  • Inverness Museum and Art Gallery : This museum can discover the history of the region through treasures belonging to the period of the Picts and Vikings.
  • Church Street : It is the oldest street Inverness and is dominated by the belfry Town Steeple , righted in the 1,816 after an earthquake.
  • Culloden Moor : The visitor center Culloden offers a cutting – edge exhibition, which will believe to be immersed in the battle in which British troops defeated the Prince Charlie and the clans of the Highlands in 1746.
  • Cawdor Castle : currently the property of the Earls of Cawdor . It is famous for being the murderer of housing Duncan in Macbeth of Shakespeare . It is a beautiful castle with towers, drawbridge, turrets, mysterious prisons, secret passages and magnificent gardens.
  • Moray Firth : triangular bay north of Inverness . It is one of the marine areas of Scotland where a colony of dolphins that can be seen especially an hour before high tide sits permanently. The best point is Kessock Bridge , 1 km north of Inverness or you can hire one of the organized boat trips to watch them .
  • Dunrobin Castle This majestic castle dating back to 1300 and is one of the oldest inhabited houses in Britain .
  • Castle of Mey : Last Queen Mother acquired what was the castle of Barrogill at 1.952. Restored in the sixteenth century was home to 1,966. Currently you can visit the gardens, farm and visitor center.
  • Dornoch : It is a seaside resort located by the sea that has the Dornoch Cathedral of the eighteenth century, the prison of the old city and the Episcopal Palace . Currently used as a hotel.
  • Fort George : It is considered one of the most beautiful military fortifications in Europe . It is built on a sandy soil language displayed on the Moray Firth in 1747 and since it is possible to admire a beautiful landscape over the sea. Inside is a museum dedicated to arms.
  • Eilean Donan Castle : This castle is perfectly preserved and he recorded famous films. It has a live webcam.

Date Posted: October 21, 2015

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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