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Surely at some cruise you doubt has arisen about what clothes to wear to dinner.

The truth is that, today, both cruise lines and passengers have become more permissive in this regard, but it is true that if we previously informed about what kind of outfit to dress us avoid noted with respect to other passengers and, worse, we do not allow entry to a particular restaurant or event.

Shipping usually have a dress code, which can range from the obligation to wear tuxedos to wear a simple shirt. It is also true that some shipping companies are more lenient than others and yet require a suit and tie will allow the entrance to the restaurant with casual trousers and shirt. Others, as I did once, do not allow the entry of children with shorts.

Casuistry is usually very large and ultimately the final decision will rest with the person you received in the restaurant door.

Generally the shipping mark guidelines that I detail below and I hope you will help choose the right clothes when you pack and use depending on the occasion. First of all I would like to clarify the different types of clothing:

  • Formal: Formal attire refers to suits, tuxedo, tails, among others, used for certain events, or if so required.
  • Smart casual: You can define this type of clothing as worn by executives on a day off , as polo shirts pastel or serious colors, collared shirts buttons, light cotton pants or jeans classic cut , moccasins, etc …
  • Informal: This type of clothing supports the use of modern cut jeans can be with a broken or faded, shirts, T – shirts or polos strong and youthful colors or prints, moccasins, etc …


 shipping Companies:


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Azamara Club Cruises

  • Code: The dress code is casual Azamara. It is allowed for men sportswear, golf shirts, shorts, pants and jacket (if desired, but not required). For women shorts, casual dresses skirts and pants are allowed.
  • Formal Nights: There are no formal nights and is not mandatory formal evening dress, but whoever can use it . It is possible to rent tuxedos on board.
  • Casual option at night: While dress in all restaurants is casual, the Windows Cafe (the ship buffet) offers a more casual option.
  • Restrictions and Jeans : not allowed to go barefoot, tank tops, caps or swimsuits in the main dining room or specialty restaurants, although they do allow jeans in the buffet.


Carnival Cruise Line

  • Code: The Carnival dress code is usually informal, but one or two nights during the course of the cruise, elegant attire is suggested. During the informal nights the shipping recommended for men jeans (no breaks), sweatpants, shorts, bermudas and sports collared shirts and women dresses and casual skirts, trousers and blouses, summer dresses, shorts and pants jeans (no breaks). Formal attire includes pants, jacket and dress shirt for men and cocktail dresses, dress, elegant skirts and blouses for women. In the elegant nights, passengers can choose to dress more formally in suit and tie, tuxedo or evening dresses, although that level of attire is not required.
  • Formal Nights: There are two formal nights on 7 – night cruises and cruises of shorter duration.
  • Casual option at night: For those passengers who do not want to dress formally, the Lido restaurant is open every night and has a casual dress code.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: For men are not allowed in the restaurant during dinner and shorts (including gym shorts and basketball), beach sandals, swimsuits, shorts, caps and sleeveless shirts.


Celebrity Cruises

  • Code: On your website Celebrity indicates that two types of clothes at night is recommended on a cruise. Most nights are informal, allowing for men pants and sport shirts, while for women skirt or pants and blouse, or dress informally allowed. On formal nights, both men and women can wear formal wear, although not mandatory. No jacket and tie required for men.
  • Formal Nights: Cruise ships four to six nights have a formal evening, from seven to eleven nights have two and 12 have three or more nights.
  • Casual option at night: food is served in restaurants International Marketplace, Outdoor Grill, AquaSpa Cafe and Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria in most nights and depending on the itinerary, where casual attire is allowed.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: In major or specialty restaurants sweatshirts, swimsuits, robes, hats are not allowed. Either shorts or flip flops allowed at night. Regarding jeans every night are allowed in the main restaurant, provided they have no rips or tears.


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Costa Cruises

  • Code: The atmosphere on board is casual and dress on most nights. Although not necessary, a jacket or shawl is recommended.
  • Formal nights: In Caribbean cruises two gala evenings and one or two cruises in Europe, depending on the length thereof. Suit for men and cocktail dress for women is recommended.
  • Casual option at night: For passengers who prefer a more informal and relaxed atmosphere, an evening buffet is available.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: In restaurants shorts, sarongs or flip – flops are not allowed; shoes are required. While Costa does not refer to jeans in their policy, they seem to be allowed in the main restaurant.


Crystal Cruises

  • Code: The shipping company has formal dress codes, casually elegant casual. It is not considered appropriate casual dress starting at 6 pm, and the use of shorts or baseball caps for men or women. In the evenings called “Black Tie” passengers are offered the opportunity to dress formally, being necessary in these cases jacket, dark suit with bow tie or tuxedos for men and evening dress for women. Most evenings the casual attire is accepted. Collared shirt, dress pants for men and blouse, sweater, skirt, dress or dress pants for women is required.
  • Formal nights: It is usual one night “Black Tie” cruise from seven to 10 nights, depending on the itinerary and two formal nights cruise eleven to thirteen nights.
  • Casual option at night: The Lido Cafe is open only for breakfast and lunch and Trident Grill closes every evening at 18.00h. Unless passengers dine early, the only casual option, especially on formal night, is to use room service.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: Jeans are not allowed anywhere or lounge, including the casino and except Tastes.


Cunard Line

  • Code: Dress codes Cunard are formal, semiformal and informal elegant. Formal dress bow tie and formal means dark suit for men and evening dress for women. Semi- informal costume includes jacket and tie for men and cocktail dresses or pants for women. Smart Casual implies (no tie required) for men and dress, skirt or pants for women jacket. The dress code applies at night in all public areas.
  • Formal Nights: A seven night cruise includes three formal nights two and two elegant informal semiformal.
  • Casual option at night: The Queen Mary 2 is supported casual clothes at night in the Kings Court and the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, in the Lido restaurant.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: Not allowed the use of shorts and swimsuits in the main restaurants.


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Disney Cruise Line

  • Code: Disney has formal, semi – formal, elegant and informal nights. 3 cruise and 4 nights we found gala evenings and nights cruises more formal and semiformal duration. It involves formal dress or suit tuxedo for men and evening dress for women. It requires semi- informal suit or jacket for men and dress or pants for women. Elegant dress means dress shirt for men (the jacket is optional) and dress or pants for women. Most cruises include one or more thematic notes, like dress up pirate or Caribbean. The dress code applies for dinner at the main dining rooms. Specialty restaurant in Palo dress shirt and jacket for men and for women dresses or pants supported. On ships Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, in the specialty restaurant Remy pants and jacket for men (tie optional) is required and for women cocktail dress, suit or skirt with a blouse.
  • Formal Nights: The three cruisers and four nights feature a gala evening. 7 night cruises offer a formal night and casual.
  • Casual option at night: The informal code prohibits Disney swimsuits and tops, but any other casual attire is allowed in all areas of family food.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: There are no clear specifications regarding casual dress, but the restaurant tops or swimsuits not allowed.


Holland America Line

  • Code: The code has optional Holland casual elegant and formal nights. The shipping company calls on formal nights “Gala nights”. Gala attire including collared shirt and pants for men in all restaurants and dress, skirt or pants for women. Smart Casual is a slightly more casual option and applies the night around the ship.
  • Formal nights: In a 7 – night cruise there is a gala night, 2 cruises up to 13 nights and 3 cruises up to 20 nights.
  • Casual option at night: For passengers who want to dress formally not have the buffet and room service.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: No bathing suits, shirts and shorts are not allowed in restaurants or public areas during night hours. Regarding jeans, shipping makes no special mention.


MSC Cruises

  • Code: Informal MSC code is accepted except on formal nights, where men should be dressed in a suit or jacket and tie and women in cocktail dress. During the cruise there are theme nights like the night of 60/70/80 years, the white night, etc .., where passengers are invited to participate dresses according to the specific topic.
  • Formal nights: On cruises four to six nights duration no formal night on cruises from seven to nine nights two formal nights, three nights on cruises of 10 to 14 nights and four cruises of 15 nights or more.
  • Casual option at night: Passengers who do not want to attend formal dinners can opt for the Lido Buffet, where casual dress is admitted or use the cabin service.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: not allowed to wear jeans, shirts and shorts in public areas of the ships. Swimsuit it not supported in the main restaurants. Cowboys allowed without tears in informal nights.


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Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Code: Norwegian tien no formal dress code. In most occasions casual clothing, including casual dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, jeans and tops for women and men jeans pants, Chinese and poles supported. For dinner collared shirts and trousers or jeans without tears for men and dresses, skirts and tops for women is suggested. In fancy restaurants like Le Bristro o Cagney’s a more formal dress is required, even without dress suit or jacket and tie.
  • Formal nights: No formal aboard Norwegian ships nights, but there is a night called “Norwegian’s Night Out”, in which, optionally, more formal dress is required. White outfit for the holidays White Hot and Glow is also recommended.
  • Casual option at night: In Norwegian and following its policy “Freestyle”, everything is casual, except for the aforementioned specialty restaurants.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: In the buffet restaurant and outdoor bathing suit is allowed, as long as a sarong is used. In the main restaurant and specialty restaurants cowboys always allowed and when no tears or worn thin. They not allowed in these restaurants tank tops baseball caps or visors.


Oceania Cruises

  • Code: The dress code is casual Oceania for both men and women. In all dining venues are required to dress in smart casual passengers, although some passengers prefer a more formal attire. Shorts, jeans, shirts, sandals and sports shoes in restaurants Grand Dinning Room, Jacques, Red Ginger, Polo Grill, Tuscany and Tuscan Steak are not allowed.
  • Formal Nights: There are no formal nights.
  • Casual option at night: This shipping company maintains a code of dress more casually than most luxury lines, so casual clothing is appropriate throughout the ship. Overnight at the Terrace Cafe shorts and shirts are allowed. For people who prefer to wear sweatpants or pants and sport shirt is available cabin service.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: jeans, shorts, shirts and sneakers are not allowed at dinner or in public areas after 6 pm and not considered an appropriate dress shirts and bathing suits in restaurants at any time.


Paul Gauguin Cruises

  • Code: This shipping allows casual dress code, including dress, skirt or pants with a blouse or sweater for women and slacks and collared shirts for men. Wearing tie for men is not required, although the Captain’s Welcome Reception some passengers may choose to dress jacket.
  • Formal nights: No formal nights, although there is a Polynesian night once on every cruise, where passengers are encouraged to wear shirts and tropical pants for men and tropical dresses or shirts and trousers or skirt for women.
  • Casual option at night: The more casual option board dinner is Le Grill.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: After 6 pm is not considered appropriate dress in restaurants and lounges casual clothes, such as shorts, shirts, faded jeans or tears, baseball caps and flip – flops. Not suitable use of bathrobes and bathing suits in restaurants and lounges and wearing shoes and shirt at all times in public areas is required.


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Princess Cruises

  • Code: Princess has elegant formal and informal nights. For men tuxedo jacket dress or dark suit and evening dress, cocktail dress or jacket for women it is recommended. Smart casual attire includes open shirt and pants for men and skirts or dresses, pants and sweater for women neck.
  • Formal Nights: Cruise ships four to six nights have a formal night, from seven to thirteen nights have two formal nights, cruises from 14 to 20 nights have three, the 21 to 28 nights four cruises of 29 nights or more they have a minimum of five formal nights. Short cruises (three to six days) have what is called a night “Dress to Impress”, which although not officially a formal night, if it is recommended to go a little fixed.
  • Casual option at night: Passengers who prefer a less elegant setting may choose to go to the buffet.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: In the restaurant shirts, shorts or tops are not allowed. At all times they are worn shoes and jeans are allowed as long as no tears, holes or are worn.


Regent Seven Seas Cruises

  • Code: The dress in this company goes from casual to formal. During the day the casual attire is considered appropriate, with most of the time smart casual starting at 6 pm, except for the last night of the cruise. Recommended for women skirt or pants with matching blouse or sweater, shorts or dresses and pants for men is acceptable pants and collared shirt, with optional sport jackets. On long cruises there may be formal or semi – formal nights; on those nights passengers can carry smart casual outfit or if you prefer a more formal dress, cocktail dress, dark suit or tuxedo.
  • Formal Nights: Cruise ships less than 16 nights are always casual elegant and have longer lasting two or more nights or semi – formal. Passengers ships Grand Voyage World Cruise or review their documentation cruise if you have specific dress codes is recommended.
  • Casual option at night: In all public areas of the ships elegant casual dress at night is recommended. For the use of shirts and shorts cabin service is recommended.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: It is not allowed wearing jeans, baseball caps, sneakers and T – shirts in public areas starting at 6 pm.


Royal Caribbean International

  • Code: Royal Caribbean has formal, informal and casual chic nights. Formal attire includes suits and ties or tuxedos for men and cocktail dress for women. Smart Casual includes a jacket and tie for men and dress or suit jacket for women. Casual attire includes sport shirts and trousers for men and women sleeveless dress or suit.
  • Formal nights: Cruisers 3 to 5 nights include a formal evening, from 6 to 11 and 13 have two formal nights and 12, 14 nights and longer cruises have three formal nights.
  • Casual option at night: The casual option at night is the Windjammer Cafe buffet. Anyway tank tops or caps are allowed during dinner.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: In the restaurant tank tops, bathing caps or are not allowed. Nor shorts allowed during dinner and jeans with rips, or holes worn.


Como vestirse en un crucero 7


Seabourn Cruise Line

  • Code: During the day supported in all lounges and restaurants an informal code, including shorts and jeans. Bathing suits, shorts, sarongs and sports clothing should be reserved for the pool deck, spa or gym. This shipping company has formal and informal nights. Formal attire includes a tuxedo or suit for men and for women evening dress or other formal attire. Smart casual attire includes jacket and pants with collared dress shirt or sweater (jacket is optional) for men and skirt, blouse or pants tailored suit for women. The formal dress code starts from 6 pm.
  • Formal nights: On cruises up to 13 nights there is an optional formal evening, two cruisers from 14 to 20 nights and cruises of 21 nights or more there are three formal nights.
  • Casual option at night: As an option for casual attire at night buffet is available.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: jeans allowed in all restaurants during the day, but after 6 pm are not appropriate in public places.


Silversea Cruises

  • Code: The dress code at night is formal, informal and elegant casual. In informal evenings pants and polo shirts for men and women casual dresses, blouses and skirts or tailored suit allowed. In the elegant informal evenings, we recommend dress or suit pants and jacket for women (tie optional) for men. On formal nights is suggested dress or cocktail dress for women and for men tuxedo jacket dress or dark suit.
  • Formal Nights: There are usually two formal nights on cruises of eight nights or less and three or four on longer cruises
  • Casual option at night: Passengers dine at La Terrazza during formal nights passengers can dress casual elegant outfits, consisting, for men, in dress pants and jacket or pants for women. No informal nights, so in these cases the best option is to dine in the cabin.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: In the restaurant is not allowed at any time wear jeans or baseball caps.


Windstar Cruises

  • Code: The suggested promotional code is smart casual attire in the evenings and during dinner. Pants and collared shirts for men and sleeveless dress, dress pants and cocktail dress for women is advised.
  • Formal Nights: There are no formal nights.
  • Casual option at night: It is compulsory to wear a suit and tie and is often used casual clothing.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: Shorts, jeans and T – shirts are prohibited in the main restaurant, specialty restaurant in Degrees and public areas at night.


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Viking Ocean Cruises

  • Code: The clothing on board during the day is casual and comfortable, including shorts, jeans and hiking shoes. Bathing suits, shorts, sarongs and sports clothing should be reserved for the pool, gym or sports deck. In the evenings an elegant casual attire in most restaurants, performances and other special events is recommended. For women with a garment dress, skirt or pants with sweater or blouse and pants for men and collared shirt is recommended. Jacket and tie are optional.
  • Formal Nights: There are no formal nights on board.
  • Casual option at night: Dinner at The World Cafe restaurant is casual and comfortable.
  • Restrictions and Jeans: There are no restrictions and indicated attire is suggested. Jeans are also suitable.


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