Genova 13Our company ship MSC , the Splendida , was about to dock in Genoa , a city that did not yet know, despite my numerous raids by the sea Mediterranean . But our goal would not be this city, at least not input. Our goal would be to Portofino , a nearby village, who had recommended me not to lose under any circumstances, so it would have to decide how to get there. We had knowledge that we could arrive by train, boat or taxi.

To arrive by train we had to head to the Piazza Principe , which is near the port of Genoa , its cost is 6 € and its route only goes to Santa Margherita where you take a bus 28 which takes you up Portofino . Other forms are, by boat, but not in all seasons, where were we (November), it was not possible to travel there this way, or by taxi.

My group of friends, Silvia, Carmen, Fina, Jose and we were meeting looking at all the information we had collected for our next trip, when at that time he was a taxi driver approached us offering their services. He asked us what would be our fate and we told him Portofino . He told us that he would devote us 4 hours and take us there for 150 €, I said “no” outright, because my idea was to take the train because as you know, those who read me, I have very good experiences with taxis my travels, so I had no intention to raise one. But others began to haggle and got down to 120 €, so they tried to convince me that for that price we would very well to divide by 6, but I still did not want. It was not just about money, it was for me was a torture board a taxi and again have another bad experience. So Antonio , which is what it was called the taxi driver spoke to me to convince me … Angelica , I said, “okay price ..” and I said “yes, but not only that, I must ensure that no correrrrr will “, and replied,” noooo, piano, piano “, hahaha …… Then I said , ” but we are 6, what capacity does your taxi? “. He answered, “it is for 7 people”. I said “do not believe it, what a coincidence !!!, see if we go like sardines in a utilitarian 7 5 …” and Antonio followed my footsteps, because I directed me to the train. “No Angelica , come see, are 7 places”. At the end among all they convinced me and went to see. Indeed, it was a 7 – seater minivan but had to deploy two rear seats. Finally among the suggestions of my colleagues that it was the best choice and the promise of Antonio not to run, we took his taxi.

Copilot before going Silvia, Carmen , my husband and I in the middle, and Fina and Joseph in the drop – down seats. Antonio asked us if we were going down the highway or along the coast and I preferred the highway, too, safety and time, it took less. So going …

In about 45 minutes we arrived at Portofino . Antonio had behaved and had been divinely piano piano all the time … We left the Plaza de lla Libertá .

The total time agreed with Antonio was 4 hours, we left the port at 10:00 am and arrived at 10:45 am, so Antonio told us to return at 12:00 am, as we also wanted to visit Santa Margherita .

I’ll start with a little history of that wonderful place …


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Portofino is a fishing village in Liguria , in the province of Genoa . It is located 40 km from the city and is considered one of the most fascinating places in the world. I can vouch for this, a true wonder. Surrounded by green mountains tale landscapes and wonderful cliffs overlooking the sea.

It was founded by the Romans with the name of Portus Delphin i, ( Puerto de los Delfines ), the large population of dolphins place.

The city center is the Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta , which went for once we go down the Via Roma . We saw beautiful facades of elegant houses and the church of St. Martin . Something that caught my attention is the amount of exclusive boutiques such as Gucci , Armani , Pucci , etc … who were scattered throughout the village, but considering as unique people who have homes there, it’s no wonder …

Along the way, Antonio had taught us the mansions of Berlusconi and Dolce Gabanna … awesome !!! Uffff.

From the wonderful square Martiri dell’Olivetta you can go to the attractions of this small fishing village. El Faro Punta del Capo , when you came in half an hour by a pleasant walk. In this way you will find the church of San Giorgio , which was restored in 1950.

Other places to visit in Portofino is the Castle Brown , Built in 1600. It is a stronghold of Roman origin so named because in 1870 Sir Yeats Brown , the British consul in Genoa , bought it as his residence.

This was the path chosen for us to get off the taxi at the Piazza della Liberta . We got planes in the tourist office located on the Via Roma . With the map in hand, we were placing the sights that we should direct us , but it could just be one of them, because each had to devote at least one hour, so just gave us time to see one, and we had stayed with Antonio in back in an hour and a quarter to the square where he left us. So without delay we head towards the castle.

On our way we enjoy houses, small terraces, its smells, its light. BTW !!!, we had a fantastic day, but tempered with a splendid sun. Ideal to remember more intensely this heavenly place, if possible time.

After climbing up a very steep hill we reach the fortress that is surrounded by lush gardens and and winding alleys … In silence, with only the sound of our laughter and our talks we reached the top. OMG !!!!!, that fantastic views !!! and the location is great. From there you will admire the attractive town with its small boats moored in this wonderful and impassable creeks and the immense and intense blue sea … Not bad chose the Mr. Brown

After enjoying all this, we decided we had to come back, so we got rid the path taken by another route that also take us back to the cove.


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I mentioned earlier that another landmark in the vicinity is Santa Margherita and we also had interest to know, so Antonio solicitous left us in this town known as the Pearl of the Tigullio .

We were walking the streets, visiting the cathedral, sipping your coffee on the beautiful terraces …

We had thought that since we had only just time to go back and wanted to know something of Genoa so we asked Antonio , that would take us for a walk around town, told us that 3 euros more per person. We saw more than fair and decided to teach us, even a brief stroll.

He was now over. My companions insisted that we should go back down the coast, sure it was worth it and we did. This time I was co-pilot, if I became dizzy, and truly worth it and more … Dreamlike, listening to Italian songs that Antonio rang in his taxi and seeing the landscape … I honestly have no words to describe the feelings that enveloped in that magical moment, that moment occurred to me … Bella Italia …


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We arrived at Genoa , went through the Piazza de Ferrari , with its beautiful central fountain and then we stopped at the Victory Square , where we could see the arch of the same name, dedicated to the fallen in the First World War Genovese. Faced with this are the gardens with the Spanish Steps 3 Caravelas Columbus reflected on a floral. We went back up to the taxi and saw passing the Natural History Museum Doria , then headed toward the Casa de Colón , located in the historic center. Of course there we made another stop which we used to take pictures. On the ground floor of the Casa de Colón is the winery and warehouse and high room … Continuing our walk through the city went through various sources and squares.

We climb to the lookout Montaldo where looked TOO city, so we took advantage to take panoramic photos. A few meters walk, Antonio told us he had a surprise, it was a typical Genoese ice cream parlor. Without thinking we to savor an exquisite Genovese Italian ice cream. ‘How good was, by God !!!!!.

Although with Antonio were thrilled, time was pressing so our next destination was the port where we found, ending our day in this beautiful city and the wonderful village of Portofino .

From here my thanks to Antonio , who made us spend a great day explaining all about the places we visited, for its charm, friendliness and good service. And for a few hours she was part of our lives and our history.

For anyone who has the opportunity to go to Genoa and would be interested, I leave here your phone: ANTONIO: 00393482264440.

Although we focus on Portofino we know and did not give more time to see tourist spots in Genoa . To end this article, here are other attractions that you can visit:

  • Old Port: It is the heart of the city, brings together the old and the modern.
  • Genoa Aquarium : The largest in Europe , home to more than 10,000 marine copies, distributed in its 71 pools.
  • The Bigo: It is an original structure that was born in the waters of the old port. It is inspired by the cranes of the port of Genoa .
  • Biosphere: A huge ball of glass, located next to the Aquarium , contains within it a tropical ecosystem with animals and plants that own climate .
  • Galata Museo del Mar: It is the largest museum in Europe dedicated to the sea.
  • San Giorgio Palace: Located in the heart of the old port. Throughout its history it has been the palace of citizen power, prison, Bank Headquarters San Giorgio . Today this building houses the offices of the Port Authority of Genoa .
  • San Lorenzo Cathedral: It was built in 1089, inside are the ashes of San Juan Bautista . It also houses the Museum of the Treasury and Diocesan Museum .
  • Porta Soprana: Structure of medieval architecture very close to the Casa de Colón .
  • Ducal Palace: It is one of the main museums in the city.
  • Prince ‘s Palace: Today is a museum where you can see valuable paintings, fabrics and antique furniture, which transport us to other times.


Date Posted: December 5, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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