A Colorado couple who sold almost everything they had to live on a now-sunken sailboat are getting their sea legs back thanks to a stranger who came across their story.

Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh sold most of their belongings last year to buy a 28-foot sailboat — which they named “Lagniappe” —and live out their dream of taking to the seas for a long getaway. However, just two days into their trip, the boat sank and the couple escaped with only their IDs, some money and clothes.

“I was speechless to see all my things floating, and not being able to take them,” Walsh, 24, previously told PEOPLE. “And what was even worse is I saw my dreams going down with the boat. Everything we planned was just disappearing within minutes.”


Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh

Broadwell, 26, and Walsh had no insurance on the boat, and since they left their jobs before heading out on the trip, they currently have no means of making. But as the couple faced mounting debt as a result of the incident, a stranger decided to step in after reading their headline-making story.

Mark Reinecke, 77, of St. Petersburg, Florida, owns a few sailboats and gave one to the couple.

“These kids just had bad luck and were in trouble and needed some help,” Reinecke told ABC News. “I’ve had the sailboat since 1985. I used to anchor it on weekends. I’ve gotten my value out of it.”

He charged the couple $1 for the vessel.

“It was so nice of him,” Walsh told ABC of Reinecke. “He had no reason to do that for us.”…


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Couple who sold their belongings to live on now-sunken sailboat gets new boat from stranger
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