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In the sixth century the Irish Saint Finbar founded in Cork a monastery. He became urban center around the year 915, when the Vikings formed a commercial port and was converted into a city in 1185 by rey John of England .

As for the tour the day before, we had been at 09.00h on the white piano in La Plazza . This time we had it easy, just off the port of Cobh we find the train station that would take us to Cork , so we set out to buy a ticket back and forth for about 8 euros. The train came every half hour so we took waiting for the next train as we chatted animatedly and watched planes of our next destination.

It took half an hour to arrive (6 stops). We were trying to get Wifi since boarded the train at the station until our arrival. In my case it was mission impossible, but it is assumed that both the station and the train offer free Wi-Fi.

Once off the train we took the street at the exit of the station in the direction of Mountain Street and headed toward the Church of Santa Ana , where you can climb the belfry and select a melody for the ring the bells, but not I could access this time as they were officiating a mass, so we decided to go take a quick look. This is the most famous building Cork . There is a reference to his watch curiosity, which has 4 fields (one for each side of the tower) and that from the base of the building appears to show each a different time, so it is called the liar of the 4 faces … on leaving the church, we headed north to reach the North Cathedral (Cath) visiting her inside. Throughout the ride we were enjoying the Irish typical urban landscape, I really caught the attention a fully ivy covered houses overlooking a beautiful appearance lushness. Then we went down St. Landon Street towards the University College Cork , where we were visiting the campus. Then we returned to the center to see the Inglés Market in St. Patricks Street , but it was closed because it was Sunday. The truth is that you could tell it was festive, because the streets were very lonely, had also held a party the previous day. There were still remains in the streets, so I imagine that the inhabitants were still sleeping … We continue our walk through St. Patricks Street and got into a typical Irish pub for a beer. ” Because I like my Irish pubs !!!!, with the medieval atmosphere that seems not to have evolved over time and that particular rustic charm of the Irish land. I love!!!. After a short break, a beer and a chat with colleagues, we headed to the train station to return to Cobh .


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Another option for those who have time is to go to Kinsale and see its famous castle. Some of the group decided to take this option. For it is caught in the same train station Cork bus to Kinsale , whose journey takes about 50 minutes and costs way per person is 6 pounds. If you want to visit both places, please note that it takes at least 1 hour for a quick visit to Cork , plus the travel time from the ship.

As I said we took the train back to Cobh and once arrived at the station we head towards the street at the exit to the right, to reach the center of town. There you can catch a tourist train by 8 pounds, but we decided to go away, so would enjoy firsthand all lanes and details of small and colorful city. We headed for the Cathedral of St. Colman and visited inside. It is located on high and from there we had a spectacular view of the whole people and our ship right in front. From there we took the obligatory pictures, we continue our walk through the center, photographing the colorful houses and a small party we saw when going to the ship, is seen to be the summer in this area … It began to bite the tiredness and hunger, so we decided to end the tour and return to the ship for lunch.


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Once we boarded we would head to the buffet to chat with our companions and set sail to our new destination, Dublin

Places of interest:

  • Church of Santa Ana : As I mentioned earlier, this church has the peculiarity that can climb the belfry and ring the bells and even choose the melody, if you touch them , you spend part of a centuries – old tradition. It is located in the district of Shandon and is one of the most emblematic building in the city.
  • St. Finbarr ‘s Cathedral : The Gothic Cathedral, Anglican inspiration of Cork , built in 1863, was designed by William Burguess . It contains mosaics, sculptures and medieval gargoyles.
  • Crawford Gallery : Situated next to Patrick’s Street , in the city center. There are the famous molds Canovas which were donated by the Vatican Museum . Entrance is free.
  • Inglés Market : One of the oldest markets in Europe . It is located in the heart of the city, its shelves you will find Irish craft products.
  • Blackrock Castle : It was built with the objective that the pirates do not enter the city. It offers spectacular views of the River Lee and its surroundings and is currently an astronomical observatory.
  • St. Colman ‘s Cathedral : It was built in 1868 and completed in 1915, a year after the famous carillon of 42 bells was installed. It is built of limestone and granite and features elaborate stained glass windows. It overlooks the port of Cobh .
  • Blarney Castle : Located in a beautiful park, is romantic ruin was the medieval fortress with thick stone walls. It is located in Blarney . They say that kiss its stones is given the gift of eloquence.
  • Blarney Woolen Mill Store : This is a mill converted into a shopping center selling traditional Irish items.


Date Posted: August 4, 2015

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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