Corfu 1We woke up to a beautiful day peeking out from our balcony. At that hour of the morning was very nice temperature, but we knew throughout the day despite the heat start, so I had to smarten up, make a light breakfast in the buffet and head to our scale today, Corfu .

Corfu , Greece sea island Ionian , whose capital has the same name, offers a curious architectural elements cultural fusion with French, Italian and English.

On this scale our disposal not much time, but do not get overwhelmed, sometimes it seems that time the ship dedicated to these scales is very fair, but then you can verify that it is sufficient to visit areas of interest …

Once our feet trod ground, we headed to catch a free shuttle that took us from the ship to the city. After settling or so, we decided to find a plan to start our bearings.

Just outside the terminal, to our left we could and see the New Fortress , one of the attractions of this city. We decided to go walk the old town, as we were watching their lively and full of shops pedestrian streets, so my friend and I had very clear that our husbands would have to be patient while we the curioseábamos while enjoying the great atmosphere that was present … we liked everything we saw were colorful shops that they got through the eyes and everything we saw was craved. We make purchases for our children, this task took quite some time, considering that between the two add seven.

I comment in detail the way we chose to do this tour following the directions on the map, first went through the Avenue El Benizelou up to the fortress, where you will give a small square with many terraces. At the end of the square on the left we take the street Solomou , up the street N. Theotoki, and right now you find the Spianada . There took pictures of their gardens and monuments, as well as the Old Fortress that was on the other side of it.

From our situation and one side of the Spianada , we saw that was parked the unmistakable tourist train, so after giving this nice walk and have bored our patients husbands with numerous shopping, we were discussing the possibility of getting on the train to continue hearing more comfortably more remote areas of Corfu … So said and done, we got on the train. Yes and he wanted to sit relaxed for a while and enjoy the view, to meet other representative points of this beautiful city.

As I mentioned earlier departure we made from the Spianada , beautiful and immense plaza. In the same square we saw the Paseo Liston, the most vibrant area of the city, full of terraces, cafes and boutiques …


Corfu 2Corfu 3Corfu 4Corfu 5

Continuing our walk, we pass the Ionian Academy , first academic institution in Greece modern, to reach the Byzantine church of St. Jason and Sosiparter , where valuable frescoes XII century is. The next landmark was Paleopolis , an archaeological site surrounded by walls. We were counting through pinganillo that we were at the ruins of the ancient city of Corfu , having grown modern and current city around Garitsa Bay .

Across Mon Repos palace of the Greek royal family located in the park of the same name. In its recent restoration it became a museum containing the treasures of the Ionian Islands . Returning by the coast road of Garitsa Bay and seeing the strength in the distance, we could enjoy and stay in awe admiring the beautiful beaches of fine white, famous arena for being one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and certainly that’s … until we met again in the Spianada , end of the road. The duration of this tour was about 40 minutes.

Other points of interest are:

  • Archaeological Museum , neoclassical building, located in the city center. Inside we see the remains found in Corfu in numerous excavations.
  • The Church of the Virgin Antiniotissa , within which lies the Byzantine Museum .
  • The church of Agios Spyridon , preserves the remains of the city ‘s patron, San Espiridión . It was built by the Venetians. It has the highest bell tower of the island with a particular reddish color.
  • The Old Fortress , started to be built by the Byzantine and renovated and expanded by the Venetians in the fifteenth century empire.
  • The New Fortress , built on the hill of San Maco , was built by the Venetians in the XVI century and expanded by the British during their rule.
  • Asian Museum is the only museum in Asia in Greece . It is located inside the Royal Palace . Located in the northern part of Spianada .


Corfu 6

It was time to return to our ship, but not before visiting the church of Agios Spyridon , so we proceeded to retrace our steps, but this time coming from the walk Liston down the street Ag. Spirodonos (the next parallel street N. Theotoki ), where the church. After the visit we go down the street Ag. Spirodonos and turning the first left, we come back to the street N. Theotoki . Then we take the street Solomou and Avenue El Benizelou to the terminal, where we caught the shuttle that took us back to the Gem ..

We arrived at the perfect time, it was time for lunch. We had had a busy morning, so we decided to reward ourselves with a delicious lunch and a rest at the pool where we spent a pleasant afternoon.

Once we rested and well dressed and we went to the theater to see the show that night offered us the crew of the Gem and after dinner we decided to have a drink in the disco with our fellow travelers.

After a nice chat about the experience we went to sleep. Morning we had planned arrival in Santorini !!!!!! and this destination we had to have our 5 senses alert … I had an irrepressible desire to know …

Date Posted: October 2, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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