Goulette 1Following the usual custom, we decided to do the tour on our own. This time the price of this one on the ship was not very expensive, but my husband and I like to go to our air stopping in places that seem most interesting …

Tunisia is a historic city, marked by a Medina of labyrinthine alleys, covered passageways and several palaces, mosques, mausoleums and fountains. If the walls of the Medina spoke …

We have come to Tunisia at the scheduled time leaving the ship at 7:00 am, just imagine the early start we figured since we had breakfast before leaving, turn the ship would be at 12:30 pm and zarparíamos at 1:00 pm.

We were the first to go, because knowing the heat sooner would prefer to start our visit. A small port free bus waiting for us moving us to a few meters, nor was there much distance you can walk perfectly. Since I set foot in Tunisia I could experience a heavy heat that would accompany me all day and it was only 7:00 am. The bus dropped us at the door Goulette , there cowering several camels indicated clearly in the city where we were were, waiting for patiently that a tourist would ride on his back … Crossing the port , to go to exit could see that all the shops were closed. We headed to the tables of immigration and we sealed the visa going to the other side of the harbor.

When we left we realized that we had not set ourselves in that inside were some sheets where you could see the prices stipulated and taxis, that we saw around. His options were for 4, 6 or 8 people. As the price of 60 € for 4 people. In the same he entered the tour we wanted to do for 4 hours and the driver would also guide. I found it very expensive but we had no choice, the ideal would have been to go 4 people in the cab and pay half but one night we did not get to know anybody on the ship also would like to make the excursion in this way.

Without further delay and then to give ourselves a kind of contract coordinator taxi drivers had at the start, we got into the taxi.

The recommended places to visit were, the city of Tunis, the Medina, Carthage, Bardo National Museum, Sidi Bou Said, the souk, the Mosque …. We tell the driver to take us to the souk and from there we go. Along the way we was explaining that when Ramadan we would find all the trades related to food and closed services. Once we got to the souk , he parked the taxi on the street, just had to cross to get closer to this quaint shopping district, although there was still no open stores, we started our labyrinthine walk.


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Upon entering the narrow streets, the driver told us to visit one of the first stores with which we encounter and once inside, the storekeeper began us to ask that from where we were, if we were on honeymoon … etc e immediately show you all items in the store. I did not intend to buy, at least for now, but the merchant insisted that we were their first customers and for them is unlucky not to take anything from the store, so I had to buy a couple of gifts after the usual bargaining. I was constantly aware that not bargained well enough, but I did not want to lengthen the situation … Besides I had started buying unexpectedly, had to add the heat so unbearable he did, so we told the taxi driver we wanted to finish quickly the visit to the souk. After browsing through its confusing mazes and the taxi driver did guide us into 4 or 5 more stores, we insist on saying that we wanted to take us to Sidi Bou Said . This is a coastal town 20 kilometers from Tunis . The taxi driver on the way he taught us the most representative monuments of the city, while telling us that the people whom we drove was painted white and blue because of a law passed for many years and they must do mandatory.

Although the heat was still suffocating Sidi Said Bud looked different. Our guide waited in a kind of taxi as we gave freedom to visit the small village alone. Just start walking up steep streets, you find yourself on each side numerous stalls selling everything, furs, silver, ornaments, perfumes … We climbed steadily to reach an esplanade find ourselves with a kind of square lined with delis, where by the way, I saw the whole silver bought in the souk for less than half price😡 (no comments…) so I thought that my purchase had been more than disastrous, you can not buy in a hurry !! ! . We decided we would do a few pictures and not buy anything else. Honestly I was very tired and could not stand the heat, I think August is not the best time to visit this city, so we sat a few minutes in one of the terraces there were to hydrate with refreshments, I do not know if I hidratarían but not refreshed me at all. After this slight break down the alleys and we went back up to the taxi. Sidi Bou Said it seemed nice, I remembered a strange mix between Marbella and Santorini but with a large temperature difference …


Goulette 3The next stop was the Great Mosque main city, Ez.Zitouna then visit the ruins of Carthage ancient Phoenician colony occupying a vast expanse of land. We saw it from the outside, we did not enter the sweltering heat that already had at that time and considering that there was no shade on it. We made the relevant photos and we went back up to the taxi which took us to the Museum of Carthage . We got off and took pictures again, but not entered. When we got back into the taxi told us that if we wanted to go somewhere else but we told him to take us to the ship. I could not enjoy the visit because every time the heat was stifling, so we headed to the ship. We returned after the steps we had taken to leave, waiting for the immigration staff asked us papers to enter, but did not.

It was 11:30 am and this time we saw the shops Goulette were already open noticing a certain coolness in this area that there was in places we had been visiting. Here I felt much more relaxed, even I wanted to get into some of the colorful shops.

The friendly crew of Celebrity Solstice waiting with icy towels and refreshments, you do not know how grateful I felt so refreshing detail.

We went to the cabin to shower before eating and after we were on sunbeds enjoying the pool, now more than ever I wanted to introduce in its cool waters.

In a few hours we were heading back to show the Solstice Theater , this time it was a great humorist who spoke only English but much gesticulating, making us laugh with the universal language of gestures.

Like every night dinner at the restaurant Grand Epernay expect, we gradually reaching all guests at our table while we ate dinner and shared a pleasant conversation where everyone had the experience on that day. Our table mates Galician had decided to do the tour with the ship while the two pairs of Barcelona also did on their own, visiting only the port of Goulette .

Once finished dinner, we went to the disco Quasar our time Latin dance, then try to find other places to hear jazz through all the pubs and clubs, Sky Observation Lounge , Ensemble lounge , Molecular Bar , Low Club Bar , Martini bar … we walked around the ship looking for different places where we felt that we could find some entertainment, but seeing that everything was very quiet decided to go to sleep. We wanted to rest because the next day was Rome , the Eternal City. We repeated a third time, but we did not care as more than a city is an immense art museum, like most major Italian cities.

and tomorrow more ..

Date Posted: June 28, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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