Stavanger 1We had a special interest in this scale because it offered some of the most interesting points of the cruise …

As you all know we solve our excursions on the fly, but we have information to guide home and know that cities and towns can arouse more interest in cruise passengers.

The highlights were, besides the very center of this small and welcoming city, the Museum Norwegian Canning , which as we indicated in the information Celebrity Today is an old cannery, which commemorates the glorious past as the capital of herring this country. This was the main industry in Stavanger in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century . In this museum you can taste fresh smoked sardines.

Other points of interest are House of the Iron Age , a living museum where the harsh daily life shows Norway 1500 years ago and the three swords, carved in granite and 10 meters high, nestled on a rock , simblolizando the unification of Norway .

And of course !!!!, the Pulpit , this is the desired destination par excellence, since it is one of the most spectacular attractions in Norway. It is a rock of 25 square meters to 605 meters above sea level where the most wonderful views of this country offers.

We knew that not all of these points could see them, but all the short stay in this city would allow us.

As the ship arrived at 11:00 am to Stavanger we breakfasted quietly. Once docked we were more than ready to get down. So far we have not had any problems with crowds at the two scales that we had, so very quietly started our tour … We turn to the left, there the people decorated with various positions in which fruits and other foods were sold was , spent relatively long since we had a lot to do. If we had time we would see the stalls around. We looked around for a nice background looking at very old building, so we went up a hill that would give the same. It was a medieval cathedral, Stavanger Domkirke , which surround ourselves after making the corresponding photos of rigor. Behind her stood the City Park beautiful and huge park full of families with children enjoying. In this park you can see in the central area, the artificial lake Breiavatnet and water dispenser.

We skirted the lake almost completely looking the bus stop 29 would take us to see the three swords and farm. It was right on the sidewalk in front of the park. As we approached the stop we saw that the bus was leaving !!!!. No I could not believe we did not know when it would come next so we sat where we were able to wait for the next half hour it took ????.


Stavanger 2Stavanger 3Stavanger 4Stavanger 5

After paying (30 NOK per person round 30 NOK trip), we merge into the seats, we did well because we expected a 5 long stops to reach the area where he was Sverd i Fjell , famous monument 3 swords stuck on earth, with a height of 10 meters, symbolizing unity among Norwegians. But as I mentioned the bus took us to the area, because to get there from the stop we had to go walk a stretch of about 500 meters or more … So as I indicated we did. According off the bus on the left is a slope we started to walk. At the bottom of this slope are swords but in the distance. On both sides of the road was a big boy-scouts camp with kids of many nationalities. There were flags hanging from many countries, so we went through this huge multicultural camp, always to the right and towards the sea to reach swords. The place is gorgeous, as they are embedded in a clean lake with green trees and fresh air. It was fully occupied by youth camp bathing, playing and laughing … After us the pictures and admire enraptured the mansard, we proceeded to go towards the farm Iron Age , which as I mentioned at the beginning, is a set of cabins semiburied in which people lived at that time. These cabins are hard to see from afar because of its low height and its grass – covered roofs mingling with the landscape, but it was what it was as this went unnoticed for enemies in times of war. To get there from the swords we digirimos us to a neighborhood of houses leaving the sea behind us. You have to climb a slope towards 3 large very modern buildings are on top of a hill. We had to walk about 2 km to find a church on the left, on the sidewalk in front of which we were. That church serves as a reference because a little higher, but on the sidewalk we were us, you will see a supermarket (it is opposite the church), so you just have to take the right street from the supermarket and about 200 mtros find the entrance the enclosure of the cabins.

We were there quite a while listening to the explanations given in Spanish a guide to groups that were arriving. It is really shocking to see and enter the cabins for their small doors because they are buried, and verify basic lifestyle to which they were subjected these people and especially with very low temperatures and heavy snow that barely allowed them to leave their houses.

Once we sated our curiosity, left the premises and went down the slope to the right, going to the supermarket, but the return was more comfortable because in the same sidewalk where we were and a few meters from the farm was the bus stop that would take us back to Stavanger . You can take either line 6 and 7.

Desiring to sit on the bus with air conditioning, God !!! that we heat … In Noruegaaaaa !!!. Amazing.

Stavanger 6Once in Stavanger , finally !!!!, almost kiss the ground when I arrived, we walk through its beautiful streets and took pictures of the beautiful multicolored wooden houses. We knew from early in the morning we could not visit the pulpit Preikestolen , as long to travel there is need, so we decided that our next step would be headed to Old Town , harborside with beautiful houses decorated with flowerpots with brightly colored flowers that gave a peculiar atmosphere to the streets and delve between narrow village streets ending our tour with this relaxing ride.

Soon sail the ship exactly at 5:45 pm we had to be on board, so after taking a look at the souvenir shops that were in the harbor, we returned to the ship to eat something. It was already 5 pm so we settled for a beer and a delicious burger, at least to me it seemed. That hunger !!!! Then we went with companions to the pool to relax a bit today we had won, but he had deserved really worth …

Finally and after-dinner we had a drink at the club in good company to put the finishing touch to this intense and beautiful day.

Tomorrow we expect Olden …

Date Posted: August 20, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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