icono-comentario-40x40 MY VISIT TO OLDEN:

Today we woke up early not much, as the ship reached the port of Olden at 10:00 am. As every day we leaned over to our balcony to see the gift that nature might hold us with magnificent views of this country. The morning was rainy and cold, you could tell we were moving up the coast. In addition to dress warmly today it would have to carry an umbrella.

After enjoying the entrance by the fjord Nordfjod , gateway to some of the oldest and largest glaciers in Europe and the most beautiful fjords of Norway , we went to breakfast quietly, but when given permission to land and we were the first in line.

Once off the ship I could check with some regret that the day could spoil all the fantastic landscapes waiting for us because it was very cold and very unpleasant air and rain.

We proceeded to go to the tourist office is on the right of the ship, according to sales. There they were informed of the different options we had to visit the glacial famous Briksdal , one of the most famous for passengers visiting attractions Norway . The most economical option was to take the public bus that stops at the shoulder to the left of the parking near the tourist office, its price is about 85 NOK (€ 10.53) per person and route, although this option, run the risk of coming full and have no place to climb, as it is used by locals to move and go to work, the more so when returning to the ship so you can not endanger the possibility of losing if you do not arrive on time. But for people who are not afraid to take these risks I would say that in this case the bus line is the FjordJ Nordfjord ranging from Stryn (the port) to Briksdalen (glacial) and vice versa . The second option is to take a tour bus, although in our case, as we are a small group of 8 people with other cruise companions, virtually the same price prefer to take a taxi at the price of 350 NOK (€ 43.35) per person round trip.


Olden 6.

Olden 3.

All these efforts the boy made the tourist office, including the reservation of the troller (troll car) or stroller that would raise us to the mouth of the glacial. But this management and had reserved from Sevilla with one of the couples who came from Barcelona , so the 4 group of 8 we were going and we expect our troller to rise to glacial, and the other 4 preferred upload it on foot …

The taxi picked us up on time and after about 20 minutes, about 25 kilometers, we reach a clearing where parked buses, taxis and other transport, which left passengers who had hired the ship tour and tour buses. In this esplanade are the glacial mountains huts where there were coffee shops, souveniers, etc. Something that is very welcome considering you are in the middle of nowhere, with a cold that froze the body, so a good hot coffees were perfect to get in shape.

We then headed to the office next to the cafes and there we pay the troller we had reserved, 175 NOK (€ 21.76) per person up and down, the truth is expensive but considering the weather we I had to suffer that day, was the most successful way to get on the ice. Of course you have the option to make the way to the glacial walk, but we prefer to do it with this means of transport.

For people who prefer to travel on foot have to tell you that are about 3 kms rise and there are two routes, an asphalt, which is used by trollers and other more abrupt, but more colorful, which was now closed for time . In the parking lot of trollers, we indicated that we would pick up in about 3/4 hour. Good thing we had booked from Sevilla because due to bad weather there were many people who wanted to catch and could not be all full reserves.

I have to say that trollers have no roof, something unheard of considering that there rains most of the time, so if you do not bring rain jacket or umbrella you mojaras irretrievably, despite a plastic tarp you get for taparte the legs but are you constantly slide since the rain, which was very strong at that time, the camera that you carry in one hand and the other hand you busy with the umbrella, we seemed contortionists … Uffff that hard time, but there to recognize that the views of the road were nothing short of spectacular !!!!!!!! simply beautiful and magical …., because this trip to the region Nordfjord offers an exceptional variety of landscapes ranging from blue glacier arms rugged mountains and green valleys fed by glaciers and rivers of green that are only found near the giant ice lakes …

Thus we come to Glacier National Park Jostedal . Because of my numbness I decided to stay in a small cabin there in this area with one of my traveling companions, but my husband continued the journey on foot about 500 meters to the parking lot of the glacial trollers.


Olden 5.

Olden 2.

My husband came back enraptured, the ice river rushes into the valley Briksdal giving the opportunity to make spectacular photos. It’s something you have to visit as soon as possible, because unfortunately because of climate change , the retreat of glaciers increases by leaps and bounds. As I told my husband the colors are indescribable, ice has an intense, blue different, I guess because it takes thousands of years frozen.

a relatively young and small glacier is considered. This large ice covers approximately 11.94 km2 with a length of about 6 km .. Another way difrutar this glacial, besides making the scenic drive the glacier base are hiking trails of horse-drawn carriages like the first visitors made more than a hundred years ago.

The visit was over, so we took the troller we expected to go the way back. We arrived at the forecourt parking and stayed a while in the stores doing time until the time we left off with the taxi that would take us back to the ship. Meanwhile warmed our bodies with drinks and saw all the souvenirs that were exposed in the cabin.

The taxi driver was very punctual and 4.30pm and we were having lunch at the buffet of Infinity. That nice warm back to our ship, take off wet clothes and give us a warm shower. We were resting a couple of hours and we managed to see the show that was scheduled for 9.00pm. This time the Orchestra of Infinity , singers and dance group ship delighted us with a musical with songs from the 70s they were great !!!!.

Once it completed and as was customary every night after dinner we took the glasses of rigor with friends in the Constellation Lounge also enlivened with music of the 70s.

Tomorrow we expect Alesund. This time we would get up early …

Olden 4


icono-camara-40x40 PLACES OF INTEREST:

  • 1. Briksdalsbreen: Glacier Briksdal , is the most famous of the arms of Jostedal , the largest glacier Europe . It is located in the National Park Josteldalsbreen , this being the only glacier in Europe has grown. Surrounded by rock walls and waterfalls, the glacier flows into a beautiful lagoon, where you can make stunning photographs and enjoy the tranquility and beauty. You can get there from Olden Bus (taken with stop tourist train), car or taxi, taking the deviation from the Fv724 up, after 20 kms ( about a half hour drive), reach the parking Briksdal , where you can leave your car. From the parking to the glacier there is a route of 2.5 kilometers, you can walk (about 30 minutes) or car-troll, as I indicated above. More information…
  • 2. Olden Kyrkje (Olden Church): Nice church built in 1759, located in the center of town. Its interior is entirely of wood and is surrounded by a manicured with flowers and plants cemetery.
  • 3. Tourist Little Train: Next to the bus stop going to Briksdal is also the tourist train stop. Along route you can enjoy idyllic landscapes with beautiful waterfalls and two churches. Really worth making the trip, which costs about 20 euros.
  • 4. Valley Oldedalen: For hikers, the mountain climbing or just for lovers natureza, starting from the village of Olden Valley stretches Oldedalen , where you can find many slopes, mountains and lakes dream. Really a walk through the valley allows us to enjoy nature in its purest form .


icono-mapa-40x40 INTERACTIVE MAP OF OLDEN:



Date Posted: August 27, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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