icono-comentario-40x40 MY VISIT TO GEIRANGER:

Despite how tempting it offered Geiranger and having done most trips more embergadura with Spanish colleagues, I decided from the beginning that Geiranger not down to me, for the simple reason that all the interesting trips that were made in this charming village were by escarpadísmas, very steep and winding roads to reach these wonderful places, but I was not willing to experiment, because of the ease with which I get seasick to rise in an elevator. But not so I will stop to explain everything about the tours and as performed, so what did my Spanish colleagues, as the experience of my husband, I insisted him to take the tour with them but did not want leave me alone, but once in fjords convinced him, so I will later recounted his experience ….

We woke up in Geiranger , which is known as the pearl of the Norwegian fjords. Describe with mountains majestic snow – capped in winter, beautiful and wild waterfalls, deep blue waters and lush vegetation … having the most breathtaking views a fjord can offer … One of its most interesting attractions are the mighty waterfalls of the 7 sisters (De Syv Søstrene), The Pretender (Friaren) and Bridal Veil (Brudesløret) , where fall thousands of liters of water from a great height with excessive force …

They are on the list of Unesco as World Heritage.

We look out to the balcony and made good temperature, clear day, which promised a good photo essay of the wonders offered us this fjord.

As mentioned at the beginning the rest of the Spanish group had booked from our country and a coach excursion to the highest areas of the fjord, the lookouts Dalsnibba and Flydalsjuvet .

The tour was very good, at least as we pointed out one of the companions when we passed the information by email. We told the group that the tour itself was beautiful and that the route was going from Hellesylt to Lake Hornindal . After passing through the village of Hjelle , following along the river Stryn to reach Mount Dalsnibba , at about 1,500 meters above sea level and can see Nibbevegen , the icy blue lake. The road up to Dalsnibba , opened in 1939 and is a major engineering project.


Geiranger 2.

Geiranger  10.

The round-trip travel this path would be two hours, stopping at the two viewpoints and cost 250 NOK (€ 31.28) adults and 200 NOK (25.03 €) children …

Not being my husband pointed this tour and change his mind about leaving me alone on the ship, he decided at the last minute to try to get a place on the bus with the rest of the group. Look I told him in Spain , him to take the tour taking advantage of not tide even if I zamarreen because he ignored me and now did not know if I could come up with the others … Anyway they were at 08.30 at the Rendez Vous where handing out tickets for tenders that ferried passengers to the small port where buses waited.

My husband went with the rest of the group to the information office where she was told that the bus was full and could not accept more passengers, although just around the tour they told us that in the end if they were available seats. Alternatively bought along with a pair of Catalan friends we met at the Infinity , tickets for a bus tour performing another route in which it was possible to visit the beautiful waterfall Storseterfosen , these friends were eager to see and where possible walk behind their waters. The bus took them up to the lookout Flydalsjuvet. This viewpoint has stunning views, where you perform the typical photos of the fjord with ships in the background. This time with the Infinity was docked the Queen Elizabeth . It is easy to reach because it is near the carretara rv.63, about 4 kmtrs from the town center.

After taking photos Antonio and Ana , our great Catalan friends, they decided to look for the waterfall, which is not in the same viewpoint. We were told that, to visit the waterfall Storseterfossen, it is usual to take a path from the port, but found a shortcut that ran from the viewpoint Flydalsjuvet . Should return on foot, as the bus, he did not return to pick them up …

My husband decided to continue the route the bus was carrying. This would go down to the port and the road would climb the Eagles , to another hostel, Omevegen , from which you could take pictures from the other side of the fjord where he had been before. Ten minutes after taking the photos, the bus would thus concluding the excursion port, which lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. Its price was 200 NOK (25.03 €). 

Geiranger 4.

Geiranger 5.

There are other tours available in this fjord, among them is the path of the Trolls , ( Trollstigen ), a route Fascinate by the splendid scenery that you can enjoy, but for many is a real horror since because its narrow and winding curves, scares passengers up for it. Although they say it was a great engineering work performed in 1936. Another of the tours available is the road of Aguilas (Ørneveien) . This road has 11 hairpin bends and a steep slope.

And you think, what was I doing while my husband enjoyed his fantastic tour ?. Well I’ll tell ….

There was something I did not understand since I boarded the Infinity and it was in the bathroom had at our disposal three jars of different types, one was shampoo, another the softening of hair and body cream, duplicate for each passenger, but the gel not seen anywhere so throughout the cruise I thought they would understand that the shampoo was universal for hair and body, but last night, in our talk about Alesund , casually talking to one of the friends of group tells me something about a celestial ship in the bathroom of his cabin, to what I say immediately that color will be confused because there is no celestial ship in the bathrooms and says: ¿as not ??? , the GEL !!!!!!!!!!. Say ¿as ???, ¿you if you ???? gel in your cabin. Says clear !!!, from day one … I asked him what his type of cabin and told me Concierge , ours was Ocean View Deluxe Balcony 2A . I did not think that was the reason why not put in my cabin gel, so I thought better than it had been an assistant forget my cabin, which I saw as I mentioned …

His answer: No, ma’am Romero.. The type of cabin in which you are housed gel does not belong …. Yes, indeed, I put imagine that face … ¿How ???, ¿a cabin with Ocean View Deluxe Balcony 2A is not up ??? gel. So ¿??? the interior.😯

No I could not believe it, that had not happened to me or a generalist shipping company and I was going at a premium … ¿Could not they put the ship self, there is in most shipping companies, stuck in the shower ?? ?.

Well that ‘s what I spent the day Geiranger , to seek an explanation, so I went down to reception and told the clerk: Do you speak Spanish ?. Of course, if I answered. Ah !!, super, so I can express myself much better . I mentioned what happened, hoping that his answer is: Of course it was a mistake, now we spoke with his assistant , but the receptionist told me: So Ms … .. Phew !!!, then I said: This I’m not believing me, really only put gel to the upper mine cabins and hence do not put it down ???. Indeed Ms. Romero . I say: ¿So with the lower cabins ??? haceis, and tells me smiling and joking plan: Sure !!!, cut off the water … Well, from there I showed my displeasure, I understood it was something what he was not to blame and I went to my cabin where I found 4 jars of celestial gel, placed in my bathroom ……

Well, well, have acted with astonishing rapidity, I thought, but presumably this little detail should improve, and not wait to put on complaints passage, ¿not ???

Anyway after this little mishap I dedicated myself to enjoy the ship while my husband back.

Geiranger 6.

Geiranger  7.

He arrived not too late just lunchtime, so once we had difrutado again the buffet, we got on the deck 12 as the ship set sail at 4:00 pm and on the way back we expected Falls The 7 sisters and the pretender and of course, that I could not lose too … the story goes that the suitor asked each of the 7 sisters in marriage and each of them rejected him giving himself this to drink, so the waterfall pretender is divided into two shaping bottle …

The ship sailed with some delay and a slow march, which was much appreciated considering how impressive landscape. Typical ship passing between a narrow fjord, whose walls can almost touch it with your fingers. In this way we were able to take pictures of the view that this fjord offered us. After 45 minutes we reached the falls where the ship stopped and started shooting indiscriminately our camera. We and the ship ‘s 1,950 passengers. Right waterfall The 7 sisters and left The Pretender . The captain had the courtesy to turn the ship 360 degrees on its axis, which allowed us to capture our camera with a complete overview of the area. I imagine the feeling was amazing !!!!!!!!! We could not stop applauding the captain of Infinity.

After this memorable and as far away time of the falls which could not stop looking, we got the swimsuit to hang out at the pool and then prepare to go see a malabar expectáculo offered us the stars of Infinity Theater , Groove . Later we went to dinner and have a drink, chat and comment with fellow travel details as we did every night.

This time there was a lot to talk about. On the one hand all fellow Spaniards without exception, who boarded the bus that had already been agreed from our country, I was told that I had made a right to not climb on the bus choice, because their experience was terrible and both children and adults vomited by so curve and further down the dangerous road at the wrong speed. The impression they gave was that by raising the driver did not know where I was going and wanted to win around the time he had lost when climbing. But my husband had a very enriching experience … and I ended up telling him the gel as an amusing anecdote with which all ended up laughing …

Tomorrow we expected Flam at 9:30 am ….

Geiranger 8.

Geiranger 9.


icono-camara-40x40 PLACES OF INTEREST:

  • 1. Geiranger: This town has some majestic scenery, with snow – capped peaks, wild and beautiful waterfalls, lush green vegetation and the deep blue fjord. The history of Geiranger dates back to the Viking era. The town was relatively isolated until the mid-1800s, when the tourism industry began to flourish. Geiranger has a year – round population of about 300 residents and welcomes approximately 700,000 visitors each year. Enjoy good Norwegian food in any of its cafes or visiting the souvenir shops nearby harbor, where you can purchase the most popular items, as objects of carpentry and knitted sweaters.
  • 2. Dalsnibba: E s one of the main attractions in Geiranger . From the plateau Dalsnibba you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and the Geiranger Fjord in the middle. Summit Da lsnibba allows us to experience the high mountains without having to walk for hours. The weather is very changeable summit may change to bright sunshine thick fog at a time. It’s an amazing place to take pictures where n or is rare to see a thick fog in the lowlands while the sun shines on the summit.
  • 3. Flydalsjuvet: This place offers a breathtaking panoramic view and is ideal place to take pictures of Geiranger and Geirangerfjorden . In the lower plateau we can find l to install ” Fjordsetet “, which was opened by reina Sonja in September 2003 to mark the tenth anniversary of the local company Fjord Norge AS Company .
  • 4. Farm Westeras: Farm with spectacular views of Geiranger , where you can enjoy a good meal or a drink at his restaurant, dating from 1603, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. From the place departing several paths that are possible mountain hiking.
  • 5. Djupvasshytta: Hostel Mountain, located by Lake Djupvatnet , fitted out as a restaurant and shelter. It has for decades been a tourist attraction which is accessed with horse and carriage, being able to reach the site currently drive.
  • 6. Ørnesvingen: La Curva del Aguila ( Eagle’s Bend ) is the name of the steepest stretch of road up the mountainside from Geiranger towards Eidsdal on Route 63. Its name is traditionally associated with a large number of eagles in the zone. At the highest point of the road, located 620 meters above sea level, in Korsmyra there is an area where you can park and distrutar a magnificent view over Geirangerfjorden with its many cruise ships docked.
  • 7. Djupvatn Lake: Gorgeous blue lake several hundred meters deep, located beyond Dalsnibba . It is frozen for most of the year, thawing few months during the summer.
  • 8. Storseterfossen: Nice ride where you can walk behind the cascade Storseterfssen by an accessible road with guardrails. From the Farm Westeras it takes to get walking about an hour.
  • 9. Farm Herdalsetra Summer: A one hour drive from Geiranger we found this farm located on a plateau at 1,650 feet above sea level, considered the largest in Norway , which has been in continuous operation for over 300 years and where we can find more than 400 goats, cows, sheep and ponies Norwegians. It is noteworthy white goat milk produced in this place cheese and brown, as well as sweets.






Date Posted: September 10, 2013


I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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