icon-comment-40x40 MY VISIT TO ALESUND:

Alesund is one of the most important fishing ports in this country. The city was burned in 1904 and for three years was rebuilt in the style Art Nouveau .

On arrival at Alesund he was scheduled at 08.00am and return on board at 09:45 pm, so we had a free day to explore this city. Something I did not understand much, because it really no need many hours to visit, it is a city not too big.

Fortunately today the weather was with us and although it was cloudy, it seemed it might rain. After breakfast at the buffet quietly we landed about 10.00am and headed straight to the tourist office, located in the same output port on the left. You see the Infinity docked in the most comfortable to know the scales throughout the tour fjords areas.

We were with our information in hand watching what were the points of interest to visit on this day and one of them was the viewpoint Aksla . This viewpoint offers superb views over the city, fjords and rugged mountains Sunnmore. You can also upload walk from the city center 438 steps available to the stairs to get there, but obviously we did not fancy much less perform such a feat after breakfast, so obviously seek alternative ways to do it.

One is the tourist train which costs 150 NOK (18.64 €). This little train ride offers, has as its starting point the square of the Reina Sonja and strolling along the Brosundet, to Areideren, (the Labrador), the old social center of the city. After cruising Hellebroa a bridge connecting two islands. A cross once you enter the street Apoteken (The Apothecary) and the left side will find the art center of the era of modernism and an old pharmacy, the pharmacy Swan .

Then the train goes to the street Overgata leading to the main church of Alesund which accompany many modernist style houses, the Art Noveau. The right side of the pier where cruise ships dock stays and left the Mount of Birds … Continued traversal on the street Keizer Wilhelm, (Emperor Guilllermo) giving the central market and the jail and finally passes through the longest street Alesund, Borgundvegen, formerly the main road to reach the city center and finish our tour. Oh my God!!!!!! How to remember the names of the streets …?


Alesund 6.

Alesund 5.

I said that little train was an option to explore the city, another option is the tourist bus CitySightseeing, its price is 200NOK (€ 24.85) and finally opted for this medium as well as making the tour of the city for those streets of unpronounceable names, at least for me, we had the famous Aquarium Alesund. As we were 8 people got a group discount, so the final price of tour was 180 NOK (€ 22.37) per person.

Basically the tour we did with the bus was out of the cruise terminal, Sunnmore Museum… which is an outdoor museum that deals with the Norwegian coastal culture, is 4 km from the center and is located on the site of former trade center Borgundkaupangen . It is ideal for lovers of historic ships as there is a collection of about 40 ships are replicas of Viking ships of the time instead. Monte Alaska, here we go down, of course, considering the wonderful views of the entire city of Alesund from there we could see the fjord and Fjellstua, also from there you can see. We take photos of rigor and gave us time to visit the souvenir shop where we bought postcards while we waited for our bus back. It was a freezing cold, we have to show the photos that all we appear shrunken!!!. The next point was Rica Parken Hotel, a city center hotel we saw from the bus pass. We continue our tour listening to the explanations given through headphones via Dronning Sonjas Plass, one of the central areas of the city and arrived at The Art Nouveau Center, or the Art Nouveau Center (modern art) also located in the area most central of the city. We were documenting the tragic fire that occurred in 1904, so therefore Alesund was entirely rebuilt in the style Art Nouveau, following the architectural style of the moment, without using wood. During the tour of this beautiful area we saw German – style little houses with floral motifs that give it a special charm.

We could see through the tour we were doing, that almost all the center of this beautiful city is pedestrian, so once the tour ended we would give a ride.

We continue our journey through Alesund Fisheries Museum and Clarion Hotel Bryggen. We were farther from the central Alesund when finally we saw the famous Church Alesund Church. This church was rebuilt in 1908, it is situated on a small hill and all those who have entered it have been enamored with its fantastic stained glass windows and frescoes. Also it had to be rebuilt after the fire.


Alesund 4.

Alesund 3.

Continue the path of green landscapes and crystal clear waters for several kilometers to finally reach our destination, Alesund Aquarium (Atlanteerhavsparken), Atlantic Sea Park , the price per person was 119 NOK (€ 14.79), with the bus ticket tourist.

We had already documented this marine park, which is one of the largest aquariums in Northern Europe, the largest in Scandinavia. It is unique and is built on the coast. This spectacular aquarium offers stunning landscapes teeming life, and raising awareness of the multitude of animals that exists under the sea.

We had a good time watching all the marine life that live there and show which feed the penguins. As always we entertained watching postcards and other souvenirs of the aquarium and once our tour bus came back directly to the ship to eat something, regain strength and get back to the city to stroll through the old town and visit a medieval market we had seen the beginning of the tour.

The market was full of colors and smells of all kinds, sweet and savory, was very acclimated, given that it was located beside restaurants, cafes and shops which made the atmosphere even more pleasant. Thoroughly we enjoyed watching closely all those hotels and attractions that we browsed only in passing during the morning on the bus and mingling between the bustle of the people who came to enjoy everything that day his city offered them …

About 9.00pm and exhausted from the long day of hiking, we returned to the ship to get some rest and dress up for dinner. We really wanted to end the day relaxed chatting with fellow cruise ship in any quiet pub, listening to the life stories of each of them during the day …

Our next stop would be Geiranger and had to get up early, because the ship’s arrival was scheduled for 7:00 am…


camera-icon-40x40 PLACES OF INTEREST:

  • 1. Aquarium Alesund : The Aquarium of Alesund is one of the most peculiar of northern Europe , built into the coastal landscape in Tueneset , the west coast in Alesund . During the tour of the Aquarium you can see landscapes of life in the sea along the Norwegian coast and in the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the marine environment inhabiting the fjords and rivers in the islets of Norway . Every day at 13.oo hours and June to August also at 15.30, you can see a diver with his hand feeding the fish that inhabit the large pool of Aquarium . There is also a park and you can see penguins as they feed every day at 14.30.
  • .2.- Aktivitetspark : This is an adventure park, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, in which climbing courses for all ages and different levels of difficulty are implanted. It has available several lines of flying fox, one of 125 meters.
  • 3. Museum Sunnmore : It is a nice museum open IRE where we can stroll among the 55 old houses outdoor interior applications . It is really time travel, watching and learning how people lived in earlier times.
  • 4. Fishing Museum (Fiskerimuseet) : Located in a fishing area, this museum houses three curious plants related to all stages of the traditional fishing area objects.
  • 5. Museum Alesund : Building 1919 qu presents the history of the city in an exciting way through artifacts, photographs and paintings. The museum has exhibits on World War II , and has an old country store items.
  • 6. Mirador Fjeslltua : Mirador located in one of the highest parts of Alesund , from which we can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city and the Alps of Sunnmore . You can reach on foot, climbing 418 steps, small train or tour bus.
  • 7. Art Nouveau Center : Historic building located at the end of the port. It houses an exhibition that documents the history of art nouveau architecture in Alesund .


Alesund 2





Date Posted: September 5, 2013

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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