All crew members were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean near Spain’s Canary Islands amid mountainous waves and strong winds.

BRITISH soldiers on a sailing expedition saved five German and Swiss tourists from certain death in a dramatic mid-ocean rescue after their boat capsized.

The Royal Artillery troops on a training trip found themselves taking part in a full-scale rescue mission after they spotted the yacht tip over some five miles south of Punta Rasca, the southernmost point of the island of Tenerife.

The stricken group of five sailors were aboard the Tyger of London which got into problems in the afternoon as their yacht lost its keel and turned upside down.

All crew members were thrown into the water in hazardous conditions due to the strong winds.

Luckily, 51-year-old British skipper Neil Wilson on board the St Barbara V saw the accident happening.

Colonel Wilson of the Royal Artillery was sailing with Jon Johnson, Luke Templeton, James Lambden, Peter Edwards, Joshua Roughton, Paul Burnett and Matthew Fisher on a training expedition.

Their training voyage turned into s the crew immediately sailed to aid the crew of the capsizing ship.

Colonel Wilson said: “I saw everything. They were very lucky that we were this close.

“We threw ropes towards them and were first able to pull three men out of the 20-degrees warm water.

“During the second attempt, we saved a woman and then another man.”

The whole rescue mission lasted 30 minutes and all five tourists were rescued unharmed….


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Brit soldiers on sailing adventure saved five German and Swiss tourists
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