icon-comment-40x40 MY VISIT TO ATHENS:

The arrival of the ship at the port of Athens was at 06: 00h and we should be back at 16: 30h.

It dawned a beautiful day, something we could not check until you got to breakfast at the buffet and we saw it on the deck. That is one of the drawbacks go inside cabin … But the important thing was that the day was perfect …

I will make a brief introduction to the city to continue our tour.

Athens , capital of Greece , big city where democracy was born, great ideas are coined and Western civilization found its origin. His past is still part of its present.

During its heyday in the V century BC Athens won monumental achievements in architecture, literature, mathematics, science, philosophy, and even medicine. Today the classical world of Plato and Aristotle , still alive in the midst of the Athens contemporary, one Metroplis constantly growing.

In recent years , Athens has modernized part of its infrastructure, which facilitates the travel of the sights.

The pedestrian promenade is the perfect starting point because there converge many of the important monuments. Lose yourself in the cobbled streets of Plaka , the old quarter of the city and visit its Byzantine churches, neoclassical villas and taverns. If you want a souvenir of your trip, come to the market in Monastiraki Square , where you will find a wide selection of handicrafts, ceramics and embroidery, carpets and tapestries.

We arrived quite clueless to Piraeus, the port of Athens. We had not been anything concrete for this scale. My daughter was very clear what he wanted to do, but not how to see …

Just outside the harbor and seeing the best and most complete way to know the city, was the red bus, our goal was to find if parked nearby or had to go to a more distant place to find it.

After many twists and many questions, at the end we saw that was just off the harbor towards the town to the left, ie at the front door of the same port. There are other bus services, yellows and blues, but worked as unaware as the rest, we decided to take the red, for € 20 per person.

First of all explain the operation of this bus, which is somewhat different from those of other cities. At this stop, you get on the red bus, but the line is GREEN. That much is completely clear, because it is the one at the port, then I will explain why this important detail.

His next stop is in another area of the cruise terminal, where we picked up passengers from the Celebrity Equinox .


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Once we collected we follow the route with stops following the vessel:

  • Archaeological Museum of Piraeus .
  • Votsalakia beach.
  • Mikrolimaro Harbor .
  • Planetarium .
  • Athens Ledra & Intercontinental .
  • Acropolis and again around Athens Ledra & Intercontinental , Planetarium , Municipal Theater and the cruise terminal ..

And you ask, ¿is already ??? …. No, it’s not. If you have no interest in any of the stops mentioned, except for the Acropilis , which is unusual, because you have to get off at this, which corresponds to the number 8 of the Green Line. And when ye made a visit to the Acropolis , you must acoplaros to the red line, which stops at the Acropolis is the number 4, which is moving through Athens and its attractions. However for clarity, you can download the bus map and the map of Athens on the map section of the web.

We got off at the Acropolis and headed to the entrance, everything is appropriately marked.

We bought the tickets, € 12 per person and headed to the awesome Parthenon , which is located in the heart of the city. The Acropolis is the most important archaeological site of the city, the watchword of Athens in particular and Greece in general. It had a dual role: defensive and host the main places of worship and contains within it some of the most representative buildings of ancient Greece .

In the Acropolis you can find different parts:

  • Parthenon : The greatest symbol of beauty of classical architecture of ancient Greece .
  • Propylaea : The grand entrance to the Acropolis.
  • Temple of Athena Nike : The small temple built with Ionic housed an image of Athena Nike , symbol of victory, which will cut the wings so that it was impossible to leave Athens .
  • Erechtheion : It is an Ionic temple built in the most sacred place of the Acropolis .

In this wonderful historic enclave for lovers of stones, we spent 3 hours. I have to say that even one of the essential and most important places Athens , which greatly enjoyed this visit has in fact been her dream since childhood, was Angie , my daughter. It was one of the moments in which the happiest I’ve seen, no doubt. And I enjoyed to see her …

We made a day of spectacular. I had to make me an umbrella, you sold all sides, to avoid the sun, so once the tour and before continuing our Athenian adventure, we take a refreshing hailstorm to relieve our warmth.

Walking through a beautiful wooded area, we headed back to our red bus. This time we had to take the red line, important to take that and watch carefully as otherwise the green tea returns back to the terminal ..

The next stops on the Red Line were, the Temple of Zeus , Parliament and National Garde , 4 museums, Panathenaic Stadium , again Parlamente National Garden , National Library , National Archaeological Museum , Omnia squer (Hondos Center) , Karaiskaki sq. , Monastiraki sq./ Thession Station , and finally Kotzia Sq. .


Atenas 4 Atenas 5


We got off at the next stop after the Parthenon to know the Temple of Zeus and Plaka , which was opposite the temple, across the avenue.

The temple of Zeus also called Olimpeion is the largest temple in Greece , the ship was originally composed of 104 columns of 17 meters high, of which currently only have 15 …

To all those who like this type of architecture unfinished by the attacks received over time, you are going to enjoy and should go to the moments of the past, as my daughter Angie , that poor insisted again and again that see through his eyes this wonderful scene, something he could not get.

My really and being totally honest, I was more attracted the neighborhood of Plaka . You know, the typical shopping district, where you find everything you are looking to bring gifts to your family, a place to rest of the day while having a snack in one of its many taverns to quench your curiosity scrutinizing every corner, every gesture, every move around, people coming and going from one place to another, watching the locals approach you offering their wares, where the senses with its colorful half – timbered streets are intensified while their characteristic odors flood your smell, which ultimately is is the essence and the pulse of the city.

That really that’s what makes me enjoy visiting scales taking into account the adjusted time we carry.

After introduce you to one of the many streets of this neighborhood, we were buying gifts and we find a typical shoe store selling shoes at a great price. So we went back to the ship with 4 pairs of them. You could not miss the chance to take home Athenians sandals.

Since we happen to most women, and having spent many hours in the Parthenon , the time was upon us and we had to re-take the red line, which would take us to the Parthenon again to connect with the green line that we return to the cruise terminal.

It was 14: 30h, he had just left the previous bus and we had to wait at 15: 04h. The ship sailed to 17.00hy we were far away from him, so with the very tight time and unable to continue with the bus route, we decided we would our ship if we did not want to stay on land, since the route of back was about 45 minutes.

Upon arrival we went to the Park Cafe for light bites and it was too late for lunch and when our dinner was at 20.00h.

In those moments it was when the captain said over the loudspeaker rerouting was going to make because in the port of Katakolon had waves up to two meters and would be very dangerous to dock in the area, so we’d head to Naples , but before we would have a day of sailing …. The above route was scaled in Katakolon and then ship to finish in Rome .

A group of passengers loved the news, my not so much, but obviously the security of the whole ship is above anything …. So with this information we set sail from Athens

I have to say that our journey to Naples was quite moved, so we could not enjoy the day sailing or rest that night because of the violent movements of the ship.

Anyway here I finish a scale that will be the golden dream of all those who enjoy history in its pure essence and mythology.


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camera-icon-40x40 PLACES OF INTEREST:

  • 1. Archaeological Museum of Piraeus: The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus , located next to the remains of the theater of Zea , the second century BC, has an area of 1,400 m2 and exhibits an impressive collection ranging from the prehistoric to the paleocristianismo. It has two floors hosting a rich collection of statues and bas – reliefs, found in the basement of the building’s conservation laboratory and warehouses.
  • 2. Votsalakia: It is a broad and sandy beach at the foot of the hill of Kastella , near the Gulf of Mikrolimano . This beach is located 1 km from the port of Piraeus and is perfect for a dip overlooking the island Koumoundouros .
  • 3. Mikrolimano Harbor: The Mikrolímano ( ‘Little Harbor’) is a picturesque marina. It is an oasis in the bustling city of Athens where peace is breathed. Its main avenue is drawing a curved path. On one side, water, boats and restaurants are and the other, more restaurants and an ascent of buildings that architecturally isolate the neighborhood from the rest of the city. A highly recommended place to eat good fish.
  • 4. Planetarium: The Planetarium of Athens the largest and best equipped digital planetarium in the world. Its central dome is 25 meters in diameter, with an area of 935 square meters and a screen that offers a 3D vision of 360 degrees.
  • 6. Acropolis: The most important place known throughout Greece . It is located on a hilltop 156 meters above sea level, so you can spot her from most areas of the city. The ruins that remain after centuries of looting and vandalism have been restored after the declaration of independence of Greece . While there is not difficult for our minds transport us to the time of maximum splendor of ancient Greece . Visiting hours from 08.00h to 8:00 p.m. daily. Price combined ticket adults 20 € and 10 € Combined ticket students. Among the most important and striking building that houses the Acropolis are:
    • Parthenon. It is the main building of the Acropolis , built with Doric between 477 and 432 BC to house the statue of the goddess Athena .
    • Propylaea: constructed between 437 and 432 BC Building, was the entrance to the Acropolis , consisting of a central rectangular building composed of Doric columns that lined five – door access to different functions, and two side wings.
    • Erechtheion: Ionic temple built between 420 and 406 BC in the most sacred place of the Acropolis .
    • Temple of Athena: It was built in 420 BC with Ionic style to house an image of Athena Nike and commemorate the victory of the Greeks over the Persians at the Battle of Salamis .



icono-mapa-40x40  INTERACTIVE MAP OF ATHENS:



Date Posted: October 30, 2015

I would like to apologize to my english speaking readers since this website was initially built in spanish language and after receiving numerous requests I have decided to translate it into English. This article have been translated automatically, so some meanings may not be completely correct, but I think it’s enough to share my experiences with my readers.

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