The Port of Amsterdam is to construct a new factory that can turn unrecyclable plastic into fuel for ships.

The IGES Amsterdam, which will be finished by the end of 2018, will process 100 tonnes of plastic a day, with the expectation being that it will produce 30 million litres of fuel a year, according to Roon van Maanen, Head of Circular and Renewable Industry at the Port of Amsterdam.

The project is the result of the Port of Amsterdam working with Bin2Barrel, a Dutch company focusing on the development of plastics into sustainable fuel, particularly in the maritime sector.

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The project is also supported by the Dutch government and is part of the country’s efforts to adopt a circular economy by 2050.

Roon van Maanen said: “We foresee many ports dealing with end of life plastics that can only be used for landfill or waste, this is a better solution.

“The circular economy is very important, we need to go to a circular economy because we can’t go on this path….


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Amsterdam to use plastic to fuel ships
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