The Cayman Islands are easily one of the Caribbean’s most enthralling destinations, with all three islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) being awash in gorgeous beaches, resplendent resorts and the famous friendliness of its locals.

Your travel agent may also be able to set you up on one of the several adventurous travel excursions available in the Caymans, which are all bound to put a fun exclamation point on your trip:

See Stingray City

If swimming with stingrays wasn’t on your bucket list before your trip to the Cayman Islands, it will be soon after you arrive. Stingray City is one of the most talked about sights in the islands, and no trip here is complete without seeing it in person.

More an “offshore marine life development” than a genuine municipality, Stingray City is the nickname of a large gathering of stingrays at a sandbar off the coast of Grand Cayman. While no one is certain why they congregate here—the most popular theory being that local fisherman used to empty their nets at this precise spot and their scraps attracted the stingrays—everyone agrees Stingray City is a great time.

An excursion allows you to frolic on the sandbar with the stingrays, swim alongside them and even feed them. Most people are able to get up-close-and-personal enough to brush up against the creatures—a unique sensation to say the least.

Make for the Mastic Trail

For those active travelers who like to mix in a little cardio with their “R & R”, then a ramble across the magnificent Mastic trail on Grand Cayman is the adventurous pursuit for you.

The two-mile-long path cuts through a vibrant landscape which shows off the best of the Cayman Island’s largest surviving swath of remaining native forest. Expect to make your way past mangroves, assorted plant and animal life and even wild coffee. You will pass over plenty of swampy terrain on your trek, but a very convenient wooden walkway has also been installed over it to make things a breeze.

Delve Into a Deep Dive

The waters off the coast of all three Cayman Islands are a hotspot for diving: They regularly receive recognition as one of the world’s best spots for the sport. Wall dives and wreck dives are especially well-represented in the Caymans’ underwater portfolio.

Multiple companies on the islands offer diving excursions and will typically tailor the tours to your tastes.

Take in the Turtle Center

While your adrenaline might not surge as much as it would at Stingray City; The Cayman Turtle Center is certainly still an adventurous excursion for animal lovers.

Christopher Columbus dubbed the Caymans “Las Tortugas” (The Turtles) due to the large turtle population on the islands, but the shelled-swimmers’ numbers have decreased in modern times….


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Adventure excursions in Cayman Islands
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